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LEADER 00000cjm  2200649Ii 4500 
001    55099155 
003    OCoLC 
005    20070221090234.0 
007    sd fungnnmmnee 
008    030115p20021925enkjzn   i          eng   
024 1  788065010027 
024 1  788065301224 
024 1  788065301323 
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024 1  788065301521 
028 00 JSPLOUISBOX 100|bJSP Records 
028 00 JSPCD 312|bJSP Records 
028 00 JSPCD 313|bJSP Records 
028 00 JSPCD 314|bJSP Records 
028 00 JSPCD 315|bJSP Records 
033 20 1925----|a1928----|b4104|cC6 
033 20 1929----|a1930----|b3804|cN4 
035    (OCoLC)55099155 
040    NLC|beng|erda|cNLC|dOCLCQ|dCPL|dMSC 
049    MSCC 
055 06 C-disc 29,604 
100 1  Armstrong, Louis,|d1901-1971,|0
245 10 Hot Fives & Sevens /|cLouis Armstrong. 
246 3  Hot Fives and Sevens 
264  1 London, England :|bJSP Records,|c[2002?] 
300    4 audio discs :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in. 
336    performed music|bprm|2rdacontent 
337    audio|bs|2rdamedia 
338    audio disc|bsd|2rdacarrier 
340    |b4 3/4 in. 
500    JSP Records: JSPLOUISBOX 100 (JSPCD 312--JSPCD 315). 
500    Jazz. 
500    Compact disc. 
500    Program notes by Charles Fox and Sally-Ann Worsfold 
505 00 |tMy heart --|tYes! I'm in the barrel --|tGut bucket blues
       --|tCome back, sweet papa --|tGeorgia grind --|tHeebie 
       jeebies --|tComet chop suey --|tOriental strut --|tYou're 
       next --|tMuskrat rumble --|tDon't forget to mess around --
       |tI'm gonna gitcha --|tDropping shucks --|tWho' sit -- He 
       likes it slow --|tThe king of the Zulus --|tBig fat Ma and
       skinny Pa --|tLonesome blues --|tSweet little papa --
       |tJazz lips --|tSkid-dat-de-dat --|tBig butter and egg man
       from the West --|tSunset Cafe stomp --|tYou made me love 
       you --|tIrish black bottom --|tWillie the weeper --|tWild 
       man blues --|tChicago breakdown --|tAlligator crawl --
       |tPotato head blues --|tMelancholy blues --|tWeary blues -
       -|tTwelfth Street rag --|tKeyhole blues --|tS.O.L. blues -
       -|tGully low blues --|tThat's when I'll come back to you -
       -|tPut 'em down blues --|tOry's Creole trombone --|tThe 
       last time --|tStruttin' with some barbecue --|tGot no 
       blues --|tOnce in a while --|tI'm not rough --|tHotter 
       than that --|tSavoy blues --|tFireworks --|tSkip the 
       gutter --|tA Monday date --|tDon't jive me --|tWest End 
       blues --|tSugar foot strut --|tTwo deuces --|tSqueeze me -
       -|tKnee drops --|tSymphonic raps --|tSavoyers' stomp --
       |tNo (no, Papa, no) --|tBasin Street blues --|tNo-one else
       but you --|tBeau Koo Jack --|tSave it, pretty mama -- 
       Weather bird --|tMuggles --|tHeah me talkin' to ya? --
       |tSt. James Infirmary --|tTight like this (tight like 
       that) --|tKnockin' a jug --|tI can't give you anything but
       love --|tMahogany Hall stomp --|tAin't misbehavin' --
       |t(What did I do to be so) Black and blue? --|tThat rhythm
       man --|tSweet Savannah Sue --|tSome of these days --|tSome
       of these days --|tWhen you're smiling --|tWhen you're 
       smiling --|tAfter you've gone --|tI ain't got nobody --
       |tDallas blues --|tSt. Louis blues --|tRockin' chair --
       |tSong of the islands --|tBessie couldn't help it --|tBlue,
       turning grey over you --|tDear old Southland --|tRockin' 
       chair --|tI can't give you anything but love. 
511 0  Louis Armstrong, cornet, trumpet, and vocals; with his Hot
       Five or Hot Seven. 
518    Recorded 1925-1928, in Chicago, and 1929-1930, in New 
650  0 Jazz|y1921-1930.|0
650  0 Jazz vocals.|0
655  7 Sound recordings.|2lcgft|0
655  7 Jazz.|2lcgft|0
710 2  Hot Five,|0
710 2  Hot Seven,|0