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100 1  Brown, Richard,|d1971 September 30-|0
245 10 Consciousness Inside and Out: Phenomenology, Neuroscience,
       and the Nature of Experience /|cedited by Richard Brown. 
264  1 Dordrecht :|bSpringer Netherlands :|bImprint :|bSpringer,
300    1 online resource (VII, 457 pages 29 illustrations, 16 
       illustrations in color.) :|bonline resource. 
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338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Studies in Brain and Mind ;|v6 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |tIntroduction /|rRichard Brown --|gPart I:|tFirst-Person 
       Data and the Science of Consciousness.|tAn Epistemology 
       for Phenomenology? /|rRuth Garrett Millikan --|tFrom 
       Phenomenology to the Self-Measurement Methodology of First
       -Person Data /|rGualtiero Piccinini, Corey J. Maley --
       |gPart II:|tPhenomenal Properties and Dualism.
       |tConsciousness and the Introspection of 'Qualitative 
       Simples' /|rPaul M. Churchland --|tChurchland on Arguments
       Against Physicalism /|rTorin Alter --|tResponse to Torin 
       Alter /|rPaul M. Churchland --|gPart III:|tProperty 
       Dualism and Panpsychism.|tOrthodox Property Dualism+The 
       Linguistic Theory of Vagueness=Panpsychism /|rPhilip Goff 
       --|tA Wake Up Call /|rWilliam S. Robinson --|tWhat Is 
       Acquaintance with Consciousness? /|rJonathan Simon --
       |tReply to Simon and Robinson /|rPhilip Goff --|gPart IV:
       |tNaive Realism, Hallucinations, and Perceptual 
       Justification.|tIt's Still There! /|rBenj Hellie --
       |tPerceptual Justification Outside of Consciousness /
       |rJacob Berger --|tSome Thoughts About Hallucination, Self
       -Representation, and "There It Is" /|rJeff Speaks --|tBut 
       Where Is a Hallucinator's Perceptual Justification? /
       |rHeather Logue --|tYep--Still There /|rBenj Hellie --
       |gPart V:|tBeyond Color-Consciousness.|tBlack and White 
       and Colour /|rKathleen A. Akins --|tWhat Is Visual and 
       Phenomenal but Concerns Neither Hue Nor Shade? /|rPete 
       Mandik --|gPart VI:|tPhenomenal Externalism and the 
       Science of Perception.|tThe Real Trouble with Phenomenal 
       Externalism: New Empirical Evidence for a Brain-Based 
       Theory of Consciousness /|rAdam Pautz --|tNo Problem /
       |rDavid Hilbert and Colin Klein --|tIgnoring the Real 
       Problems for Phenomenal Externalism: A Reply to Hilbert 
       and Klein /|rAdam Pautz --|gPart VII:|tThe Ontology of 
       Audition --|tWhat We Hear /|rJason Leddington --|tAudible 
       Independence and Binding /|rCasey O'Callaghan --
       |tCommentary on Leddington /|rMatt Nudds --|gPart VIII:
       |tMulti-Modal Experience.|tMaking Sense of Multiple Senses
       /|rKevin Connolly --|tExplaining Multisensory Experience /
       |rMatthew Fulkerson --|gPart IX:|tSynesthesia.|tSeeing as 
       a Non-Experiental Mental State: The Case from Synesthesia 
       and Visual Imagery /|rBerit Brogaard --|tSynesthesia: An 
       Experience of the Third Kind? /|rOphelia Deroy --
       |tVarieties of Synesthetic Experience /|rBerit Brogaard --
       |gPart X:|tHigher-Order Thought Theories of Consciousness 
       and the Prefrontal Cortex.|tNot a HOT Dream /|rMiguel 
       Angel Sebastian --|tSweet Dreams Are Made of This? A HOT 
       Response to Sebastian /|rJosh Weisberg --|tThe dlPFC is 
       not a NCHOT: A Reply to Sebastian /|rMatthew Ivanowich --
       |tI Cannot Tell You (Everything) About My Dreams: Reply to
       Ivanowich and Weisberg /|rMiguel Angel Sebastian. 
520    This volume is product of the third online consciousness 
       conference, held at in 
       February and March 2011. Chapters range over 
       epistemological issues in the science and philosophy of 
       perception, what neuroscience can do to help us solve 
       philosophical issues in the philosophy of mind, what the 
       true nature of black and white vision, pain, auditory, 
       olfactory, or multi-modal experiences are, to higher-order
       theories of consciousness, synesthesia, among others. Each
       chapter includes a target article, commentaries, and in 
       most cases, a final response from the author. Though wide-
       ranging all of the papers aim to understand consciousness 
       both from the inside, as we experience it, and from the 
       outside as we encounter it in our science. The Online 
       Consciousness Conference, founded and organized by Richard
       Brown, is dedicated to the rigorous study of consciousness
       and mind. The goal is to bring philosophers, scientists, 
       and interested lay persons together in an online venue to 
       promote high-level discussion and exchanging of views, 
       ideas and data related to the scientific and philosophical
       study of consciousness. 
546    English. 
650  0 Philosophy.|0
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650 14 Philosophy. 
650 24 Philosophy of Mind. 
650 24 Neurosciences. 
650 24 Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and 
655  4 Electronic books. 
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830  0 Studies in brain and mind ;|0
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