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100 1  Duncan, Robert,|d1919-1988,|0
240 10 Works.|kSelections.|f2013 
245 14 The collected later poems and plays /|cRobert Duncan ; 
       edited and with an introduction by Peter Quartermain. 
264  1 Berkeley, California :|bUniversity of California Press,
300    1 online resource (lii, 869 pages .) 
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490 1  The collected writings of Robert Duncan 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 Machine generated contents note:|tOften I Am Permitted to 
       Return to a Meadow --|tDance --|tLaw I Love Is Major Mover
       --|tStructure of Rime I --|tStructure of Rime II --|tPoem 
       Slow Beginning --|tStructure of Rime III --|tStructure of 
       Rime IV The Structure of Rime V --|tStructure of Rime VI -
       -|tStructure of Rime VII --|tThree Pages from a Birthday 
       Book --|tThis Place Rumord to Have Been Sodom --|tBallad 
       of the Enamord Mage --|tBallad of Mrs Noah --|tMaiden --
       |tPropositions --|tFour Pictures of the Real Universe --
       |tEvocation --|tOf Blasphemy --|tNor Is the Past Pure --
       |tCrosses of Harmony and Disharmony --|tPoem of 
       Despondencies --|tPoetry, a Natural Thing --|tKeeping the 
       Rhyme --|tSong of the Old Order --|tQuestion --
       |tPerformance We Wait For --|tAt Christmas --|tProofs --
       |tYes, as a Look Springs to Its Face --|tYes, as a Look 
       Springs to Its Face --|tPoem Beginning with a Line by 
       Pindar --|tStructure of Rime VIII --|tStructure of Rime IX
       --|tStructure of Rime X --|tStructure of Rime XI --|tStorm
       of White --|tAtlantis --|tOut of the Black --|tBone Dance 
       --|tUnder Ground --|tNatural Doctrine --|tStructure of 
       Rime XII --|tStructure of Rime XIII --|tAnother 
       Animadversion --|tAfter Reading Barely and Widely --
       |tIngmar Bergman's Seventh Seal --|tFood for Fire, Food 
       for Thought --|tStray Poem (Notes Reading from Rene Fulop-
       Miller's The Power and Secrets of the Jesuits) --
       |tMelville after Pierre --|tSolitude --|tSong of the River
       to Its Shores Pre-face --|tI Saw the Rabbit Leap --|tRoots
       and Branches --|tRoots and Branches --|tWhat Do I Know of 
       the Old Lore? --|tNight Scenes --|tSequence of Poems for 
       H.D.'s Birthday --|tLetter --|tNel Mezzo del Cammin di 
       Nostra Vita --|tDancing Concerning a Form of Women --|tLaw
       --|tApprehensions --|tSonneries of the Rose Cross --|tNow 
       the Record Now Record --|tVariations on Two Dicta of 
       William Blake --|tCover Images --|tCome, Let Me Free 
       Myself --|tRisk --|tFour Songs the Night Nurse Sang --
       |tStructure of Rime XV --|tStructure of Rime XVI --
       |tStructure of Rime XVII --|tStructure of Rime XVIII --
       |tOsiris and Set --|tWindings --|tTwo Presentations --
       |tAfter a Passage in Baudelaire --|tShelley's Arethusa Set
       to New Measures --|tAfter Reading H.D.'s Hermetic 
       Definitions --|tStrains of Sight --|tDoves --|tReturning 
       to the Rhetoric of an Early Mode --|tTwo Entertainments --
       |tBallad of the Forfar Witches' Sing --|tCountry Wife's 
       Song --|tWhat Happened: Prelude --|tSet of Romantic Hymns 
       --|tThank You for Love --|tFrom The Mabinogion --|tForced 
       Lines --|tNew Poem (for Jack Spicer) --|tSonnet 1 --
       |tSonnet 2 --|tSonnet 3 --|tAnswering --|tAdam's Way: A 
       Play upon Theosophical Themes --|tCyparissus --|tPart-
       Sequence for Change --|tStructure of Rime XIX --
       |tStructure of Rime XX --|tStructure of Rime XXI --
       |tContinent --|tPlay with Masks --|tWeaving the Design --
       |tOld Testament --|tNew Testament --|tIntroduction --
       |tSonnet 4 --|tStructure of Rime XXII --|t5th Sonnet --
       |tSuch Is the Sickness of Many a Good Thing --|tBending 
       the Bow --|tTribal Memories Passages 1 --|tAt the Loom 
       Passages 2 --|tWhat I Saw Passages 3 --|tWhere It Appears 
       Passages 4 --|tMoon Passages 5 --|tCollage Passages 6 --
       |tEnvoy Passages 7 --|tStructure of Rime XXIII --|tAs in 
       the Old Days Passages 8 --|tArchitecture Passages 9 --
       |tThese Past Years Passages 10 --|tShadows Passages 11 --
       |tWine Passages 12 --|tStructure of Rime XXIV --
       |tStructure of Rime XXV --|tReflections --|tFire Passages 
       13 --|tChords Passages 14 --|tSpelling Passages 15 --
       |tLammas Tiding --|tMy Mother Would Be a Falconress --
       |tSaint Graal (after Verlaine) --|tParsifal (after Wagner 
       and Verlaine) --|tCurrents Passages 16 --|tMoving the 
       Moving Image Passages 17 --|tTorso Passages 18 --|tEarth 
       Passages 19 --|tStructure of Rime XXVI: For Kenneth Anger,
       An Illustration Passages 20 --|tMultiversity Passages 21 -
       -|tIn the Place of a Passage 22 --|tBenefice Passages 23 -
       -|tOrders Passages 24 --|tUp Rising Passages 25 --
       |tChimeras of Gerard de Nerval --|tEl Desdichado (The 
       Disinherited) --|tMyrtho --|tHorus --|tAnteros --
       |tDelphica --|tArtemis --|tChrist in the Olive Grove --
       |tGolden Lines --|tEarth's Winter Song --|tMoira's 
       Cathedral --|tShrine to Ameinias --|tNarrative Bridges for
       Adam's Way --|tSoldiers Passages 26 --|tInterlude --
       |tTransgressing the Real Passages 27 --|tLight Passages 28
       --|tEye of God Passages 29 --|tStage Directions Passages 
       30 --|tGod-Spell --|tEpilogos --|tAt the Poetry Conference
       : Berkeley after the New York Style --|tWe heard it as a 
       cry It was the Word --|tKeeping the War Inside --|tYes I 
       care deeply and yet --|tChristmas Present, Christmas 
       Presence! --|tFrom a Poem by John Ashbery --|tIf I Had Kin
       --|tSome Notes on Notation --|tAchilles' Song --|tAncient 
       Questions --|tSong from the Structures of Rime Ringing as 
       the Poet Paul Celan Sings --|tDespair in Being Tedious --
       |tConcert Passages 31 (Tribunals) --|tAncient Reveries and
       Declamations Passages 32 (Tribunals) --|tTransmissions 
       Passages 33 (Tribunals) --|tFeast Passages 34 (Tribunals) 
       --|tBefore the Judgment Passages 35 (Tribunals) --|tSanta 
       Cruz Propositions --|tGlimpse --|tAnd If He Had Been Wrong
       for Me --|tFor Me Too, I, Long Ago Shipping Out with the 
       Cantos --|tAnd Hell Is the Realm of God's Self-Loathing --
       |tChildhood's Retreat --|tFragments of an Albigensian Rime
       --|tO! Passages 37 --|tBring It Up from the Dark --
       |tStructure of Rime XXVII --|tStructure of Rime XXVIII: In
       Memoriam Wallace Stevens --|tOver There --|tMuseum --
       |tInterrupted Forms --|tPoems from the Margins of Thom 
       Gunn's Moly --|tPreface to the Suite --|tMoly Suite --
       |tNear Circe's House --|tRites of Passage: I --|tMoly --
       |tRites of Passage: II --|tSeventeenth Century Suite in 
       Homage to the Metaphysical Genius in English Poetry (1590-
       1690) --|g1.|tLove's a great courtesy to be declared --
       |g2.|tSir Walter Ralegh, What Is Our Life? --|g3.|tGo as 
       in a dream --|g4.|tRobert Southwell, The Burning Babe --
       |g5.|t'A pretty Babe"-That burning Babe --|g6.|tGeorge 
       Herbert, Jordan (I) --|g7.|tGeorge Herbert, Jordan (II) --
       |g8.|tThese Lines Composing Themselves in My Head as I 
       Awoke Early This Morning, It Being Still Dark, December 16,
       1971 Passages 36 --|g9.|tBen Jonson, Hymenxi: or the 
       Solemnities of Masque, and Barriers --|g10.|tJohn Norris 
       of Bemerton, Hymne to Darkness --|tCoda --|tDante Études -
       -|tPreface --|tBook One --|tWe Will Endeavor --|tSecondary
       Is the Grammar --|tLittle Language --|tTo Speak My Mind --
       |tEverything Speaks to Me --|tIn the Way of a Question --
       |tSpeech Directed --|tEnricht in the Increment --
       |tIndividual Man --|tOf Empire --|tMeaning of Each 
       Particular --|tWhole Potentiality --|tWork --|tHousehold -
       -|tLet Him First Drink of the Fountain --|tAnd Tho They 
       Have No Vowel --|tLetting the Beat Go --|tBook Two --
       |tHard Task in Truth --|tLovely --|tOne Rule --|tOur Art 
       but to Articulate --|tIn Nothing Superior --|tEnacted --
       |tOn Obedience --|tZealous Liberality --|tWe Convivial in 
       What Is Ours! --|tMr Philip Wicksteed Stumbling into Rime 
       in Prose in Translating Dante's Convivio --|tGo, My Songs,
       Even as You Came to Me --|tBook Three --|tMy Soul Was as 
       If Free --|tNor Dream in Your Hearts --|tFor the Sea Is 
       God's --|tWhere the Fox of This Stench Sulks --|tIn Truth 
       Doth She Breathe Out Poisonous Fumes --|tThen Many a One 
       Sang --|tIn My Youth Not Unstaind --|tAnd a Wisdom as Such
       --|tFour Supplementary Études --|tOf Memory --|tHers --|tI
       Too Trembling --|tBut We, to Whom the World Is --
       |tMissionaries Passages --|tTorn Cloth --|tSongs of an 
       Other --|tEmpedoklean Reveries Passages --|tJamais 
       Passages --|tInterlude of Winter Light --|t"Eidolon of the
       Aion" --|tPresence of the Dance/The Resolution of the 
       Music --|tCirculations of the Song --|tO tree of lights! 
       tree of colors --|tChildless --|tAfter Shakespeare's 
       Sonnet 76 --|tSecond Take on Shakespeare's Sonnet 76 --
       |tShe --|tSomething Is Moving --|tFantasy Piece for Helen 
       Adam --|tFeb 22, 1973 --|tI have/nothing to go on --
       |tPrepucal Face for Nigel Roberts --|tJohnny's Thing --
505 00 |t--|tPoe et Cie --|tLet Me Join You Again This Morning, 
       Walt Whitman --|tAlternate Life --|tIn the South --
       |tHomecoming --|tSupplication --|tQuotidian --|tTo Master 
       Baudelaire --|tToward His Malaise --|tAmong His Words --
       |tFace --|tAt Cambridge an Address to Young Poets Native 
       to the Land of My Mothertongue --|tLe Sonnet Où Sonne la 
       Sonnette dès Dernières Jours Toujours Fait Son Retour --
       |tPour Souffrir l'Envie Jusqu'à l'Amour en Vie --|tSets of
       Syllables, Sets of Words, Sets of Lines, Sets of Poems 
       Addressing: Veil, Turbine, Cord, and Bird --|tPreliminary 
       Exercise --|tNotes during a Lecture on Mathematics --
       |tRecall of the Star Miraflor --|tNaming of the Time Ever 
       --|tI Pour forth My Life from This Bough --|tTurbine --
       |tWhat the Sonnet Means the Sonnet Means --|tFor the 
       Assignment of the Spirit --|tCherubim (I) --|tCherubim 
       (II) --|tStyx --|tSentinels --|tEros/Amor/Love Cycle --
       |tEt Passages --|tIn Wonder Passages --|tConstructing the 
       Course of a River in the Pyrenees --|tIn Waking --|tFrom 
       the Fall of 1950 December 1980 --|tTwo Sets of Tens: 
       Derived from Confucian Analects --|tRegulators Set of 
       Passages --|tDignities Passages --|tFirst Passages --
       |tStimmung Passages --|tEnthralld Passages --|tQuand le 
       Grand Foyer Descend dans les Eaux Passages --|tIn Blood's 
       Domaine Passages --|tAfter Passage Passages --|tWith In 
       Passages --|tSeams Passages --|tYou, Muses Passages --
       |tStructure of Rime: Of the Five Songs --|tFive Songs --
       |tWhose Passages --|tClose --|tAt the Door --
       |tIllustrative Lines --|tAfter a Long Illness --|tIn 
       Passage --|tHekatombé. 
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