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111 2  International Symposium on Yersinia|n(10th :|d2010 :
       |cRecife, Brazil)|0
245 10 Advances in yersinia research /|cedited by Alzira Maria 
       Paiva de Almeida, Nilma Cintra Leal. 
264  1 New York ;|aLondon :|bSpringer,|c2012. 
300    1 online resource :|billustrations. 
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490 1  Advances in experimental medicine and biology ;|v954. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |6880-01|gPart 1.|tEvolution --|tEvolutionary Dynamics of 
       the Yersinia enterocolitica Complex /|rSandra Reuter, 
       Nicholas R. Thomson and Alan McNally --|tGains and Losses 
       in Yersinia enterocolitica subsp. palearctica Genomes /
       |rAlexander Rakin, Julia Batzilla, Debora Garzetti and 
       Jurgen Heesemann --|tConsequences of Missense Mutations in
       Yersinia pestis: Efficient Flow of Metabolic Carbon Versus
       Virulence /|rRobert R. Brubaker --|tDiversity and Adaptive
       Evolution of a Major Porin Gene (ompF) in Yersinia 
       pseudotuberculosis /|rMarina P. Isaeva, Anna M. Stenkova, 
       Konstantin V. Guzev, Evgenia P. Bystritskaya and Felix N. 
       Shubin, et al. --|tBiochemical and Genetic Peculiarities 
       and the Phylogenetic Relationship of the Non-main 
       Subspecies in the General Scheme of the Plague Agent 
       Evolution /|rGalina A. Eroshenko and Vladimir V. Kutyrev -
       -|tThe Molecular Phylogeny of the gyrB Gene: A Molecular 
       Marker for Systematic Characterization of the Genus 
       Yersinia /|rAnna M. Stenkova, Marina P. Isaeva, Evgenia P.
       Bystritskaya, Konstantin V. Guzev and Valery A. Rasskazov,
       et al. --|tA Tribute to Henri H. Mollaret (1923-2008) /
       |rElisabeth Carniel. 
505 80 |gPart 2.|tEpidemiology --|tPreliminary Survey Regarding 
       Yersiniosis in Ireland /|rTamara Ringwood, Brenda P. 
       Murphy, Niall Drummond, James F. Buckley and Seamus 
       Fanning, et al. --|tPseudotuberculosis in the Russian 
       Federation /|rGalina Yakovlevna Tseneva, Margarita 
       Valentinovna Chesnokova, Klimov Valerii Timofeevich, 
       Voskresenskaya Ekaterina Aleksandrovna and Olga 
       Aleksandrovna Burgasova, et al. --|tPlague in Brazil: From
       Now and Then /|rCelso Tavares, Antonia Ivoneida Aragao, 
       Nilma Cintra Leal, Tereza Cristina Leal-Balbino and Maria 
       Betania Melo de Oliveira, et al. --|tFactors Affecting the
       Spread and Maintenance of Plague /|rKenneth L. Gage. 
505 80 |gPart 3.|tDetection, diagnosis and identification --
       |tIsolation of Enteropathogenic Yersinia from Non-human 
       Sources /|rMaria Fredriksson-Ahomaa --|tYersinia 
       pseudotuberculosis O III Causes Diarrhea in Brazilian 
       Cattle /|rJose Francisco Ghignatti Warth, Sonia Maria 
       Biesdorf and Cybelle de Souza --|tPrevalence, Serotype, 
       Virulence Characteristics, Clonality, and Antibiotic 
       Susceptibility of Pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica from 
       Swine Feces /|rSaumya Bhaduri and Irene V. Wesley --
       |tCharacterization of Yersinia enterocolitica 4/O:3 
       Isolated from Slaughterhouses and Pork in the State of Sao
       Paulo, Brazil, and Clinical Cases in Humans /|rRenata 
       Paixao, Debora Dirani Sena de Gobbi, Daniele Cristine 
       Raimundo, Ernesto Hofer and Maria Helena Matte, et al. --
       |tBacteriophages Capable of Lysing Yersinia pestis and 
       Yersinia pseudotuberculosis: Efficiency of Plating Tests 
       and Identification of Receptors in Escherichia coli K-12 /
       |rAndrey A. Filippov, Kirill V. Sergueev, Yunxiu He and 
       Mikeljon P. Nikolich --|tField and Clinical Applications 
       of Advanced Bacteriophage-Based Detection of Yersinia 
       pestis /|rKirill V. Sergueev, Mikeljon P. Nikolich and 
       Andrey A. Filippov --|tPlague Diagnosis STNPCR and MPCR 
       Kits Assembly, Reaction Reproducibility, and Reagent 
       Stability /|rLivia Christina Alves da Silva, Silvana 
       Santos Vasconcelos, Carina Lucena Mendes-Marques, Alzira 
       Maria Paiva de Almeida and Nilma Cintra Leal. 
505 80 |gPart 4.|tImmune response --|tInnate Immune Responses 
       During Infection with Yersinia pestis /|rAmi A. Patel and 
       Deborah M. Anderson --|tThe Life Stage of Yersinia pestis 
       in the Flea Vector Confers Increased Resistance to 
       Phagocytosis and Killing by Murine Polymorphonuclear 
       Leukocytes /|rJustin L. Spinner and B. Joseph Hinnebusch -
       -|tPhagocytes and Humoral Immunity to Pneumonic Plague /
       |rNicholas A. Eisele, Charles R. Brown and Deborah M. 
       Anderson --|tThe In Vitro Evaluation of Anti-Plague 
       Cellular Immunity by Quantitative Analysis of IFN-[gamma] 
       Synthesis and the Appearance of Activation Molecules on 
       the Surface of T-Helper Cells /|rVictoria Valerievna 
       Firstova, Eugenij Alexandrovich Tyurin, Tatiana Borisovna 
       Kravchenko, Ekaterina Vitalievna Zyrina and Sergei 
       Fedorovich Biketov, et al. --|tCytotoxic Necrotizing 
       Factor Is an Effective Immunogen in a Yersinia 
       pseudotuberculosis Aerosol Mouse Model /|rSherry Mou, 
       Christopher K. Cote and Patricia L. Worsham --|tFimbrial 
       Polyadhesins: Anti-immune Armament of Yersinia /|rVladimir
       P. Zav'yalov --|tYop Effector Proteins from Yersinia 
       pseudotuberculosis Impair Dendritic Cell Activation /
       |rAline Tansini, Felipe Fortino Verdan da Silva, Rubens 
       Rodrigues dos Santos Jr., Marisa Campos Polesi Placeres 
       and Beatriz Maria Machado de Medeiros, et al. 
505 80 |gPart 5.|tPathogenesis and transmission /|rImpact on the 
       Host of the Yersinia pestis-specific Virulence Set and the
       Contribution of the Pla Surface Protease /|rFrancoise 
       Guinet and Elisabeth Carniel --|tVirulence of Yersinia 
       pseudotuberculosis in Aerosol Models /|rPatricia L. 
       Worsham, Sherry Mou, Christopher K. Cote and David Fritz -
       -|tPathogenic Potential of the Yersinia massiliensis 
       Species /|rRoberto A. Souza and Juliana P. Falcao --
       |tModulation of Host Cell Death Pathways by Yersinia 
       Species and the Type III Effector YopK /|rKristen N. 
       Peters and Deborah M. Anderson --|tBiofilm-Dependent and 
       Biofilm-Independent Mechanisms of Transmission of Yersinia
       pestis by Fleas /|rB. Joseph Hinnebusch. 
505 80 |gPart 6.|tMetabolic and pathogenicity factors --|tYopM 
       and Plague /|rSusan C. Straley --|tSubstrates of the 
       Plasminogen Activator Protease of Yersinia pestis /|rAdam 
       J. Caulfield and Wyndham W. Lathem --|tVariability in the 
       Functional Domains of the Rho-Modifying Toxins of Yersinia
       pseudotuberculosis /|rNelly Timchenko, Ruslan Adgamov and 
       Svetlana Ermolaeva --|tYersinia pestis Transition Metal 
       Divalent Cation Transporters /|rRobert D. Perry, Alexander
       G. Bobrov, Olga Kirillina, Eric R. Rhodes and Luis A. 
       Actis, et al. --|tUnique Virulence Properties of Yersinia 
       enterocolitica O:3 /|rFrank Uliczka and Petra Dersch --
       |tYersinia pestis Autoagglutination Is Mediated by HCP-
       Like Protein and Siderophore Yersiniachelin (Ych) /|rOlga 
       Podladchikova, Violetta Rykova, Uladzimir Antonenka and 
       Alexander Rakin --|tYersinia Surface Structures and 
       Bacteriophages /|rMikael Skurnik. 
505 80 |gPart 7.|tRegulation --|tGlobal Discovery of Small 
       Noncoding RNAs in Pathogenic Yersinia Species /|rJovanka 
       T. Koo and Wyndham W. Lathem --|tRegulation of Virulence 
       Gene Expression by Regulatory RNA Elements in Yersinia 
       pseudotuberculosis /|rAnn Kathrin Heroven, Katja Bohme and
       Petra Dersch --|tOmpR, a Central Integrator of Several 
       Cellular Responses in Yersinia enterocolitica /|rKatarzyna
       Brzostek, Karolina Skorek and Adrianna Raczkowska. 
505 80 |gPart 8.|tApproaches to new therapies --|tBacteriophage 
       Therapy of Experimental Bubonic Plague in Mice /|rAndrey 
       A. Filippov, Kirill V. Sergueev, Yunxiu He, Xiao-Zhe Huang
       and Bryan T. Gnade, et al. --|tPreliminary 
       Pharmacokinetics of the Bacterial Virulence Inhibitor N'-
       (3,5-Dibromo-2-Hydroxy-Benzylidenene)-Nicotinic Acid 
       Hydrazide /|rTofeeq Ur-Rehman, Roland Nordfelth, Anders 
       Blomgren, Caroline E. Zetterstrom and Mikael Elofsson, et 
       al. --|tSmall Molecule Screening for Inhibitors of the 
       YopH Phosphatase of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis /|rJonas 
       Eriksson, Christin Grundstrom, A. Elisabeth Sauer-Eriksson,
       Uwe H. Sauer and Hans Wolf-Watz, et al. 
520    This book presents cutting edge advances on Yersinia 
       discussed on the 10th International Symposium on Yersinia 
       held in Recife, Brazil 23-27 October 2010. The 42 chapters
       written by top scientists from around the world features 
       reviews and research articles distributed into 8 topic 
       areas: Evolution; Epidemiology; Detection, Diagnosis and 
       Identification; Immune Response; Pathogenesis and 
       Transmission; Metabolic and Pathogenicity Factors; 
       Regulation; and Approaches to New Therapies. A must read 
       for researchers in the field. 
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650  2 Yersinia.|0 
650 14 Biomedicine. 
650 24 Medical Microbiology. 
650 24 Biomedicine general. 
650 24 Gene Function. 
655  2 Congress.|0 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast|0http:// 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2lcgft|0http:// 
700 1  Almeida, Alzira Maria Paiva de.|0
700 1  Leal, Nilma Cintra.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|aInternational Symposium on Yersinia 
       (10th : 2010 : Recife, Brazil).|tAdvances in yersinia 
       research.|dNew York ; London : Springer, 2012
830  0 Advances in experimental medicine and biology ;|0http://|vv. 954. 
880 0  |6505-01/(S|aIn vitro evaluation of antiplague cellular 
       immunity by quantitative analysis of IFN-γ synthesis and 
       appearance of activation molecules on the surface of T-
       helpers -- Cytotoxic necrotizing factor is an effective 
       immunogen in a Yersinia pseudotuberculosis aerosol mouse 
       model -- Fimbrial polyadhesins: anti-immune armament of 
       Yersinia -- Yop effector proteins from Yersinia 
       pseudotuberculosis impair dendritic cells activation -- 
       Impact on the host of the Yersinia pestis specific 
       virulence set and contribution of the Pla surface protease
       -- Virulence of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in aerosol 
       models -- Pathogenic potential of Yersinia massiliensis 
       species -- Modulation of host cell death pathways by 
       Yersinia and the type three secretion effector YopK -- 
       Biofilm-dependent and biofilm-independent mechanisms of 
       transmission of Yersinia pestis by fleas -- YopM and 
       Plague -- Substrates of the plasminogen activator protease
       of Yersinia pestis 
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