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245 00 Lithosphere dynamics and sedimentary basins :|bthe Arabian
       Plate and analogues /|cKhalid Al Hosani [and others], 
264  1 Berlin ;|aNew York :|bSpringer,|c2013. 
300    1 online resource :|bmaps (chiefly color). 
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490 1  Frontiers in earth sciences,|x1863-4621 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gPart 1.|tThe Emirati foreland and foothills --
       |tStructural and Stratigraphic Evolution of Abu Dhabi in 
       the Context of Arabia /|rKen W. Glennie --|tArchitecture 
       of the Oman-UAE Ophiolite: Evidence for a Multi-Phase 
       Magmatic History /|rK.M. Goodenough, M.T. Styles, D. 
       Schofield, R.J. Thomas and Q.C. Crowley, et al. --|tNew 
       Constrains on the Thickness of the Semail Ophiolite in the
       Northern Emirates /|rCharles Naville, Martine Ancel, Paul 
       Andriessen, Patrice Ricarte and Francois Roure --|tThe 
       Jurassic-Cretaceous depositional and tectonic evolution of
       the southernwestern margin of the Neotethys Ocean, 
       Northern Oman and United Arab Emirates /|rEmrys R. 
       Phillips, Colin N. Waters and Richard A. Ellison --
       |tForced Folding of the Neoautochthonous Late Cretaceous-
       Early Tertiary Sequence at the Western End of the Hatta 
       Zone, Northern Oman Mountains /|rM. Warrak --|tSeismic 
       stratigraphy and subsidence history of the United Arab 
       Emirates (UAE) rifted margin and overlying foreland basins
       /|rM.Y. Ali, A.B. Watts and M.P. Searle --|tDepth seismic 
       imaging using reflection and first arrival traveltime 
       tomography: Application to a deep profile across the 
       Northern Emirates Foothills /|rAnne Jardin, Karine Broto 
       and Timothee Perdrizet --|tForward Kinematic Modelling of 
       a Regional Transect in the Northern Emirates Using 
       Geological and Apatite Fission Track Age Constraints on 
       Paleo-Burial History /|rMihai Tarapoanca, Paul Andriessen,
       Karine Broto, Louis Cherel and Nadine Ellouz-Zimmermann, 
       et al. --|tPaleo-Fluids Characterisation and Fluid Flow 
       Modelling Along a Regional Transect in Northern United 
       Arab Emirates (UAE) /|rJean-Paul Callot, Liesbeth Breesch,
       Nicole Guilhaumou, Francois Roure and Rudy Swennen, et al.
       --|tDiagenesis of the Khuff Formation (Permian-Triassic), 
       Northern United Arab Emirates /|rSimone Fontana, Fadi H. 
       Nader, Sadoon Morad, Andrea Ceriani and Ihsan S. Al-Aasm. 
505 80 |gPart 2.|tThe Zagros and Makran tectonic wedges --
       |tEvidence for Mantle Exhumation Along the Arabian Margin 
       in the Zagros (Kermanshah Area, Iran) /|rJean-Christophe 
       Wrobel-Daveau, Jean-Claude Ringenbach, Saeid Tavakoli, 
       Geoffrey M.H. Ruiz and Pierre Masse, et al. --|tstructural
       style of the Makran Tertiary accretionary complex in SE-
       Iran /|rJ.-P. Burg, A. Dolati, D. Bernoulli and J. Smit --
       |tPreliminary fault analysis and paleostress evolution in 
       the Makran Fold-and-Thrust Belt in Iran /|rA. Dolati and 
       J.-P Burg. 
505 80 |gPart 3.|tSeismic hazards in Saudi Arabia and adjacent 
       parts of the Arabian plate --|tImprovement of seismicity 
       parameters in the Arabian Shield and Platform using 
       earthquake location and magnitude calibration /|rA.M. Al-
       Amri and A.J. Rodgers --|tSeismotectonics and seismogenic 
       source zones of the Arabian Platform /|rAbdullah M. Al-
       Amri --|tSeismic zones regionalization and hazard 
       assessment of SW Arabian Shield and Southern Red Sea 
       Region /|rM.A. Al-Malki and A.M. Al-Amri. 
505 80 |gPart 4.|tYemen margins and the Gulf of Aden --|tThe 
       Cryogenian Arc formation and successive High-K calc-
       alkaline plutons of Socotra Island (Yemen) /|rY. Denele, 
       S. Leroy, E. Pelleter, R. Pik and J-Y Talbot, et al. --
       |tSedimentary basins of Yemen: Their Tectonic Development 
       and Lithostratigraphic Cover /|rMustafa Abdullatif As-
       Saruri, Rasoul Sorkhabi and Rasheed Baraba --|tPaleostress
       Analysis of the Volcanic Margins of Yemen /|rKhaled 
       Khanbari and Philippe Huchon --|tFrom rifting to oceanic 
       spreading in the Gulf of Aden: A synthesis /|rSylvie Leroy,
       Philippe Razin, Julia Autin, Francois Bache and Elia 
       d'Acremont, et al. --|tUpper mantle anisotropy of 
       Southeast Arabia passive margin [Gulf of Aden Northern 
       conjugate margin], Oman /|rAli Al-Lazki, Cindy Ebinger, 
       Michael Kendall, George Helffrich and Sylvie Leroy, et al.
505 80 |gPart 5.|tGeodynamic modelling --|tSamovar: A 
       Thermomechanical Code for Modeling of Geodynamic Processes
       in the Lithosphere--Application to Basin Evolution /
       |rYuriy Elesin, Taras Gerya, Irina M. Artemieva and Hans 
520    This book will constitute the proceedings of the ILP 
       Workshop held in Abu Dhabi in December 2009. It will 
       include a reprint of the 11 papers published in the 
       December 2010 issue of the AJGS, together with 11 other 
       original papers. 
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       /sh88006068|zArabian Peninsula|0
650 14 Earth Sciences. 
650 24 Earth Sciences, general. 
653  4 Geography. 
653  4 Earth Sciences. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
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700 1  Al Hosani, Khalid. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|z9783642292781 
830  0 Frontiers in earth sciences (Springer (Firm))|0http:// 
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