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245 00 In the Catskills :|ba century of Jewish experience in "The
       Mountains" /|cedited by Phil Brown. 
260    New York :|bColumbia University Press,|c2002. 
300    1 online resource (xvi, 415 pages) :|billustrations 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
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338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
347    data file|2rda 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 393-412). 
505 00 |gpt. 1. History:|tSleeping in my parents' hotel: the end 
       of a century of the Jewish Catskills /|rPhil Brown --
       |tJewish farmers of the Catskills /|rAbraham Lavenser and 
       Clarence Steinberg --|tHotels and the Holocaust /|rReuben 
       Wallenrod --|tThe Catskills at the end of World War II /
       |rMartin Boris --|gpt. 2.|tBoarding house, bungalow, and 
       Kuchalayn life:|tThe yearning heifer /|rIsaac Bashevis 
       Singer --|tGrine Felder -a place in the country /|rMartin 
       Boris --|tBingo by the bungalow /|rThane Rosenbaum --
       |tBungalow colony life /|rIrwin Richman --|tBungalow 
       stories /|rArthur Tanney --|gpt. 3.|tHotel life:|tDinner 
       at the Rigi Kulm House /|rAbraham Cahan --|tOld stock /
       |rHortense Calisher --|tYoung workers in the hotels /
       |rPhil Brown --|tThe pool /|rEileen Pollack --|tGrowing up
       at Grossinger's /|rTania Grossinger --|tFive and three 
       house /|rSidney Offit --|tReflections on the Delmar Hotel 
       and the demise of the Catskills /|rJerry A. Jacobs --|gpt.
       4.|tEntertainment:|tComics, singers, and tummlers /|rJoey 
       Adams (with Henry Tobias) --|tThe social director of the 
       adult summer camp /|rMoss Hart --|tThe casino /|rHarvey 
       Jacobs --|tThe fine art of mountain Tummling /|rJoyce 
       Wadler --|tYener Welt -music and lyrics /|rPhil Brown --
       |tShoot the shtrudel to me, Yudel! -music and lyrics /
       |rHenry Foner --|gpt. 5.|tRomance:|tMiss Tevkin /|rAbraham
       Cahan --|tForbidden fruit /|rHarvey Jacobs --|tMarjorie at
       South Wind /|rHerman Wouk --|tAmy Lourie /|rTerry Kay --
       |gpt. 6.|tReligion:|tBungalow summer: the Catskills, New 
       York /|rRobert Eisenberg --|tThe shul in Kaaterskill Falls
       /|rAllegra Goodman --|gpt. 7.|tFood:|tEating at the hotel 
       /|rSarah Sandberg --|tThe Catskills remembered /|rVivian 
       Gornick --|tBungalow /|rElizabeth Ehrlich. 
520 8  Annotation|bThrough fiction, memoir, music, photography, 
       and art, In the Catskills highlights the Catskills 
       experience over a century and assesses its continuing 
       impact on American music, comedy, food, culture, and 
       religion. It features selections from such fiction writers
       as Isaac Bashevis Singer, Herman Wouk, Allegra Goodman and
       Vivian Gornick; and original contributions from historians,
       sociologists, and scholars of American and Jewish culture 
       that trace the history of the region, the rise of hotels 
       and bungalow colonies, the wonderful flavors of food and 
       entertainment, and distinctive forms of Jewish religion 
       found in the Mountains.What was life--the work, the play, 
       the food, the romance--like at Catskills Mountains 
       resorts? These very personal recollections capture the 
       special sense of community and real sense of freedom that 
       developed. Far from the welter of the city, Jewish 
       families learned to vacation and enjoy themselves, to 
       savor the social mobility and cultural space the resorts 
       afforded, and to nourish their culinary and comic 
       traditions. From "Bingo by the Bungalow" by Thane 
       Rosenbaum to "Young Workers in the Hotels" by Phil Brown 
       to "Shoot the Shtrudel to Me Yudel" by Henry Foner, this 
       charming anthology captures an era that has had enormous 
       impact on the Jewish experience and American culture as a 
       whole."Whenever I speak about the Catskills," observes 
       editor Phil Brown, "I am struck by the strength of 
       people's desire to relive their experiences in the 
       Mountains." If you've visited the Catskills yourself, or 
       heard stories from your parents or grandparents, or are 
       just interested in this extraordinary time and place, pack
       your bags and prepare to enjoy your stay In the Catskills.
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Jews|zNew York (State)|zCatskill Mountains Region|xSocial 
       life and customs. 
650  0 Jews|xRecreation|zNew York (State)|zCatskill Mountains 
650  7 HISTORY|xState & Local.|2bisacsh 
650  7 HISTORY|xState & Local|xGeneral.|2bisacsh 
650  7 SOCIAL SCIENCE|xPopular Culture.|2bisacsh 
650  7 Jews|xRecreation.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00983342 
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650  7 Manners and customs.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01007815 
651  0 Catskill Mountains Region (N.Y.)|xSocial life and customs.
651  7 New York (State)|zCatskill Mountains Region.|2fast
700 1  Brown, Phil. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tIn the Catskills.|dNew York : Columbia 
       University Press, 2002|z0231123604|w(DLC)  2001042319
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