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Assessing Health Professional Education Workshop 2013 Washington D C : Assessing health professional education : workshop summary / Patricia A. Cuff, Rapporteur ; Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education, Board on Global Health, Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.  2014 1
Assessing The Economics Of Genomic Medicine Workshop 2012 Washington D C : The economics of genomic medicine : workshop summary / Adam C. Berger and Steve Olson, rapporteurs ; Roundtable on Translating Genomic-Based Research for Health, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Institute of Medicine of The National Academies.  2013 1
Assessing The Human Health Effects Of The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill 2010 New Orleans La : Assessing the effects of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on human health : a summary of the June 2010 workshop / Margaret A. McCoy and Judith A. Salerno, rapporteurs ; Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.  2010 1
Assessing The Impact Of Applications Of Digital Health Records On Alzheimers Disease Research Workshop 2015 Washington D : Assessing the impact of applications of digital health records on Alzheimer's disease research : workshop summary / Lisa Bain and Sheena Posey Norris, rapporteurs ; Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Institute of Medicine, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine.  2016 1
Assessment Technologies Institute   15
  Asset -- See Association of Southern European Economic Theorists
  Asset Based Community Development Institute Northwestern University -- See Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Asset-Based Community Development Institute
Asset One Immobilienentwicklungs Ag : Conceptions of the desirable : what cities ought to know abaout the future / [editor: Asset One Immobilienentwicklungs AG, Graz ; English translation: Mark J. Webber].  2007 1
  Asseton Hugo Approximately 1485 -- See Aston, Hugh, approximately 1485-
Assey Joan P : Madam Chief Justice : Jean Hoefer Toal of South Carolina / edited by W. Lewis Burke Jr. and Joan P. Assey ; foreword by Sandra Day O'Connor ; introduction by Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  2016 1
Assfeld Xavier : Quantum modeling of complex molecular systems / Jean-Louis Rivail, Manuel Ruiz-Lopez, Xavier Assfeld.  2015 1
  Assheha Abdur Rahman -- See Al-Sheha, Abdul Rahman
  Assheton Hugh Approximately 1485 -- See Aston, Hugh, approximately 1485-
  Asshuberi Jon 1927 2017 -- See Ashbery, John, 1927-2017
Assi Abdallah : Numerical semigroups and applications / Abdallah Assi, Pedro A. Garcia-Sanchez.  2016 1
Assi Amjad T : Hydrostructural pedology / Erik Braudeau, Amjad T. Assi, Rabi H. Mohtar.  2016 1
Assi Chadi : Broadband access networks : technologies and deployments / Abdallah Shami, Martin Maier, Chadi Assi, editors.  2009 1
Assia Ehud I : Premium and specialized intraocular lenses / edited by Guy Kleinmann, Ehud I. Assia & David J. Apple.  2014 1
  Assiba Dalmeida Irene -- See Almeida, Irène Assiba d'
Assie Lumumba Ndri Therese   3
  Assie Ndri T -- See Assié-Lumumba, N'Dri Thérèse
  Assies W J -- See Assies, Willem
Assies Willem : Legalising land rights : local practices, state responses and tenure security in Africa, Asia and Latin America / edited by Janine M. Ubink, André J, Hoekema, and Willem J. Assies.  2009 1
Assimacopoulos Dionysis 1950 : Drought : science and policy / edited by Dr. Ana Iglesias, Professor Dionysis Assimacopoulos, Dr. Henny A. Van Lanen.  2018 1
Assimakopoulos Dimitris G   2
Assimakopoulos Jane : Orthokōsta. English.  2016 1
Assimakopoulos Stavros   3
Assine Mario Luis : Dynamics of the Pantanal Wetland in South America / edited by Ivan Bergier, Mario Luis Assine.  2016 1
Assing Dominique : Mobile access safety : beyond BYOD / Dominique Assing, Stéphane Calé.  2013 1
Assing Sigurd 1965 : Continuous strong Markov processes in dimension one : a stochastic calculus approach / Sigurd Assing, Wolfgang M. Schmidt.  1998 1
Assiniboine And Sioux Tribes Of The Fort Peck Indian Reservation Montana Office Of Environmental Protection   2
Assiniboine And Sioux Tribes Of The Fort Peck Indian Reservation Montana Water Resources Office : Ground-water quality for two areas in the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, northeastern Montana, 1993-2000 / by Joanna N. Thamke and Karen S. Midtlyng ; in cooperation with the Fort Peck Tribes Water Resources Office and Fort Peck Tribes Office of Environmental Protection.  2003 1
Assiniboine Elders Board : How the summer season came / by members of the Assiniboine Elders Board ; illustrated by George Shields, Jr.  1982 1
Assiniwi Bernard -- 2 entries   2
Assink Roger A   2
Assion Andreas : Springer handbook of lasers and optics / Frank Träger (ed.).  2007 1
Assir Nassim : Afghan music / Zohreh Jooya & Ustad Hossein Arman.  2010 1
Assis Arthur Alfaix : What is history for? : Johann Gustav Droysen and the functions of historiography / Arthur Alfaix Assis.  2014 1
  Assis Elie -- See Assis, Eliyahu
Assis Eliyahu   3
  Assis Fonseca Faria Jose De -- See Faria, José de Assis Fonseca
Assis J E De : Treatise on zoology : anatomy, taxonomy, biology. The Crustacea, volume 5 / edited by J.C. von Vaupel Klein, M. Chramantier-Daures and F.R. Schram ; with contributions by J.E. de Assis [and six others] ; English translations by J.C. von Vaupel Klein and F.R. Schram.  2015 1
  Assis Joaquim Maria Machado De 1839 1908 -- See Machado de Assis, 1839-1908
  Assis Machado De 1839 1908 -- See Machado de Assis, 1839-1908
Assis Paulo De   4
Assis Rosa Alexandra   2
Assises Internationales Du Roman 3rd 2009 Lyon France : The novelist's lexicon : writers on the words that define their work / edited by Villa Gillet.  2010 1
Assisi Asobie Humphrey : The United Nations system : the policies of member states / edited by Chadwick F. Alger, Gene M. Lyons, and John E. Trent.  1995 1
  Assisi Francesco D Saint 1182 1226 -- See Francis, of Assisi, Saint, 1182-1226
Assist Project : Evaluating ASSIST : a blueprint for understanding state-level tobacco control.  2006 1
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