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Title Coaching basketball / edited by Jerry Krause and Ralph Pim.
Imprint Chicago : Contemporary Books, [2002]
Edition Revised and updated.

Subject National Association of Basketball Coaches of the United States.
Basketball -- Coaching -- United States.
Alt Name Krause, Jerry, 1936-
Pim, Ralph L.
Description xvi, 480 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
Edition Revised and updated.
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 0071382100
OCLC # 48795933
Table of Contents
 Editors' Biographies 
 Milestones of the Game 
Ch. 1Our Background3
  Basket Ball History / Jerry Krause3
  Basket Ball: A New Game Springfield College4
  "Duck on the Rock" - The Origins and Mysteries of Basketball / Kenneth L. Swalgin4
  Basket Ball: The Birth of the Game / James Naismith12
  The Basketball Man / Bob Broeg13
  Basketball's First Day: The Players Remember / Edward J. Hickox17
  Basketball History / Jerry Healy18
  The Coaches Organize (The NABC) / Edward J. Hickox20
  NABC First Meeting (1927) / A. A. Schabinger22
  NABC First Constitution (1927) / A. A. Schabinger23
  NABC Officers and Leaders (1927) / A. A. Schabinger25
  History of the NABC Bulletin / E. S. Hickey25
  The Bulletin's Beginnings (and End) / H. C. "Doc" Carlson27
  NABC Coaches Code (1933) / George Edwards27
Ch. 2Developing Your Philosophy29
  The Pyramid of Success / John Wooden31
  My Philosophy of Life / Alvin C. Saake32
  The Wizard's Philosophy / Jerry Krause, Ralph Pim32
  Teaching / Clair Bee34
  A Coaching Philosophy / John Bunn35
  Thoughts on Coaching / Al McGuire37
  Basketball Coaching Thoughts / Walter R. Shublom38
  The Second Time Around / Everett Dean41
  Playing Hard Through Team Attitude / Don Meyer42
  Boilermaker Philosophy / Gene Keady43
  Basketball Terminology to Better Understand the Game / Harold (Bud) Foster46
  An Official / J. Dallas Shirley47
  Sportsmanship - Whose Responsibility? / Delbert Oberteuffer49
  NAIA "Champions of Character" Program (2001) / Jerry Krause55
  Travel Broadens ... If / Alvin C. Saake59
  NABC Coaches Code of Ethics (1987) / Jerry Krause, George Sage61
  The Man in the Arena / Theodore Roosevelt62
Ch. 3Planning Your Program63
  Leadership / Mike Krzyzewski64
  Fulfilling the Total Promise / Jim Smith64
  Don't Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up / Jim Valvano68
  Player Leadership / Henry "Hank" Iba69
  Building a Program / C. M. Newton70
  Building a Successful High School Program / Sam Alford71
  Promoting Your Program / George H. Raveling71
  Practice Philosophy / Dave Buss73
  Daily Practice / John Wooden74
  Practice Organization / Mac Petty75
  Finding Additional Practice Time / Jim Casciano76
  Organization of Practice and Season / Chuck Daly78
  Formulating a Game Plan / Bob Knight80
  High School Organization and Evaluation / Morgan Wootten83
  Evaluating a Basketball Program / Yvan Kelly86
  The Basketball Evaluation System (BES) / Kenneth L. Swalgin87
  Player Evaluation / Jim Cross90
  The Effort Chart / Roger Lyons92
  How Do You Rate, Coach? / Alvin C. Saake93
  Self-Assessment of Basketball Coaches / Joseph Palmieri95
  The Sue Syndrome / Jerry Krause, Jim Wasem98
Ch. 4Psychosocial Sport Sciences101
  Concern for Players / Mike Krzyzewski101
  Teaching-Learning Principles / Jerry Krause103
  Player Relations and Strategy / Norm Sloan104
  Player-Coach Relations / John Thompson106
  Coaching Confidence: A Psychological Approach / John Giannini108
  Motivating Your Players / Dale Brown110
  Motivation / Jim Poteet112
  Creating an Attitude / David Farrar114
  Building Team Unity / Dean Smith115
Ch. 5Physiological Sport Sciences117
  The Big Picture of Conditioning / Jerry Krause, Ralph Pim117
  Flexibility / Charles Brock119
  Strength and Conditioning / Tom Barrisse, Mike Gentry121
  Basketball Conditioning / Bradley J. Cardinal124
  Hanover College Basketball Strength Program / Michael Beitzel126
  Coach Conditioning / Jerry Krause126
  Conditioning to Win / Vadal Peterson127
Ch. 6Scouting and Recruiting131
  Scouting / John McClendon, Jr.131
  Tips on Scouting / Rick Majerus133
  Your Next Opponent / Dick Tarrant137
  Agile - Mobile - Hostile / George Ireland139
  The Role of the High School Coach / Dennis Wills, Bob Hallberg, C. Eric Gronbech140
  Small College Recruiting: A Game Plan / Greg Marshall143
  Factors Influencing Home Visit Decision of Early Signing / Keith Carodine145
Ch. 7Basic Motion151
  Compactness in Basketball / Bruce Drake151
  Mimetics / Forrest C. "Phog" Allen153
  The Jump Stop (Quick Stop) / Jim Anderson153
  Teaching Individual Skills / Pete Newell154
  Back to Basics / Fred "Tex" Winter163
  Individual Fundamentals / John Wooden165
  Fundamentals Is the Name / Mike Kundstadt166
  Progressive Footwork Drills / Steve Brennan167
  Off-Season Fundamentals / Jim Valvano170
  The 26 Magic Numbers / Alvin "Doggie" Julian175
  Common Coaching Mistakes / Nat Holman179
  Moving Without the Ball / John Wooden180
  Station Drills / Don Lane182
Ch. 8Rebounding185
  Chin-It / Jerry Krause, Jim Conn185
  Anatomy of a Rebound / George Raveling186
  Offensive Rebounding / Bailey Howell189
  Defensive Rebounding / Jim Brandenburg190
  Teaching Rebounding / Albert E. Brown193
  The Rebound Game / Bill Leatherman196
Ch. 9Ballhandling199
  Passing - Catching / Branch McCracken199
  The Little Things / Robert J. Nichols200
  The Passing Game / Ralph Miller201
  Teaching Pressure Passing / Vinnie Mili203
  Ballhandling / C. M. Newton205
  Off-Season Ballhandling / John Beecroft207
Ch. 10Shooting Field Goals211
  Shooting / Sonny Smith211
  Shooting Simple / Mike Dunlap213
  Mental Imagery in Shooting / Paul Westhead216
  Shooting Drills / Don Frank218
  "55-Second" Offensive Drill / John Kimble222
  Score on the Throw / Jerry Krause, Dan Hays225
  Free Throw Accuracy / LaDell Anderson228
  Pressure Free Throws / Jerry Krause230
Ch. 11Individual Offensive Moves231
  Playing in the Paint / Dave Vander Meulen231
  Post Play / John Thompson233
  Big Man Drills / Joe B. Hall234
  Moves with the Ball / Hal Wissel235
  Playing the Point Guard Position / Don Eddy239
  Perimeter Player Workout / Homer Drew243
  The Triple Jump Stop / Gene Mehaffey244
Ch. 12General Offense Systems247
  Offensive Basketball at North Carolina / Dean Smith247
  DePaul's Offensive System / Ray Meyer253
  The Missouri Offense / Norm Stewart254
  Offensive Philosophy / Bobby Cremins256
Ch. 13Transition Offense/Fast Break261
  Fast-Break Organization / Howard Hobson261
  Why Fast-Break? / Bob Cousy265
  Fast Break: The Running Game / Rollie Massimino267
  Fast-Break Fundamentals / Arnold "Red" Auerbach271
  The Fast Break / Jerry Welsh273
Ch. 14Press Offense277
  Attacking Pressure Defenses / Lou Carnesecca277
  Offenses Against a Full-Court Zone Press / Frank McGuire280
  The 2-3: An Antidote for Pressure Defenses / Marv Harshman282
  How to Break a Zone Press / Edward S. Steitz286
Ch. 15Man-to-Man Offense291
  Wheel Offense / Garland Pinholster291
  High Post Offense / John Wooden297
  The Screening Game / Bob Knight301
  The Gold Medal Offense / Henry "Hank" Iba304
  The Balanced High Post Offense / Jim Harrick308
  The Original Shuffle / Bruce Drake320
  The Wyoming Weave Offense / Everett Shelton325
Ch. 16Zone Offense329
  Zone Attack / Jud Heathcote329
  Zone Offense / Lute Olson333
  Attack Zones with the Slash Offense / Jim Brandenburg335
  How to Attack Zones / Jack Hartman338
  Approaches to Playing Against Zones / Bob Knight341
Ch. 17Special Situations351
  Control Game and Special Situations / Morgan Wootten351
  Weakside Series / Fred Taylor355
  Special Situations / Hubie Brown356
  Triple Threat - Shoot the Three / Chip Parsley359
  Special Scoring Plays / Ray Harper361
  Special Teams for Championship Teams / Tom Izzo369
Ch. 18General Defense/Defensive Systems373
  Watchdog of the Basket / Forrest C. "Phog" Allen373
  The Seven Cardinal Rules of Defense / Adolph Rupp376
  Defensive Principles / Larry Brown378
  The Purpose of Defense / Jack Ramsay381
  Cincinnati's Pressure Defense Philosophy / Ed Jucker382
  Kentucky's Basketball System / Orlando "Tubby" Smith385
Ch. 19Transition Defense/Presses387
  Conversion/Transition / Bob Knight387
  Defensive Transition Drills / Bill Foster388
  Pressure Defense / Ralph Miller390
  Pressing Principles / Jerry Tarkanian391
  Zone Presses / Denny Crum395
  Connecticut's 2-2-1 Pressure Defense / Jim Calhoun400
  Principles for Double-Teaming / Herb Brown405
Ch. 20Man-to-Man Defense407
  The San Francisco Defense / Phil Woolpert407
  UTEP's Man-to-Man Defense / Don Haskins411
  Bison Basketball Defense / Don Meyer413
  Man-to-Man Pressure Defense / Bud Presley415
  Defensive Philosophy: Team and Individual Concepts / Steve Fisher419
  Attack Basketball / Nolan Richardson424
  Defensive Drills and Concepts / Steve Alford425
Ch. 21Zone Defense433
  In Defense of a Zone / Alvin C. Saake433
  A History Lesson on the Zone Defense / Kenneth Loeffler434
  Flexing the Zone Defense / Bill Foster435
  Kentucky's 1-3-1 Zone Trap / Joe B. Hall439
  Zone Defense / Marv Harshman441
  3-2 Defense Zone Slides / Don Casey443
  Freak Defense / Dale Brown444
  The Triangle and Two / Bill Jones446
  Combination Match-Up Defense / Clarence "Big House" Gaines447
  Match-Up Zone / Bill Green449
  Match-Up Press / Rick Pitino451
Ch. 22Special Situation Defense459
  Equalizing the Star / Joe O'Brien459
  Defending the Star / Bob Knight461
  Out-of-Bounds Defense / Kevin Sivils463
 Champion NCAA Coaches480