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Title This side of doctoring : reflections from women in medicine / Eliza Lo Chin, editor.
Imprint Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.

Subject Women physicians.
Women physicians -- Anecdotes.
Alt Name Chin, Eliza Lo.
Description xxx, 396 pages ; 21 cm
Note "First issued as an Oxford University Press paperback, 2003"--T.p. verso.
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 0195158474 (pbk. : alk. paper)
OCLC # 49681530
Table of Contents
 Foreword / Janet Bickel 
 Introduction / Eliza Lo Chin 
1Historical Perspective / Eliza Lo Chin1
2Early Pioneers11
 Glances and Glimpses / Harriet Hunt11
 Letters from Elizabeth Blackwell / Elizabeth Blackwell12
 In the Words of Mary Putnam Jacobi / Mary Putnam Jacobi13
 The Fortress / Elizabeth Garrett Anderson14
 Some of My Life Experiences / Bethenia A. Owens-Adair14
 From More Than Gold in California / Mary Bennett Ritter16
 From Mine Eyes Have Seen / Alfreda Withington17
 Petticoat Surgeon / Bertha Van Hoosen17
 From A Child Went Forth / Helen MacKnight Doyle18
 Fighting for Life / S. Josephine Baker20
 From Bowery to Bellevue / Emily Dunning Barringer21
 A Woven Fabric / Mary Canaga Rowland23
 Woman at the Gate / Gulli Lindh Muller25
 A Woman Doctor Looks at Love and Life / Marion Hilliard26
 The Antique Roadshow of a 90-Year-Old / Juliana Swiney27
 Sound Investments / Gertrude Russack Sobel29
 The First Women at H.M.S. / Doris Rubin Bennett29
 I Will Not Pass Away / Mildred Fay Jefferson33
 The Beginnings of Women's Health Advocacy / Lila A. Wallis34
 From Chivalry and Off-Color Jokes to Acceptance and Respect / Marianne Wolff32
 Medicine and Motherhood / Marilyn Heins36
 Medical Internship / Grace Foege Holmes40
3The Formative Years45
 A Youthful Encounter / Ann Klompus Lanzerotti45
 From Kitchen Table Wisdom / Rachel Naomi Remen48
 Anatomy Lesson / Rebecca Tennant51
 Cold Hands / Jennifer Hyde54
 Here Is What I Learned / Alison Moll56
 Jane / Ambur L. Economou56
 Circumstance / Renda Soylemez62
 From the Deccan Plateau / Teena Shetty63
 Song of the Dying Ova / Sayantani DasGupta64
 How I'll Become a Good Physician / Amy L. Dryer67
 A Gift / Michelle Monje68
 Thirtysomething Meets ER / Lori Gottlieb70
 Freckles / Jennifer Best72
 Summers With My Aunt / Renda Soylemez74
 The Discovery Clinic / Melanie M. Watkins76
4Life in the Trenches: Internship and Residency79
 Unknown Alpha / Lori E. Summers79
 Birthday / Melissa Fischer83
 How I Survived Residency / Nassim Assefi85
 Necessary Journeys / Nancy L. Snyderman86
 Post-Call / Sheri Ann Hunt89
 We're Not in Kansas Anymore: Men as Medical Mentors / Sayantani DasGupta90
 Whine List / Perri Klass94
 The Only Night I Cried / Sondra Vazirani96
 A Long Road / Elsa Raskin97
 A Time for Change: Innovative Pathways for Residency Training / Elizabeth A. Rider100
 Lamentation of the Female Academician / Melissa A. Parisi102
 But I Do Care / Joan Stroud106
5On Doctoring109
 In Between Before and After / Katherine Uraneck109
 Heartsick / Julia A. McMurray112
 My Patient, the Doctor, and Me / Gayatri Devi115
 Heart Doctor / Stephanie Nagy-Agren118
 Common Ground / Danielle Ofri119
 Dawn / Kathleen Franco126
 Life Force / Rachel Naomi Remen127
 A Doctor Alone With Her Decision / Linda Hawes Clever128
 Through the Eyes of a Physician / Preetha Basaviah130
 Why You Came to Me / Anju Goel132
 Generations / Emily R. Transue134
 Finding Beauty in Annie / Teresa Clabots142
 A Visit to the Doctor / Deborah Young Bradshaw144
 Job Description / Katherine Uraneck147
6Mothering and Doctoring151
 Mutual Benefits / Rebekah Wang-Cheng151
 Doctor's Daughter / Julia E. McMurray152
 Conversation Hearts / Janice E. Daugherty157
 Monday Morning / Audrey Shafer158
 "Mommydoc" / Daphne Miller159
 A Mother's Prayer / Sondra S. Crosby164
 On Being a Medical Mom / Cynthia Gail Leichman170
 Tsunami Baby / Kathleen Dong171
 A Patient's Wife / Ruth Cohen174
 The Transition Game / Bonnie Salomon175
 Interview for Clinician-Educator Position / Stephanie Nagy-Agren176
 Spiderlings / Dugan Wiess Maddux177
 Teeter-Totter / Marcia Quereau McCrae180
 Breast-Feeding: Straddling the Fence Between Work and Home / Rebecca J. Kurth181
 A Reminiscence / Patricia Collins Temple183
 The Second Road / Eliza Lo Chin184
 Patients as Patron Saints / Alison Moll185
 Mother's Day / Nalini Juthani188
 "To Love and to Work" / Nancy B. Kaltreider189
 Balance / Cynthia J. Kapphahn189
 Numbing Down / Rebecca Tennant192
 Maternity and Medicine / Anne E. Bernstein196
 Parenting Without Pregnancy / Toby Jacobowitz196
 Body Snatcher / Liza Sharpless Bonanno198
 Redefining Motherhood / Karen P. Alexander200
 Taking Children Seriously / Jessica Schorr Saxe202
7Making Choices205
 Finding the Balance Point Between Overdrive and the Mommy Track / Mary Lou Schmidt205
 Between Lawn Cuts / Anne Armstrong-Coben207
 Not Having Children / Rita Charon210
 Missed Opportunities / Barbara Cammer Paris214
 Taking Stock / Kathy Kirkland214
 Life Choices / Kathleen Dong215
 Composing a Life in Medicine / Joyce Rico215
 On Packing for the Information Superhighway / Cynthia Rasch217
 Thoughts on Time Management / Veronica Piziak219
 Glass Ceiling / Bhuvana Chandra222
 Why Don't You Quit? / Nancy B. Kaltreider223
 Woman in Orthopedic Surgery Stories / Mary Williams Clark223
 Life in the Boys' Club / Roberta E. Sonnino226
 Professionalism / Rosa E. Cuenca229
 The Feminization of American Medicine / Kathryn Ko230
 An Interview Tale / Priya Krishna230
 Not Easy to Please Woman's Medical Journal231
 On Reaching Visible / Susan K. Schultz232
 Triple Jeopardy / Livia Shang-yu Wan232
 A Minority Perspective / Beverly M. Gaines234
 My Path Through Medical School / Barbara K. Pawley236
 The Life of Women in Medicine / Barbara R. Sommer237
 Leave / Grace H. Elta238
 Emotional Conflicts of the Career Woman / Alexandra Symonds239
 Kath's Graduation / Kathryn A. Carolin242
 An American Experience / Dorina Rose Abdulah242
 A Warm Gesture / Name Withheld243
 A Lesbian Voice: What Does It Mean to Be a "Dyke Doctor"? / Patricia A. Robertson246
 The Doctor in the Family / Marie F. Johnson251
 Tobacco, Tulips, and Terminal Care / Maryella Desak Sirmon255
 The Friendship of Women / Marjorie Spurrier Sirridge260
 A Doctor in the Family / Bhuvana Chandra262
 The Two-Casserole Test / Linda Hawes Clever264
 The Cafeteria / Lou Elizabeth Mac Manus267
 Memories of Our Mother / Diane F. Merritt268
 August 1994: Letter to My Student / Beth Alexander272
 Balancing, Juggling, and Other Feats / Donna L. Parker273
 Juggling the Personal and Professional Life / Marcia Angell274
 Workday Mornings - Three Weeks / Stephanie Nagy-Agren274
 Where Is the Self? / Gayle Shore Moyer275
 The Multitude of Little Things / Dorothy V. Whipple275
 Is It Worth It? / Nancy B. Kaltreider276
 Can It Be Done? / Mary Lou Schmidt276
 A Few Thoughts on Part-time Faculty: The Push for the Summit and the Long Climb Down / Charlotte Heidenreich281
 Centered in the Deep Connections / Lucy M. Candib283
 An Independent Scientist / Linda Ganzini286
 How to Do It All at Once / Teresa Clabots290
 Late Lunch / Mary Williams Clark292
 Balancing Family and Career: Advice From the Trenches / Molly Carnes294
 One Page at a Time / Audrey Shafer297
 To Rachel / Joan C. Lo299
 Pregnancy and the Professional Woman / Amy A. Tyson299
 The Changing Role of Physicians as Working Mothers / Marian Korteling Levai300
 Reflections on Balance / Jennifer R. Niebyl303
 Notes From a Personal Journey / Silvia Wybert Olarte304
11Our Families' Perspectives307
 Jelly Dr. W.307
 From Balm in Gilead: Journey of a Healer / Sara Lawrence Lightfoot308
 Our Medical Marriage / Richard M. Berlin309
 From Her Infinite Variety A Lawyer310
 What's a Mother For? / Blaise Levai312
 Life With Mother, the M.D. / Cynthia Magowan314
 What We Have Fashioned Together / Theodore Nadelson, Leon Eisenberg315
 I Remember as a Child / Mary Cogan Bromage316
 Renuka Gera / Lori Gera317
 The Feminization of Medicine / Perri Klass319
 Double Helix / Angelee Deodhar320
 Identity Crisis / Anne Lipton321
 A Personal Journey / Graciela S. Alarcon321
 My Experience as a Woman in Medicine / Florence H. Sheehan323
 Scopes, Hopes and Learning the Ropes / Christina M. Surawicz326
 Defining Ourselves / Carol Merchant329
 Looking Good / Martha Stitelman329
 What It's Been Like / Kathryn D. Anderson330
 Reminiscences of My Medical Career / Michelle Palmieri Warren330
 Enjoying the Moment / Catherine Chang333
 Navigating the Maze of Academic Medicine / JoAnn Elisabeth Manson335
 From Teacher to Psychiatrist With Family / Leah J. Dickstein336
 Generation to Generation: Mother-Daughter Physicians / Diane K. Shrier, Lydia A. Shrier337
 Afterword / Eliza Lo Chin343
 Resources for Women in Medicine355
 About the Editor357
 About the Contributors359