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    Format Year
Chamlee Wright Emily 1966    
      The Cultural Foundations Of Economic Development : Urban Female Entrepreneurship In Ghana   EBOOK 1997
      Culture And Enterprise : The Development, Representation And Morality Of Business OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2002
Chamley Christophe : Rational herds : economic models of social learning / Christophe P. Chamley.     
      Rational Herds : Economic Models Of Social Learning   EBOOK 2004
Chamlou Nadereh 1956 : Corporate governance : a framework for implementation.     
      Corporate Governance : A Framework For Implementation. OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2000
  Chammas Manar Ibrahim El -- See El-Chammas, Manar Ibrahim
Chammem Nadia : Polyphenols and the Mediterranean diet / Manel Issaoui, Amelia Martins Delgado, Candela Iommi, Nadia Chammem.     
      Polyphenols And The Mediterranean Diet OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2020
  Chammurapi King Of Babylonia -- See Hammurabi, King of Babylonia
Chamnarn Apiwathnasorn : Socio-ecological dimensions of infectious diseases in Southeast Asia / Serge Morand, Jean-Pierre Dujardin, Regine Lefait-Robin, Chamnarn Apiwathnasorn, editors.     
      Socio-Ecological Dimensions Of Infectious Diseases In Southeast Asia OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2015
Chamoin Ludovic : Verifying calculations-- forty years on : an overview of classical verification techniques for FEM simulations / Ludovic Chamoin, Pedro Diez, editors.     
      Verifying Calculations-- Forty Years On : An Overview Of Classical Verification Techniques For FEM Simulations OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2016
Chamoiseau Patrick    
Creole folktales -- See Chamoiseau Patrick Au temps de l'antan. English
      Migrant Brothers : A Poet's Declaration Of Human Dignity   EBOOK 2018
4 additional entries    
Chamon Goerbig Moessner : Topological aspects of condensed matter physics.     
      Topological Aspects Of Condensed Matter Physics. OHIOLINK OXFORD EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2016
Chamon Marcos    
      Are Capital Inflows Expansionary Or Contractionary? : Theory, Policy Implications, And Some Evidence OHIOLINK IMF EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2015
      Can Debt Crises Be Self-Fulfilling? OHIOLINK IMF EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2004
      Consumption Based Estimates Of Urban Chinese Growth OHIOLINK IMF EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2013
      Costs Of Sovereign Defaults: Restructuring Strategies, Bank Distress And The Capital Inflow-Credit Channel OHIOLINK IMF EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2019
13 additional entries    
Chamon Marcos D : Intervention Under Inflation Targeting--When Could It Make Sense? / David J Hofman.     
      Intervention Under Inflation Targeting--When Could It Make Sense? OHIOLINK IMF EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2020
Chamon Merijn : EU Agencies : Legal and Political Limits to the Transformation of the EU Administration / Merijn Chamon.     
      EU Agencies : Legal And Political Limits To The Transformation Of The EU Administration OHIOLINK OXFORD EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2016
Chamonikolasova Jana 1958 : Intonation in English and Czech Dialogues / Jana Chamonikolasová.     
      Intonation In English And Czech Dialogues   EBOOK 2018
Chamoreau Claudine    
      Diverse Scenarios Of Syntactic Complexity   EBOOK 2019
      Dynamics Of Contact-Induced Language Change   EBOOK 2012
      Finiteness And Nominalization   EBOOK 2016
      The Interplay Of Variation And Change In Contact Settings.   EBOOK 2013
Chamorel Berri : Commonsense horsemanship ; a distinct method of riding and schooling horses and of learning to ride / by Vladimir S. Littauer. With two chapters by Alexis Wrangel. Sketches by Berri Chamorel.     
      Commonsense Horsemanship ; A Distinct Method Of Riding And Schooling Horses And Of Learning To Ride OTTERBEIN MAIN COLLECTION:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1974
Chamornmarn Wai : Management and organizations in the Chinese context / edited by J.T. Li, Anne S. Tsui and Elizabeth Weldon.     
      Management And Organizations In The Chinese Context OTTERBEIN MAIN COLLECTION:AVAILABLE   BOOK 2000
Chamorro Harold R : Graph theory applications to deregulated power systems / Ricardo Moreno Chuquen, Harold R. Chamorro.     
      Graph Theory Applications To Deregulated Power Systems OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2021
Chamorro J M Jose M : Investment in energy assets under uncertainty : numerical methods in theory and practice / L.M. Abadie, J.M. Chamorro.     
      Investment In Energy Assets Under Uncertainty : Numerical Methods In Theory And Practice OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2013
  Chamorro Jose M -- See Chamorro, J. M. (José M.)
Chamorro Miranda Diana : El texto escolar y el aprendizaje : enredos y desenredos / Norma Barletta Manjarrés, Diana Chamorro Miranda, editoras.     
      El Texto Escolar Y El Aprendizaje : Enredos Y Desenredos   EBOOK 2015
Chamorro Pamela : Violeta se fue a los cielos / Minera Escondida operada por BHP Billiton presenta ; una produccion de Maiz Producciones, Bossa Nova Films, Wood Producciones ; con la colaboracion bgtv ; direccion, Andres Wood ; guion, Eliseo Altunaga, Rodrigo Bazaes, Guillermo Calderon, Andres Wood ; produccion ejecutiva, Patricio Pereira, Pablo Rovito, Fernando Sokolowicz, Denise Gomes, Paula Cosenza, Billy Garlick.     
  Chamorro Premuzic Thomas -- See Chamorro-Premuzic, Tomas
Chamorro Premuzic Tomas    
      New Ways To Gauge Talent And Potential : Digital Tools And Methods Can Make The Process Of Talent Assessment Easier And More Precise OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2018
      Personality 101   EBOOK 2012
      Personality And Intellectual Competence   EBOOK 2005
      The Psychology Of Personnel Selection   EBOOK 2010
      The Wiley Handbook Of Entrepreneurship OHIOLINK WILEY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2017
  Chamorro Violeta -- See Barrios de Chamorro, Violeta
Chamoso Pablo    
      Ambient Intelligence -- Software And Applications --,10th International Symposium On Ambient Intelligence OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2020
      Ambient Intelligence -- Software And Applications : 11th International Symposium On Ambient Intelligence OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2021
Chamot Anna Uhl    
      Learning Strategy Instruction In The Language Classroom : Issues And Implementation   EBOOK 2019
      A Review Of The Literature On The Acquisition Of English As A Second Language : The Potential For Research Applications ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1985
  Chamot E M Emile Monnin 1868 1950 -- See Chamot, Emile Monnin, 1868-1950
  Chamot Emile M Emile Monnin 1868 1950 -- See Chamot, Emile Monnin, 1868-1950
Chamot Emile Monnin 1868 1950 : Handbook of chemical microscopy / by Emile Monnin Chamot [and] Clyde Walter Mason.     
      Handbook Of Chemical Microscopy OTTERBEIN MAIN COLLECTION:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1958-
  Chamot M Mary 1899 1993 -- See Chamot, Mary, 1899-1993
Chamot Mary 1899 1993 : Picasso / by Jean Cassou; translated from the French by Mary Chamot.     
  Chamot Mary 1900 -- See Chamot, Mary, 1899-1993
Chamoun Elie    
      Effectiveness Of Internal Audit And Oversight At Central Banks. OHIOLINK IMF EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2018
      Effectiveness Of Internal Audit And Oversight At Central Banks : Safeguards Findings - Trends And Observations OHIOLINK IMF EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2018
Chamoux Jean Pierre : The Digital Era 2 / Chamoux, Jean-Pierre.     
Chamoux Jean Pierre 1940    
      The Digital Era. 1, Big Data Stakes OHIOLINK WILEY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2018
      The Digital Era. 2, Political Economy Revisited OHIOLINK WILEY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2019
Chamovitz Sheila    
      Flares Of Memory : Stories Of Childhood During The Holocaust   EBOOK 2001
      Murray Avenue : A Community In Transition : A Film OTTERBEIN MAIN COLLECTION:AVAILABLE   AUDIOVISUALS c1985
Chamow Steven Mark : Therapeutic Fc Fusion Proteins / edited by Steven M. Chamow [and others].     
      Therapeutic Fc Fusion Proteins OHIOLINK WILEY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2014
Champ Bruce : Modeling monetary economies / Bruce Champ and Scott Freeman.     
      Modeling Monetary Economies   EBOOK 2001
Champ Norm    
      Going Public : My Adventures Inside The SEC And How To Prevent The Next Devastating Crisis OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2017
      Mastering Money : How To Beat Debt, Build Wealth, And Be Prepared For Any Financial Crisis OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2020
Champ Patricia A    
      Insights From A Harvest Trip Model For Non-Timber Forest Products In The Interior Of Alaska ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 2013
      Living With Wildfire In Boulder County, Colorado, 2007 ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 2011
      Living With Wildfire In Larimer County, Colorado, 2007 ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 2011
      Mitigation Of Wildfire Risk By Homeowners ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 2005
3 additional entries    
Champ Science Meeting 3rd 2003 Potsdam Germany : Earth observation with CHAMP : results from three years in orbit / Christoph Reigber [and others] (editors).     
      Earth Observation With CHAMP : Results From Three Years In Orbit OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2005
  Champa Kermit S Kermit Swiler -- See Champa, Kermit Swiler
Champa Kermit Swiler : Studies in early impressionism / Kermit Swiler Champa.     
      Studies In Early Impressionism OTTERBEIN MAIN COLLECTION:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1973
Champac Victor : Timing performance of nanometer digital circuits under process variations / Victor Champac, Jose Garcia Gervacio.     
      Timing Performance Of Nanometer Digital Circuits Under Process Variations OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2018
Champagnat Jean : Post-genomic perspectives in modeling and control of breathing / edited by Jean Champagnat [and others].     
      Post-Genomic Perspectives In Modeling And Control Of Breathing OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2004
Champagne Anthony : The Austin-Boston connection : five decades of House Democratic leadership, 1937-1989 / Anthony Champagne [and others].     
      The Austin-Boston Connection : Five Decades Of House Democratic Leadership, 1937-1989   EBOOK 2009
  Champagne Anthony Martin -- See Champagne, Anthony
Champagne Audrey B : Curriculum trends, special education, and reform : refocusing the conversation / edited by Marleen C. Pugach and Cynthia L. Warger ; foreword by Michael Fullan.     
      Curriculum Trends, Special Education, And Reform : Refocusing The Conversation OTTERBEIN MAIN COLLECTION:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1996
Champagne Benoit : Theoretical chemistry in Belgium : a topical collection from theoretical chemistry accounts / Benoit Champagne, Michael S. Deleuze, Frank De Proft, Tom Leyssens, volume editors ; with contributions from Jean-Marie Andre ... [and more].     
      Theoretical Chemistry In Belgium : A Topical Collection From Theoretical Chemistry Accounts OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2014
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