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LEADER 00000cam  2200433 i 4500 
001    31166459 
003    OCoLC 
005    19990115145138.0 
008    940901s1994    dcua     b    101 0 eng   
010    94036598 
020    0841230366 (alk. paper) 
040    DLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dAGL|dOTC 
049    OTCC 
050 00 QD196|b.I53 1994 
070 0  QD1.A45|bno.572 
072  0 X500 
082 00 546|220 
245 00 Inorganic and organometallic polymers II :|badvanced 
       materials and intermediates : developed from a symposium 
       sponsored by the Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc., at 
       the 205th National Meeting of the American Chemical 
       Society, Denver, Colorado, March 28-April 2, 1993 /|cPatty
       Wisian-Neilson, editor, Harry R. Allcock, editor, Kenneth 
       J. Wynne, editor. 
264  1 Washington, DC :|bACS,|c1994. 
300    xiii, 536 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  ACS symposium series,|x0097-6156 ;|v572 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes. 
650  0 Inorganic polymers|0
650  0 Organometallic polymers|0
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2lcgft|0http:// 
700 1  Wisian-Neilson, Patty,|d1949-|0
700 1  Allcock, H. R.,|d1932-|0
700 1  Wynne, Kenneth J.,|d1940-|0
710 2  American Chemical Society.|bDivision of Polymer Chemistry.
710 2  American Chemical Society.|bMeeting|0
       authorities/names/n82068252|n(205th :|d1993 :|cDenver, 
740 0  Inorganic and organometallic polymers 2. 
830  0 ACS symposium series ;|0
970 01 |tPreface 
970 21 |l1|tRecent Advances in Inorganic and Organometallic 
       Polymers: An Overview|cPatty Wisian-Neilson|fWisian-
       Neilson, Patty, 1949-|p1 
970 21 |l2|tAnionic Polymerization of Masked Disilenes to 
       Polysilanes: Mechanism and Applications|cH. Sakurai
       |fSakurai, Hideki, 1931-|cK. Sakamoto|fSakamoto, K.|cY. 
       Funada|fFunada, Y.|cM. Yoshida|fYoshida, M.|p8 
970 21 |l3|tElectrochemical Access in Di-, Tri-, and Polysilanes
       |cM. Bordeau|fBordeau, M.|cC. Biran|fBiran, C.|cM.-P. 
       Leger-Lambert|fLeger-Lambert, M. -P.|cF. Spirau|fSpirau, 
       F.|cD. Deffieux|fDeffieux, D.|p18 
970 21 |l4|tStereostructure of Polysilanes by Ring-Opening 
       Polymerization|cEric Fossum|fFossum, Eric R.|cJerzy 
       Chrusciel|fChrusciel, Jerzy|cKrzysztof Matyjaszewski
       |fMatyjaszewski, K. (Krzysztof)|p32 
970 21 |l5|tPolysilazane Thermosets as Precursors for Silicon 
       Carbide and Silicon Nitride|cJ. M. Schwark|fSchwark, 
       Joanne M.|cA. Lukacs III|fLukacs, A.|p43 
970 21 |l6|tSubstituent Effects on UV Absorption of [sigma]-
       Conjugated Polysilanes|cYu-Ling Hsiao|fHsiao, Yu-Ling
       |cJohn P. Banovetz|fBanovetz, John P.|cRobert M. Waymouth
       |fWaymouth, Robert M.|p55 
970 21 |l7|tPoly(dimethysiloxane)-Urea-Urethane Copolymers: 
       Synthesis and Surface Properties|cKenneth J. Wynne|fWynne,
       Kenneth J., 1940-|cTai Ho|fTai, Ho|cRobin A. Nissan
       |fNissan, Robin A.|cXin Chen|fXin, Chen|cJoseph A. 
       Gardella, Jr.|fGardella, Joseph A.|p64 
970 21 |l8|tSilicon-Containing Resist Materials Based on Chemical
       Amplification|cJ. C. van de Grampel|fvan de Grampel, J. C.
       |cR. Puyenbroek|fPuyenbroek, R.|cB. A. C. Rousseeuw
       |fRousseeuw, B. A. C.|cE. W. J. M. van der Drift|fvan der 
       Drift, E. W. J. M.|p81 
970 21 |l9|tSome Silicon Polymers of C[subscript 60] 
       (Buckminsterfullerene)|cRobert West|fWest, Robert|cKunio 
       Oka|fOka, Kunio|cHideaki Takahashi|fTakahashi, Hideaki
       |cMichael Miller|fMiller, Michael|cTakahiro Gunji|fGunji, 
970 21 |l10|tStructure - Property Relationships in Sol - Gel-
       Derived Thin Films|cC. J. Brinker|fBrinker, C. Jeffrey.
       |cN. K. Raman|fRaman, N. K.|cM. N. Logan|fLogan, Monica N.
       |cR. Sehgal|fSehgal, R.|cR. A. Assink|fAssink, Roger A.
       |cD.-W. Hua|fHua, Duen-Wu.|cT. L. Ward|fWard, T. L.|p104 
970 21 |l11|tPlasma Oxidation of Hydrocarbon Templates in Bridged
       Polysilsesquioxanes: Porous Materials by Design|cDouglas 
       A. Loy|fLoy, Douglas A.|cKenneth J. Shea|fShea, Kenneth J.
       |cRichard J. Buss|fBuss, Richard J.|cRoger A. Assink
       |fAssink, Roger A.|p122 
970 21 |l12|tSol-Gel Synthesis of Heterometallic Oxopolymers|cF. 
       Babonneau|fBabonneau, F.|cS. Dire|fDire, S.|cL. Bonhomme-
       Coury|fBonhomme-Coury, L.|cJ. Livage|fLivage, Jacques.
970 21 |l13|tReaction of Boehmite with Carboxylic Acids: New 
       Synthetic Route to Alumoxanes|cChristopher C. Landry
       |fLandry, Christopher C.|cNina Pappe|fPappe, Nina|cMark R.
       Mason|fMason, Mark R.|cAllen W. Apblett|fApblett, Allen W.
       |cAndrew R. Barron|fBarron, Andrew R.|p149 
970 21 |l14|tAlucone Polymers and Their Pyrolytic Product 
       Aluminum Oxides|cWilliam S. Rees, Jr.|fRees, William S.
       |cWerner Hesse|fHesse, Werner|p165 
970 21 |l15|tSol-Gel-Based Inorganic-Organic Composite Materials
       |cH. Schmidt|fSchmidt, H.|cH. Krug|fKrug, H.|p183 
970 21 |l16|tSynthesis of Nanocomposite Materials via Inorganic 
       Polymer Gels|cKenneth E. Gonsalves|fGonsalves, Kenneth E.
       |cTongsan D. Xiao|fXiao, Tongsan D.|cGan-Moog Chow|fChow, 
       Gan-Moog, 1957-|p195 
970 21 |l17|tMacromolecular and Materials Design Using 
       Polyphosphazenes|cHarry R. Allcock|fAllcock, H. R.|p208 
970 21 |l18|tSynthesis of Poly(alkyl/arylphosphazenes) and Their 
       Precursors|cRobert H. Neilson|fNeilson, Robert H.|cDavid 
       L. Jinkerson|fJinkerson, David L.|cWilliam R. Kucera
       |fKucera, William R.|cJon J. Longlet|fLonglet, Jon J.
       |cRemy C. Samuel|fSamuel, Remy C.|cChristopher E. Wood
       |fWood, Christopher E.|p232 
970 21 |l19|tDerivatives of Poly(alkyl/arylphosphazenes)|cPatty 
       Wisian-Neilson|fWisian-Neilson, Patty, 1949-|p246 
970 21 |l20|tPolyphosphazene Molecular Composites: In Situ 
       Polymerizations of Silicon, Titanium, Zirconium, and 
       Aluminum Alkoxides|cW. T. Ferrar|fFerrar, W. T.|cB. K. 
       Coltrain|fColtrain, Bradley K.|cC. J. T. Landry|fLandry, 
       C. J. T.|cV. K. Long|fLong, V. K.|cT. R. Molaire|fMolaire,
       T. R.|cD. E. Schildkraut|fSchildkraut, D. E.|p258 
970 21 |l21|tOxygen Gas Permeability and the Mechanical 
       Properties of Poly(n-butylamino)(di-n-
       hexylamino)phosphazene Membranes|cM. Kajiwara|fKajiwara, 
       M.|cT. Kimura|fKimura, T.|p268 
970 21 |l22|tGrafting Reactions onto Poly(organophosphazenes)
       |cMario Gleria|fGleria, Mario|cFrancesco Minto|fMinto, 
       Francesco|cPietro Bortolus|fBortolus, Pietro|cGiacomo 
       Facchin|fFacchin, Giacomo|cRoberta Bertani|fBertani, 
970 21 |l23|tPoly[bis(p-chlorophenoxy)phosphazene]-Polystyrene 
       Blends: Preparation, Compatibility, and Properties|cY. W. 
       Chen-Yang|fChen-Yang, Y. W.|cH. F. Lee|fLee, H. F.|cT. T. 
       Wu|fWu, T. T.|p295 
970 21 |l24|tPolyphosphazene Random and Block Copolymers with 
       Alkoxyalkoxy and Trifluoroethoxy Side Groups|cMichael L. 
       White|fWhite, Michael L.|cKrzysztof Matyjaszewski
       |fMatyjaszewski, K. (Krzysztof)|p311 
970 21 |l25|tPhotophysics and Photochemistry of 
       Poly(methylphenylphosphazene) and 
       Poly(methylphenylphosphazene)-graft-polystyrene Copolymers
       |cC. E. Hoyle|fHoyle, C. E.|cD. Creed|fCreed, David.|cP. 
       Subramanian|fSubramanian, P.|cI. B. Rufus|fRufus, I. B.
       |cP. Chatterton|fChatterton, P.|cM. Bahadur|fBahadur, M.
       |cP. Wisian-Neilson|fWisian-Neilson, P.|p324 
970 21 |l26|tPoly(alkyl/aryloxothiazenes), [N = S(O)R][subscript 
       n]: New Direction in Inorganic Polymers|cAroop K. Roy|fRoy,
       Aroop K.|cGary T. Burns|fBurns, Gary T.|cStelian Grigoras
       |fGrigoras, Stelian|cGeorge C. Lie|fLie, George C.|p344 
970 21 |l27|tRecent Developments in Borazine-Based Polymers|cR. 
       T. Paine|fPaine, Robert T.|cLarry G. Sneddon|fSneddon, 
       Larry G.|p358 
970 21 |l28|tSynthesis and Preceramic Applications of 
       Poly(aminoborazinyls)|cYoshiharu Kimura|fKimura, Yoshiharu
       |cYoshiteru Kubo|fKubo, Yoshiteru|p375 
970 21 |l29|tCopolymerization Reactions of Inorganic Rings 
       Containing Olefinic Substituents: Quantitative Reactivity 
       Studies|cC. W. Allen|fAllen, C. W. (Clabon Walter)|cD. E. 
       Brown|fBrown, D. E.|cR. F. Hayes|fHayes, R. F.|cR. Tooze
       |fTooze, R.|cG. L. Poyser|fPoyser, G. L.|p389 
970 21 |l30|tSynthesis of Organoboron Polymers by Hydroboration 
       Polymerization|cYoshiki Chujo|fChujo, Yoshiki|p398 
970 21 |l31|tPoly(carborane-siloxane-acetylene) as Precursor to 
       High-Temperature Thermoset and Ceramic|cLeslie J. 
       Henderson, Jr.|fHenderson, Leslie J.|cTeddy M. Keller
       |fKeller, Teddy M.|p416 
970 21 |l32|tOrganoaluminum Precursor Polymers for Aluminum 
       Nitride Ceramics|cJames A. Jensen|fJensen, James A.|p427 
970 21 |l33|tRing-Opening Polymerization of Strained, Ring-Tilted
       Metallocenophanes: New Route to Polymers Based on 
       Transition Metals|cDaniel A. Foucher|fFoucher, Daniel A.
       |cRalf Ziembinski|fZiembinski, Ralf|cRudy Rulkens|fRulkens,
       Rudy|cJames Nelson|fNelson, James|cIan Manners|fManners, 
970 21 |l34|tNew Organometallic Polymeric Materials: Search for 
       [actual symbol not reproducible] Nonlinear Optical 
       Organometallic Polymers|cMichael E. Wright|fWright, 
       Michael E.|cBrooks B. Cochran|fCochran, Brooks B.|cEdward 
       G. Toplikar|fToplikar, Edward G.|cHilary S. Lackritz
       |fLackritz, Hilary S.|cJohn T. Kerney|fKerney, John T.
970 21 |l35|tTransition Metallophthalocyanines as Structures for 
       Materials Design|cMichael Hanack|fHanack, Michael|p472 
970 21 |l36|tNew Class of Photochemically Reactive Polymers 
       Containing Metal-Metal Bonds Along the Polymer Backbone: 
       Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity|cDavid R. 
       Tyler|fTyler, David R.|cJeffrey J. Wolcott|fWolcott, 
       Jeffrey J.|cGregory F. Nieckarz|fNieckarz, Gregory F.
       |cSteve C. Tenhaeff|fTenhaeff, Steve C.|p481 
970 21 |l37|tStructural and Spectroscopic Studies of [beta]-
       Hematin (the Heme Coordination Polymer in Malaria Pigment)
       |cD. Scott Bohle|fBohle, D. Scott|cBrenda J. Conklin
       |fConklin, Brenda J.|cDavid Cox|fCox, David.|cSara K. 
       Madsen|fMadsen, Sara K.|cScott Paulson|fPaulson, Scott
       |cPeter W. Stephens|fStephens, Peter W.|cGordon T. Yee
       |fYee, Gordon T.|p497 
970 01 |tAuthor Index|p519 
970 01 |tAffiliation Index|p520 
970 01 |tSubject Index|p521 
971    |d19980821