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111 2  Geostatistics for Environmental Applications Workshop
       |0|n(5th :
       |d2004 :|cNeuchatel, Switzerland) 
245 10 Geostatistics for environmental applications :
       |bproceedings of the Fifth European Conference on 
       Geostatistics for Environmental Applications /|cPhilippe 
       Renard, Helene Demougeot-Renard, Roland Froidevaux 
264  1 Berlin :|bSpringer,|c2005. 
300    1 online resource (xiv, 480 pages) :|billustrations 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Change of support / C.A. Gotway Crawford and L.J. Young --
       Combining categorical and continuous information using 
       Bayesian maximum entropy / P. Bogaert and M-A. Wibrin -- 
       Geostatistical prediction of spatial extremes and their 
       extent / N. Cressie, J. Zhang and P.F. Craigmile -- 
       Monitoring network optimisation using support vector 
       machines / A. Pozdnoukhov and M. Kanevski -- Bayesian 
       kriging with lognormal data and uncertain covariance 
       parameters / J. Pilz, P. Pluch and G. Spock -- Kriging of 
       scale-invariant data : optimal parameterization of the 
       autocovariance model / R. Sidler and K. Holliger -- 
       Scaling effects on finite-domain fractional brownian 
       motion S. Cintoli, S.P. Neuman and V. Di Federico -- The 
       delineation of fishing times and locations for the Shark 
       Bay scallop fishery / U. Mueller [and others] -- A spatial
       extension of CART : application to classification of 
       ecological data / L. Bel [and others] -- Using a Markov-
       type model to combine trawl and acoustic data in fish 
       surveys / M. Bouleau and N. Bez -- Mapping unobserved 
       factors on vine plant mortality / N. Desassis [and others]
       -- Analysis and modelling of spatially and temporally 
       varying phenological phases / D. Doktor [and others] -- 
       Detection of spatial clusters and outliers in cancer rates
       using geostatistical filters and spatial neutral models / 
       P. Goovaerts -- Geostatistical assessment of long term 
       human exposure to air pollution / N. Jeannee [and others] 
       -- Air quality models resulting from multi-source 
       emissions / A. Russo, C. Nunes and A. Bio -- Variogram 
       estimation with noisy data in the space-time domain : 
       application to air quality modelling / C Nunes and A. 
       Soares -- Multiple-point geostatistics: a powerful tool to
       improve groundwater flow and transport predictions in 
       multi-modal formations / L. Feyen and J. Caers -- 
       Simulation ofradionuclide mass fluxes in a heterogeneous 
       clay formation locally disturbed by excavation / M. 
       Huysmans, A. Berckmans and A. Dassargues -- Modelling 
       density-dependent flow using hydraulic conductivity 
       distributions obtained by means of non-stationary 
       indicator simulation / K-J. Rohlig, H. Fischer and B. Plt 
       -- Random field approach to seawater intrusion in 
       heterogeneous coastal aquifers : unconditional simulations
       and statistical analysis / A. Al-Bitar and R. Ababou -- 
       Uncertainty estimation of well catchments : semi-
       analytical post-processing / F. Stauffer and H.-J. 
       Hendricks Franssen -- Conditional moments of residence 
       time of sorbent solutes under radial flow / C. Castillo-
       Cerdi [and others] -- Impact of the choice of the 
       variogram model on flow and travel time predictors in 
       radial flows / M. Riva, M. De Simoni and M. Willmann -- 
       Strategies to determine dispersivities in heterogeneous 
       aquifers / D. Fernandez-Garcia and J. Jaime Gomez-
       Hernandez -- Solving the groundwater inverse problem by 
       successive flux estimation / P. Pasquier and D. Marcotte -
       - Inverse problem for highly heterogeneous porous media: 
       the factorial geostatistical analysis in differential 
       system method / B. Ortuani -- Inverse stochastic 
       estimation of well capture zones with application to the 
       Lauswiesen site (Tubingen, Germany) / H.-J. Hendricks 
       Franssen and F. Stauffer -- "Soft" geostatistical analysis
       of radioactive soil contamination / R. Parkin, E. 
       Savelieva and M. Serre -- Modelling the spatial 
       distribution of copper in the soils around a metal smelter
       in northwestern Switzerland / A. Papritz [and others] -- 
       Towards a real-time multi-phase sampling strategy 
       optimization / D. D'Or -- Spatio-temporal mapping of sea 
       floor sediment pollution in the North Sea / E.J. Pebesma 
       and R.N.M. Duin -- Merging Landsat TM and SPOT-P images 
       with geostatistical stochastic simulation / J. Carvalho, 
       J. Delgado-Garcia and H. Cateno -- Characterising spatial 
       variation in land cover imagery using geostatistical 
       functions and the discrete wavelet transform / C. Lloyd, 
       P. Atkinson and P. Aplin -- Distinguishing features from 
       outliers in automatic Kriging-based filtering of MBES data
       / P. Bottelier [and others] -- Forecasting volcanic 
       eruptions using geostatistical methods / O. Jaquet [and 
       others] -- Delineation of estuarine management units: 
       evaluation of an automatic procedure / F. Bacao [and 
       others] -- Estimating indicators of river quality by 
       geostatistics / C. Bernard-Michel and C. de Fouquet -- 
       Stochastic simulation of rainfall using a space-time 
       geostatistical algorithm / J.A. Almeida and M. Lopes -- 
       Inferring the lateral subsurface correlation structure 
       from georadar data / B. Dafflon, J. Tronicke and K. 
520    Once applied only to problems of mining-reserves 
       assessment or petroleum-reservoir characterization, 
       geostatistics is now being used in an increasingly large 
       number of disciplines in environmental sciences. On the 
       one hand, it enables the analysis and handling, in a 
       rigorous probabilistic framework of the issues of spatial 
       and temporal interpolation of continuous or categorical 
       environmental variables. On the other hand, the 
       methodology is also used to design and optimize sampling 
       campaigns. "Geostatistics for Environmental Applications" 
       contains forty selected contributions covering the latest 
       progress in a broad spectrum of fields including air 
       quality, climatology, ecology, groundwater hydrology, 
       surface hydrology, oceanography, soil contamination, 
       epidemiology and health, natural hazards, and remote 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Geology|xStatistical methods|0
650  0 Environmental sciences|xStatistical methods|vCongresses.
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast|0http:// 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2lcgft|0http:// 
700 1  Renard, Philippe,|d1967-|0
700 1  Demougeot-Renard, Hélène.|0
700 1  Froidevaux, Roland.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|aGeostatistics for Environmental 
       Applications Workshop (5th : 2004 : Neuchatel, 
       Switzerland).|tGeostatistics for environmental 
       applications.|dBerlin : Springer, 2005|z9783540265337
       |z3540265333|w(DLC)  2005927607|w(OCoLC)61488352 
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2005 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
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