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LEADER 00000cam  22004934i 4500 
001    54988943 
003    OCoLC 
005    20061115011147.0 
008    040413s2004    dcua     b    001 0 eng   
010    2004008585 
015    GBA459483|2bnb 
020    1555812996 (pbk.) 
020    9781555812997 (pbk.) 
040    DNLM/DLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dNLM|dUKM|dAGL|dIXA|dBAKER|dFIN 
042    pcc 
049    FINN 
050 00 RC113|b.I54 2004 
060 00 2005 B-680 
060 10 WC 195|bI438 2004 
070 0  RC113|b.I54 2004 
082 00 616.9/0471|222 
245 00 Infections of leisure /|cedited by David Schlossberg. 
250    Third edition. 
264  1 Washington, D.C. :|bASM Press,|c[2004] 
264  4 |c©2004 
300    xiii, 444 pages :|billustrations ;|c26 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tAt the shore /|rMark A. Clemence and Richard L. Guerrant
       --|tFreshwater : from lakes to hot tubs /|rBertha Ayi and 
       David Dworzack --|tThe camper's uninvited guests /
       |rRichard F. Jacobs and Gordon E. Schulze --|tInfections 
       in the garden /|rBurke A. Cunha and Diane H. Johnson --
       |tWith man's best friend /|rSophia Sherman-Weber, Todd 
       Levin, and Bennett Lorber --|tAround cats /|rEllie J. C. 
       Goldstein and Craig E. Greene --|tFeathered friends /
       |rMatthew E. Levison --|tLess common house pets /|rBruno 
       B. Chomel --|tWith man's worst friend (the rat) /|rJames 
       G. Fox --|tRabies : ancient malady, new twists /|rJohn W. 
       Krebs --|tExotic and trendy cuisine /|rJeffrey K. 
       Griffiths --|tTransmission of infectious diseases during 
       sporting activities /|rArezou Minooee and Leland S. 
       Rickman --|tTraveling abroad /|rMartin S. Wolfe --|tFrom 
       boudoir to bordello : sexually transmitted diseases and 
       travel /|rJonathan M. Zenilman --|tInfections from body 
       piercing and tattoos /|rMukesh Patel and C. Glenn Cobbs --
       |tInfectious diseases at high altitude /|rBuddha Basnyat, 
       Thomas A. Cumbo, and Robert Edelman. 
650  0 Communicable diseases|vPopular works.|0
650  0 Leisure|0
       |xHealth aspects|0
       sh00005598|vPopular works.|0
650  0 Zoonoses|0
       sh85150001|vPopular works.|0
650 12 Infections|xetiology.|0
650 22 Disease Vectors.|0 
650 22 Leisure Activities.|0 
650 22 Zoonoses.|0 
700 1  Schlossberg, David.|0
856 41 |3Table of contents|u
970 21 |l1|tAt the shore|cMark A. Clemence|fClemence, Mark A.
       |cRichard L. Guerrant|fGuerrant, Richard L.|p1 
970 21 |l2|tFreshwater : from lakes to hot tubs|cBertha Ayi|fAyi,
       Bertha|cDavid Dworzack|fDworzack, David|p81 
970 21 |l3|tThe camper's uninvited guests|cRichard F. Jacobs
       |fJacobs, Richard F.|cGordon E. Schutze|fSchutze, Gordon 
970 21 |l4|tInfections in the garden|cBurke A. Cunha|fCunha, 
       Burke A.|cDiane H. Johnson|fJohnson, Diane H.|p137 
970 21 |l5|tWith man's best friend|cSofia Sherman-Weber|fSherman-
       Weber, Sofia|cTodd Levin|fLevin, Todd|cBennett Lorber
       |fLorber, Bennett, 1943-|p153 
970 21 |l6|tAround cats|cEllie J. C. Goldstein|fGoldstein, Ellie 
       J. C.|cCraig E. Greene|fGreene, Craig E.|p179 
970 21 |l7|tFeathered friends|cMatthew E. Levinson|fLevinson, 
       Matthew E.|p199 
970 21 |l8|tLess common house pets|cBruno B. Chomel|fChomel, 
       Bruno B.|p217 
970 21 |l9|tMan's worst friend (the rat)|cJames G. Fox|fFox, 
       James G.|p245 
970 21 |l10|tRabies : ancient malady, new twists|cJohn W. Krebs
       |fKrebs, John W.|p277 
970 21 |l11|tExotic and trendy cuisine|cJeffrey K. Griffiths
       |fGriffiths, Jeffrey K.|p301 
970 21 |l12|tTransmission of infectious diseases during sporting 
       activities|cArezou Minooee|fMinooee, Arezou|cLeland S. 
       Rickman|fRickman, Leland S.|p329 
970 21 |l13|tTraveling abroad|cMartin S. Wolfe|fWolfe, Martin S.
970 21 |l14|tFrom boudoir to bordello : sexually transmitted 
       diseases and travel|cJonathan M. Zenilman|fZenilman, 
       Jonathan M.|p373 
970 21 |l15|tInfections from body piercing and tattoos|cMukesh 
       Patel|fPatel, Mukesh|cC. Glenn Cobbs|fCobbs, C. Glenn, 
970 21 |l16|tInfectious diseases at high altitude|cBuddha Basnyat
       |fBasnyat, Buddha.|cThomas A. Cumbo|fCumbo, Thomas A.
       |cRobert Edelman|fEdelman, Robert R.|p417 
971    |d20041213 

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