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LEADER 00000cam  22005174i 4500 
001    44683560 
003    OCoLC 
005    20040929143241.0 
008    000725s2001    dcua     b    111 0 eng   
010    00060599 
015    GBA1-38923 
020    1557987505 (casebound : alk. paper) 
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050 00 BF371|b.N375 2001 
060 00 2001 G-426 
060 10 BF 371|bN285 2001 
082 00 153.1/2|221 
092    153.12|bN21r 
245 04 The nature of remembering :|bessays in honor of Robert G. 
       Crowder /|cedited by Henry L. Roediger III ... [and 
250    First edition. 
264  1 Washington, DC :|bAmerican Psychological Association,
264  4 |c©2001 
300    xix, 396 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Decade of behavior 
500    Proceedings of a conference held June 11-12, 1999 at Yale 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes. 
505 0  Robert G. Crowder and his intellectual heritage / Henry L.
       Roediger III and Michael A. Stadler -- Origin of 
       autonoesis in episodic memory / Endel Tulving -- Proactive
       and retroactive effects in memory performance : 
       dissociating recollection and accessibility bias / Larry 
       L. Jacoby, Sandra Hessels, and Kara Bopp -- Effects of 
       dividing attention on encoding and retrieval processes / 
       Fergus I.M. Craik -- Is semantic activation automatic? A 
       critical re-evaluation / James H. Neely and Todd A. Kahan 
       -- Spreading activation and arousal of false memories / 
       Henry L. Roediger III, David A. Balota, and Jason M. 
       Watson -- Implicit attitudes can be measured / Mahzarin R.
       Banaji -- Analysis of the serial position curve / Bennet 
       Murdock -- Serial position effects in semantic memory : 
       reconstructing the order of U.S. presidents and vice 
       presidents / Alice F. Healy and James T. Parker -- The 
       modality effect and the gentle law of speech ascendancy : 
       protesting the tyranny of reified memory / Michael J. 
       Watkins -- Recency and recovery in human memory / Robert 
       A. Bjork -- Modality specificity in cognition : the case 
       of touch / Roberta L. Klatzky and Susan J. Lederman -- The
       irrelevant sound effect is not always the same as the 
       irrelevant speech effect / Ian Neath and Aimée M. 
       Surprenant -- Repetition effects in immediate memory in 
       the absence of repetition / Robert L. Greene -- A 
       functional analysis of primary memory / James S. Nairne --
       What is working memory capacity? / Randall W. Engle -- The
       ravages of absolute and relative amounts of time on memory
       / Nelson Cowan, Scott Saults, and Lara Nugent -- 
       Neuropsychology of verbal working memory : ins and outs of
       phonological and lexical-semantic retention / Randi C. 
       Martin and Monica L. Freedman -- What language needs from 
       memory (and vice versa) / Arthur M. Glenberg. 
650  0 Memory|vCongresses.|0
650 12 Memory.|0 
650 22 Attention.|0 
650 22 Cognition.|0 
655  2 Congress.|0 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2lcgft|0http:// 
655  7 Festschriften.|2lcgft|0
700 1  Crowder, Robert G.|0
700 1  Roediger, Henry L.,|cIII.|0
830  0 Decade of behavior.|0
912    .b13702610JOHNC 
970 01 |tContributors 
970 01 |tForeword 
970 01 |tPreface 
970 01 |tAcknowledgments 
970 11 |lCh. 1|tRobert G. Crowder and His Intellectual Heritage
       |cHenry L. Roediger III|fRoediger, Henry L.|cMichael A. 
       Stadler|fStadler, Michael A.|p3 
970 11 |lCh. 2|tOrigin of Autonoesis in Episodic Memory|cEndel 
       Tulving|fTulving, Endel.|p17 
970 11 |lCh. 3|tProactive and Retroactive Effects in Memory 
       Performance: Dissociating Recollection and Accessibility 
       Bias|cLarry L. Jacoby|fJacoby, Larry L.|cSandra Hessels
       |fHessels, Sandra|cKara Bopp|fBopp, Kara|p35 
970 11 |lCh. 4|tEffects of Dividing Attention on Encoding and 
       Retrieval Processes|cFergus I. M. Craik|fCraik, Fergus I. 
970 11 |lCh. 5|tIs Semantic Activation Automatic? A Critical Re-
       Evaluation|cJames H. Neely|fNeely, James H.|cTodd A. Kahan
       |fKahan, Todd A.|p69 
970 11 |lCh. 6|tSpreading Activation and Arousal of False 
       Memories|cHenry L. Roediger III|fRoediger, Henry L.|cDavid
       A. Balota|fBalota, David A.|cJason M. Watson|fWatson, 
       Jason M.|p95 
970 11 |lCh. 7|tImplicit Attitudes Can Be Measured|cMahzarin R. 
       Banaji|fBanaji, Mahzarin R.|p117 
970 11 |lCh. 8|tAnalysis of the Serial Position Curve|cBennet 
       Murdock|fMurdock, Bennet B.|p151 
970 11 |lCh. 9|tSerial Position Effects in Semantic Memory: 
       Reconstructing the Order of U.S. Presidents and Vice 
       Presidents|cAlice F. Healy|fHealy, Alice F.|cJames T. 
       Parker|fParker, James T.|p171 
970 11 |lCh. 10|tThe Modality Effect and the Gentle Law of Speech
       Ascendancy: Protesting the Tyranny of Reified Memory
       |cMichael J. Watkins|fWatkins, Michael J.|p189 
970 11 |lCh. 11|tRecency and Recovery in Human Memory|cRobert A. 
       Bjork|fBjork, Robert A.|p211 
970 11 |lCh. 12|tModality Specificity in Cognition: The Case of 
       Touch|cRoberta L. Klatzky|fKlatzky, Roberta L.|cSusan J. 
       Lederman|fLederman, Susan J.|p233 
970 11 |lCh. 13|tThe Irrelevant Sound Effect Is Not Always the 
       Same as the Irrelevant Speech Effect|cIan Neath|fNeath, 
       Ian, 1965-|cAimee M. Surprenant|fSurprenant, Aimee M.|p247
970 11 |lCh. 14|tRepetition Effects in Immediate Memory in the 
       Absence of Repetition|cRobert L. Greene|fGreene, Robert L.
970 11 |lCh. 15|tA Functional Analysis of Primary Memory|cJames 
       S. Nairne|fNairne, James S.|p283 
970 11 |lCh. 16|tWhat Is Working Memory Capacity?|cRandall W. 
       Engle|fEngle, Randall W.|p297 
970 11 |lCh. 17|tThe Ravages of Absolute and Relative Amounts of 
       Time on Memory|cNelson Cowan|fCowan, Nelson|cScott Saults
       |fSaults, Scott|cLara Nugent|fNugent, Lara|p315 
970 11 |lCh. 18|tNeuropsychology of Verbal Working Memory: Ins 
       and Outs of Phonological and Lexical-Semantic Retention
       |cRandi C. Martin|fMartin, Randi C.|cMonica L. Freedman
       |fFreedman, Monica L.|p331 
970 11 |lCh. 19|tWhat Language Needs From Memory (and Vice Versa)
       |cArthur M. Glenberg|fGlenberg, Arthur M.|p351 
970 11 |tVita of Robert G. Crowder|p369 
970 01 |tAuthor Index|p379 
970 01 |tSubject Index|p389 
970 01 |tAbout the Editors|p395 
971    |d20010416 

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