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100 1  Gates, Rachael.|0
245 14 The owner's manual to the voice :|ba guide for singers and
       other professional voice users /|cRachael Gates, Arick 
       Forrest, Kerrie Obert. 
264  1 New York :|bOxford University Press,|c2013. 
300    1 online resource (xx, 262 pages) :|billustrations 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 Machine generated contents note:|g1.|tIntroduction --|g2.
       |tYour Instrument at a Glance --|g2.1.|tWhere Is It? --
       |g2.2.|tBodymapping --|g2.3.|tBasic Mechanics --|g2.4.
       |tMany Functions of the Larynx --|g3.|tSinger as an 
       Athlete --|g3.1.|tBuff, With Abs of Steel --|g3.2.|tSleep 
       --|g3.3.|tNutrition --|g3.4.|tFoods to Avoid and Why --
       |g3.5.|tBody Movement --|g3.6.|tVocal Maintenance --|g3.7.
       |tVocalizing --|g3.8.|tMouth Breathing Versus Nose 
       Breathing --|g3.9.|tVocal Hazards --|g3.10.|tVocal Myths -
       -|g4.|tTroubleshooting --|g5.|tIndirect Culprits --|g5.1.
       |tAsthma --|g5.2.|tAllergies --|g5.3.|tDehydration --
       |g5.4.|tObesity --|g5.5.|tPremenstrual Syndrome --|g5.6.
       |tPregnancy --|g5.7.|tMenopause --|g5.8.|tOld Age --|g5.9.
       |tArthritis --|g5.10.|tReflux and Heartburn --|g5.11.
       |tObstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome --|g6.|tWhat Purpose 
       Does the ENT Clinic Serve and How Will It Serve You? --
       |g6.1.|tENT Clinic --|g6.2.|tVoice Specialists --|g6.3.
       |tWorking as a Team --|g7.|tVocalist's Guide to Finding 
       the Right ENT --|g7.1.|tWhy Go? --|g7.2.|tWhom to Ask --
       |g7.3.|tWhat to Ask --|g8.|tFirst Visit and Procedure --
       |g8.1.|tHow Long Will It Take? --|g8.2.|tWhat They Need to
       Know About You and Why --|g8.3.|tInstruments Used in the 
       Clinic --|g8.4.|tUnderstanding Hygiene in the Clinic --
       |g8.5.|tWhat They Will Do, Where They Will Probe, and Why 
       --|g9.|tPartnership in Performance --|g9.1.|tDiagnose With
       the Doctor-Don't be Left Out! --|g9.1.|tHow Voice 
       Specialists See Your Instrument --|g9.3.|tSemantics --
       |g9.4.|tSynonyms: A Rosetta Stone for Voice and Medical 
       Professionals --|g9.5.|tMisnomers --|g9.6.|tTerms to Avoid
       --|g10.|tCommon Pathologies and Disorders in Singers and 
       Possible Treatments --|g10.1.|tLaryngeal Edema and 
       Erythema --|g10.2.|tLaryngitis --|g10.3.|tVocal Fold 
       Hemorrhage --|g10.4.|tVocal Fold Varix --|g10.5.|tVocal 
       Fold Nodules --|g10.6.|tVocal Fold Cyst --|g10.7.|tVocal 
       Fold Polyp --|g10.8.|tPolypoid Corditis --|g10.9.|tVocal 
       Fold Bowing --|g10.10.|tSulcus Vergeture --|g10.11.
       |tLaryngeal Granuloma --|g10.12.|tLaryngeal Contact Ulcers
       --|g10.13.|tLaryngeal Web --|g10.14.|tLaryngeal Papilloma 
       --|g10.15.|tMuscle Tension Dysphonia --|g10.16.
       |tUnilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis and Paresis --|g10.17.
       |tArytenoid Dislocation --|g10.18.|tLaryngeal Sicca --
       |g10.19.|tEssential Vocal Tremor --|g11.|tVocally 
       Hazardous Drugs --|g11.1.|tAllergy and Cold Medications --
       |g11.2.|tAntibiotics --|g11.3.|tAnxiety Medications/
       Antidepressants/Mood Stabilizers --|g11.4.|tAsthma 
       Medications --|g11.5.|tBlood Pressure Medications 
       (Antihypertensives) --|g11.6.|tBlood Thinners --|g11.7.
       |tCough Suppressants (Antitussives) --|g11.8.
       |tDermatologic Drugs --|g11.9.|tDiarrhea Medications/
       Antispasmodics --|g11.10.|tGastrointestinal/Reflux 
       Medications --|g11.11.|tHormone Therapy --|g11.12.|tNausea
       /Motion Sickness/Antidizziness Medications --|g11.13.
       |tMucolytics --|g11.14.|tPain Relievers --|g11.15.|tSleep 
       Aids --|g11.16.|tSteroids --|g11.17.|tHerbal Medications -
       -|g11.18.|tVitamin Supplements --|g12.|tCautions to the 
       Singer Undergoing Surgery --|g12.1.|tAspects of the 
       Surgical Process that Concern Singers --|g12.2.
       |tPostoperation Concerns --|g12.3.|tCommon Problems Where 
       Surgery Could Affect the Voice Mechanism --|g12.4.
       |tMicrolaryngeal Surgery --|g12.5.|tCommon Instruments and
       Materials Used in Microlaryngeal Surgery --|g13.
       |tHypothetical Microlaryngeal Phonosurgery --|g13.1.
       |tScheduling --|g13.2.|tCheck-In --|g13.3.|tPreoperative 
       Care --|g13.4.|tOperation --|g13.5.|tPostoperative Care --
       |g13.6.|tAt Home --|g14.|tCommon Questions Answered --
       |g14.1.|tWhat Gives Us Each Our Own Unique Sound? --
       |g14.2.|tWhy Does My Recorded Voice Sound Different? --
       |g14.3.|tHow Are Opera Singers Heard Over an Orchestra 
       Without Amplification? --|g14.4.|tHow Do I Avoid Getting 
       Nodules? --|g14.5.|tWhat Are the Best/Worst Types of 
       Beverages for My Voice Around Performances? --|g14.6.
       |tShould I Really Avoid Dairy Products While in 
       Production? --|g14.7.|tHow Much Time Should I Spend 
       Warming Up Before a Lesson? --|g14.8.|tWhat Exactly 
       Happens When My Voice Gets Hoarse? --|g14.9.|tWhat Happens
       When I Lose My Voice? --|g14.10.|tWhat Causes Vibrato? --
       |g14.11.|tTo What Extent Is a Great Voice Determined by 
       Vocal Physiology? --|g14.12.|tWhat Causes a Tickle? --
       |g14.13.|tMy Voice Gets So Tired When I'm Trying to 
       Memorize Music. What Should I Do? --|g14.14.|tWhat Do My 
       Vocal Folds Look Like When I Sing a Whistle Tone? --
       |g14.15.|tWhy Do Some Singers Find Vocal Agility Easy and 
       Others Find It More Difficult? --|g15.|tGlossary --|g15.1.
       |tAcronyms and Abbreviations --|g15.2.|tSuffixes --|g15.3.
520    Singers must equip themselves with enough knowledge to 
       clearly convey specific sensations and difficulties with 
       their instrument. Understanding of potential dangers and 
       disorders, familiarity with a variety of medical 
       procedures, and comprehension in various facets of 
       diagnosis and treatments empower singers to ""own, "" just
       like other musicians, their instrument. The Owner's Manual
       to the Voice provides singers with the knowledge necessary
       to communicate effectively and in intelligent terms about 
       their instrument, especially when conversing with medical 
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650  0 Voice|xCare and hygiene.|0
650  0 Voice culture.|0
650  0 Voice|0
       |xPhysiological aspects.|0
700 1  Forrest, L. Arick.|0
700 1  Obert, Kerrie.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|aGates, Rachael.|tOwner's manual to the 
       voice.|dNew York : Oxford University Press, 2013
       |z9780199964666|w(DLC)  2012041874|w(OCoLC)814301927. 
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