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245 00 Synthesis of therapeutic oligonucleotides /|cSatoshi Obika,
       Mitsuo Sekine, editors. 
264  1 Singapore :|bSpringer,|c2018. 
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504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Intro; Preface; Contents; Part I: Synthesis of Natural 
       Oligonucleotides; Non-protected Synthesis 
       ofOligonucleotides; 1 Introduction; 2 Development ofProton
       -Block Strategy fortheSynthesis ofOligonucleotides 
       WithoutBase Protection; 3 Development oftheActivated 
       Phosphite Method Using N-Unprotected Phosphoramidites; 4 
       Mechanism oftheActivated Phosphite Method; 5 Synthesis 
       ofRNA Oligomers Using theActivated Phosphite Method; 6 
       Synthesis ofPhosphoramidite Monomer Building Blocks; 7 
       Conclusion; References 
505 8  Various Coupling Agents inthePhosphoramidite Method 
       forOligonucleotide Synthesis1 Introduction; 2 Coupling 
       Agents inthePhosphoramidite Method; 2.1 1H-Tetrazole 
       andIts Derivatives; 2.1.1 1H-Tetrazole; 2.1.2 5-Ethylthio-
       1H-tetrazole; 2.1.3 5-Benzylthio-1H-tetrazole; 2.1.4 5-[3,
       5-Bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-1H-tetrazole (Activator 42);
       2.2 4,5-Dicyanoimidazole; 2.3 Carboxylic Acids; 2.4 Acid/
       Azole Complexes; 3 Conclusion; References; Recent 
       Development ofChemical Synthesis ofRNA; 1 Introduction; 2 
       Basic Principle ofSolid-Phase Synthesis ofDNA/RNA 
       inPhosphoramidite Approach 
505 8  3 Current RNA Synthesis Using TBDMS as2′-Hydroxyl 
       Protecting Group4 RNA Synthesis Using Acid-Labile 2&
       #x2032;-Hydroxyl Protecting Groups; 5 RNA Synthesis Using 
       2′-Protecting Groups Having anAcetal Skeleton; 5.1 
       (2-Nitrobenzyl)oxymethyl (NBOM) Group; 5.2 2-
       (Trimethylsilyl)ethoxymethyl (SEM) Group; 6 RNA Synthesis 
       Using theTriisopropylsilyloxymethyl (Tom) Group; 7 
       Cyanoethoxy-1-Methylethyl (CEE) andCyanoethoxymethyl (CEM)
       Groups; 8 RNA Synthesis Using 4-
       Methylphenylsulfonylethoxymethyl (TEM) Group; 9 RNA 
       Synthesis Using tert-Butyldithiomethyl (DTM) Group 
505 8  10 RNA Synthesis Using [[2-(Methylthio)phenyl]thio]methyl 
       (MPTM) Group11 RNA Synthesis Using (N-Dichloroacetyl-N-
       methyl)aminobenzyloxylmethyl (DCMABOM) Group; 12 RNA 
       Synthesis Using theAcetal Levulinyl Ester (ALE) Group; 13 
       RNA Synthesis Using theCyanoethyl (CE) Group; 14 RNA 
       Synthesis Without Using Base Protection; 15 Recent Studies
       onRNA Chemical Synthesis; 16 Summary andPerspectives; 
       References; RNA Synthesis Using theCEM Group; 1 
       Introduction; 2 Synthesis ofCEM Amidites; 3 Synthesis 
       ofRNA; 4 Experimental Section; 4.1 Preparation ofCEM-SMe 
505 8  4.2 Synthesis ofU-CEM Phosphoramidite (5a.)4.2.1 32 52 O-
       (Tetraisopropyldisiloxane-1,3-diyl)-22 O-(2-
       cyanoethoxymethyl)uridine (2a.); 4.2.2 22 O-(2-
       Cyanoethoxymethyl)uridine (3a.); 4.2.3 52 O-(4,42 
       Dimethoxytrityl)-22 O-(2-xyanoethoxymethyl)uridine (4a.); 
       4.2.4 52 O-(4,42 Dimethoxytrityl)-22 O-(2-
       cyanoethoxymethyl)uridine 32 O-(2-Cyanoethyl N, N-
       diisopropylphosphoramidite) (5a.); 4.3 Synthesis ofC-CEM 
       Phosphoramidite (5b.); 4.3.1 4-N-Acetyl-32 52 O-
       (tetraisopropyldisiloxane-1,3-diyl)-22 O-(2-
       cyanoethoxymethyl)cytidine (2b.); 4.3.2 4-N-Acetyl-22 O-(2
       -cyanoethoxymethyl)cytidine (3b.) 
520    This book presents the latest knowledge on a broad range 
       of topics relating to the synthesis of natural and 
       artificial oligonucleotides with therapeutic potential. 
       Nucleic acid-based therapeutics are attracting much 
       attention, and numerous therapeutic oligonucleotides, such
       as antisense oligonucleotides, siRNAs, splice-switching 
       oligonucleotides, and nucleic acid aptamers, are being 
       evaluated in clinical trials for the treatment of a 
       variety of diseases. Synthesis of Therapeutic 
       Oligonucleotides covers a broad range of topics in the 
       field that are of high relevance to researchers, including
       the synthesis of natural and chemically modified 
       oligonucleotides, the development of novel nucleic acid 
       analogs, industrial scale synthesis and purification of 
       oligonucleotides, and important aspects of chemistry, 
       manufacturing, and controls (CMC). The aim is to provide 
       new insights and inspire fresh ideas in nucleic acid 
       chemistry that may ultimately lead to novel concepts and 
       techniques and the discovery of more effective nucleic 
       acid drugs. The book will be of high value for both 
       established researchers in the field and students 
       intending to specialize in nucleic acid chemistry 
588 0  Online resource; title from PDF title page (EBSCO, viewed 
       December 11, 2018) 
650  0 Oligonucleotides.|0
700 1  Obika, Satoshi,|0
700 1  Sekine, Mitsuo,|d1949-|0
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       oligonucleotides.|dSingapore : Springer, 2018|z9811319111
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