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Title Cosmos, bios, theos : scientists reflect on science, God, and the origins of the universe, life, and homo sapiens / edited by Henry Margenau, Roy Abraham Varghese.
Imprint La Salle, Ill. : Open Court, [1992]

Subject Science -- Philosophy.
Religion and science.
Scientists -- Attitudes.
Alt Name Margenau, Henry, 1901-1997.
Varghese, Roy Abraham.
Description xiv, 285 pages ; 24 cm
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0812691865 (pbk.)
OCLC # 25368747
Table of Contents
 Introduction / Roy Abraham Varghese1
Pt. 1Astronomers, Mathematicians, and Physicists27
 1Who Arranged for These Laws to Cooperate So Well? / Ulrich Becker28
 2The Origin of the Universe Is, and Always Will Be, a Mystery / Stuart Bowyer31
 3Appeal to God May Be Required to Answer the Origin Question / Geoffrey F. Chew33
 4How Is It Possible to Exclude Action Coming from a Transcendent Order of Being / Alexandre Favre37
 5Where Matter and Consciousness Came from Is Unknown / John Erik Fornaess40
 6God Is a Characteristic of the Real Universe / Conyers Herring42
 7What Forces Filled the Universe with Energy Fifteen Billion Years Ago? / Robert Jastrow45
 8There Need Be No Ultimate Conflict between Science and Religion / B.D. Josephson50
 9The Exquisite Order of the Physical World Calls for the Divine / Vera Kistiakowsky51
 10Was It Planned, Is It Part of a Grander Scheme of Things? / William A. Little54
 11The Laws of Nature Are Created by God / Henry Margenau57
 12Science Will Never Give Us the Answers to All Our Questions / Nevill Mott64
 13Religion and Science Both Proceed from Acts of Faith / Robert A. Naumann70
 14Our Final Ineptitude at Producing a Rational Explanation of the Universe / Louis Neel73
 15A Feeling of Great Surprise That There Is Anything / Edward Nelson75
 16Creation Is Supported by All the Data So Far / Arno Penzias78
 17Science Asks What and How, While Religion Asks Why / John G. Phillips84
 18Temporal Origin and Ontological Origin / John Polkinghorne86
 19I Have Difficulty Accepting that Matter Has Been in Existence Forever / John A. Russell89
 20Science and Religion: Reflections on Transcendence and Secularization / Abdus Salam93
 21One Must Ask Why and Not Just How / Arthur Schawlow105
 22The Origin of the Universe Does Not Seem to Me to Be a Scientific Question / Emilio Segre108
 23The Universe Is Ultimately to Be Explained in Terms of a Metacosmic Reality / Wolfgang Smith111
 24The Guidance of Evolution Lets God Appear to Us in Many Guises / Walter Thirring119
 25The Question of Origin Seems Unanswered if We Explore from a Scientific View Alone / Charles H. Townes122
 26The Origin of the Universe Can Be Described Scientifically as a Miracle / Herbert Uhlig125
 27There Is a Bohr Complementarity between Science and Religion / Victor Weisskopf127
 28The Origin of Time Is Not in Time / C. F. von Weizsacker128
 29The Origin of the Universe Is a Disturbing Mystery for Science / Eugene Wigner131
 30The Hidden Variables of Quantum Mechanics Are Under God's Power / Shoichi Yoshikawa133
Pt. 2Biologists and Chemists137
 1There Exists an Incomprehensible Power with Limitless Foresight and Knowledge / Christian B. Anfinsen138
 2The Existence of a Creator Represents a Satisfactory Solution / Werner Arber141
 3The Ultimate Truth Is God / D. H. R. Barton144
 4The Mechanism of the World and the Why of It / Steven L. Bernasek149
 5The Origin of Life Seems Lost in the Details of Prebiotic Chemistry / Hans J. Bremmermann152
 6The Entropic versus the Anthropic Principle / Friedrich Cramer155
 7How Is It Possible to Escape the Idea of Some Intelligent and Organizing Force? / R. Merle d'Aubigne157
 8A Divine Design: Some Questions on Origins / John Eccles160
 9Religion and Science Neither Exclude nor Prove One Another / Manfred Eigen165
 10The Creative Process May Well Be What We Observe, Deduce, and Call Evolution / Thomas C. Emmel166
 11At Some Stage in Evolution, God Created the Human Soul / P. C. C. Garnham172
 12A Spirit Which Has Established the Universe and Its Laws / Roger J. Gautheret174
 13I Have a Religious Attitude toward the Unknown / Ragnar Granit177
 14I Consider the Existence of God as Unknowable / Robert W. Holley179
 15I Have No Way of Knowing Whether God Exists / Jerome Karle181
 16A Religious Impulse Guides Our Motive in Sustaining Scientific Inquiry / Joshua Lederberg184
 17New Visions of the Cosmos / Clifford N. Matthews185
 18Nobel Prize Winners Are Not More Competent about God / Vladimir Prelog187
 19The Universe Started from an Instability in the Quantum Vacuum / Ilya Progogine188
 20It Is Probably Impossible to Explain a Miracle with Physics and Chemistry / Tadeus Reichstein193
 21I Have Very Little in the Way of Belief in a Concrete God / Frederick C. Robbins194
 22The Piling of Coincidence on Coincidence / Jay Roth197
 23Life, Even in Bacteria, Is Too Complex to Have Occurred by Chance / Harry Rubin202
 24Religion Is a Concern of the Human Spirit / H. G. Schlegel204
 25In a Scientific Sense, We Know Very Little on the Origin of Life / Robert Shapiro206
 26I Do Not See How Science Can Shed Light on the Origins of Design / George Snell209
 27A Deeper Connectivity than the Mechanical Models of Our Current World View May Comprehend / Jeffrey Steinfeld212
 28The Existence of Some Creative Impulse at the Very Beginning / Janos Szentagothai214
 29Life and Mind in the Universe / George Wald218
 30I Don't See How We Can Gather Empirical Evidence about How the Natural Order Itself Came into Being / Ward Watt220
Pt. 3The Existence of God and the Origin of the Universe: A Debate between an Atheist and a Theist225
 1The Existence of the Universe as a Pointer to the Existence of God / H. D. Lewis226
 2Why the Existence of God Is Not Required to Explain the Existence of the Universe / Antony Flew236
 3Response to Flew / H. D. Lewis239
 4Response to Lewis / Antony Flew241
 5Comment on Lewis and Flew / Hugo Meynell243
 6One Word More / Antony Flew248
 7Another Word More / Hugo Meynell250
 8Concluding Comment / H. D. Lewis251
Pt. 4Concluding Scientific Postscripts253
 1The Origin of the Universe in Science and Religion / William R. Stoeger254
 2Relativity, Quantum Theory, and the Mystery of Life / Eugene Wigner270