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Title Crimes of war : what the public should know / edited by Roy Gutman, David Rieff, and Anthony Dworkin ; photography edited by Sheryl A. Mendez.
Imprint New York : W.W. Norton & Co., 2007.
Edition Second edition, Revised and updated edition.

Subject War crimes.
Alt Name Gutman, Roy.
Rieff, David.
Dworkin, Anthony Gary.
Description 447 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Edition Second edition, Revised and updated edition.
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references (p. 432-434).
ISBN 9780393328462 (pbk.)
0393328465 (pbk.)
OCLC # 75390123
Table of Contents
 International Humanitarian Law: An Overview / Lawrence Weschter22
 Act of War / David Turns28
 Afghanistan / Patricia Gossman30
 Aggression / Steven R. Ratner37
 Apartheid / Steven R. Ratner39
 Arab-Israeli Wars / Benny Morris40
 The Second Intifada and After / Orna Ben-Naftali, Aeyal Gross49
 Israel's Views of the Application of IHL to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip / Kenneth Anderson54
 Armistice / Howard S. Levie55
 Belligerent Status / Ewen Allison, Robert K. Goldman58
 Biological Experiments / Sheldon H. Harris59
 Biological Weapons / Terence Taylor62
 Blockade as Act of War / Christopher Greenwood64
 Bosnia / Florence Hartmann66
 The Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal / Stephanie Maupas72
 Bullets [see Weapons] 
 Cambodia / Sydney Schanberg76
 Carpet or Area Bombing / Horst Fischer84
 Cease-fire [see Armistice] 
 Chechnya / Barry Renfrew86
 Chemical Weapons / Peter Pringle93
 Child Soldiers / Anna Cataldi, Jimmie Briggs95
 Children as Killers / Corinne Dufka99
 Civil Patrols / Ewen Allison, Robert K. Goldman100
 Civil War / A. P. V. Rogers101
 Civilian Immunity / Heike Spieker103
 Civilians, Illegal Targeting of / Joel Greenberg104
 Cluster Bombs [see Weapons] 
 Collateral Damage / Horst Fischer107
 Collective Punishment / Daoud Kuttab108
 Colombia / Douglas Farah110
 Combatant Status / A. P. V. Rogers115
 Command Responsibility / Nomi Bar-Yaacov117
 Compelling Military Service / Patrick J. Sloyan119
 Concentration Camps / Ed Vulliamy121
 Congo, Democratic Republic of / Gerard Prunier126
 Courts and Tribunals / Charles Garraway132
 Crimes against Humanity / M. Cherif Bassiouni135
 Crimes against Peace / Steven R. Ratner137
 Cultural Property and Historical Monuments / Peter Maass138
 Customary Law / Theodor Meron141
 Customary Law: The ICRC Study / Burrus M. Carnahan142
 Dangerous Forces: Dams, Dikes, and Nuclear Stations / Erich Rathfelder144
 Darfur / John Prendergast, Colin Thomas-Jensen146
 Dead and Wounded / H. Wayne Elliott152
 Death Squads / Jean-Marie Simon155
 Deportation / Roy Gutman157
 Detention and Interrogation / Dana Priest159
 Disappearances / Corinne Dufka165
 Distinction, Priniciple of [see Civilian Immunity] 
 Due Process / Gideon Levy167
 Due Process Rights170
 Environmental Warfare / Mark Perry, Ed Miles172
 Kuwaiti Oil Wells / Robert Block174
 Ethnic Cleansing / Roger Cohen175
 Evacuation of Civilians from the Battlefield / Wayne Elliott178
 Executions, Extrajudicial / Don Oberdorfer180
 The Camera as Witness / Alex Levac183
 Extermination of Civilian Population [see Crimes against Humanity and Genocide] 
 Food Convoys [see Humanitarian Aid, Blocking of] 
 Forced Labor / John Ryte186
 Free Fire Zones / Lewis M. Simons189
 Gases [see Chemical Weapons and Poisonous Weapons] 
 Genocide / Diane F. Orentlicher191
 Gray Areas in International Humanitarian Law / Ewen Allison, Robert K. Goldman196
 Guantanamo / Jess Bravin198
 Guerrillas / Jon Lee Anderson205
 Gulf War / Frank Smyth208
 Health Care System / Eric Stover216
 Hors de Combat / Kurt Schork218
 Hospitals / Charles Lane220
 Hostages / Sean Maguire223
 Humanitarian Aid, Blocking of / David Rieff225
 Humanitarian Intervention / David Rieff, Anthony Dworkin227
 Identification / H. Wayne Elliott232
 Immunity from Attack / Emma Daly234
 Incitement to Genocide / Colette Braeckman236
 Indiscriminate Attack / Roy Gutman, Daoud Kuttab239
 Types of Indiscriminate Attack241
 Internal Displacement / Maud S. Beelman242
 International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) / Michael Ignatieff245
 International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission / Frits Kalshoven248
 International vs. Internal Armed Conflict / Steven R. Ratner249
 Common Article 3251
 Iran-Iraq War / Jonathan C. Randal252
 Iraq / Thom Shanker260
 Irregulars / Ewen Allison, Robert K. Goldman268
 Journalists, Protection of / William A. Orme, Jr.270
 Journalists in Peril / Frank Smyth272
 Judicial Proceedings [see Due Process] 
 Jurisdiction, Universal / Francoise Hampson274
 Jus ad Bellum/Jus in Bello / Karma Nabulsi275
 Just and Unjust War / Karma Nabulsi276
 Labor Camps [see Concentration Camps and Forced Labor) 
 Legitimate Military Targets / Gaby Rado278
 Levee en Masse / Karma Nabulsi281
 Limited War / Peter Rowe282
 Mass Graves / Elizabeth Neuffer284
 Medical Experiments on POWs / Sheldon H. Harris287
 Medical Transports / Michael Ignatieff289
 Medical Personnel / Eric Stover290
 Medico-Legal Investigations Of War Crimes / David Rohde291
 Mercenaries / Elizabeth Rubin294
 Military Necessity / Francoise Hampson297
 Military Objectives / Hamilton DeSaussure299
 Mines / John Ryle302
 Murder of Civilians [sea Willful Killing] 
 Nuclear Weapons / Burrus M. Carnahan304
 Occupation / George Packer307
 Paramilitaries / Christiane Amanpour312
 Parlementaires / Ewen Allison315
 Partisans [see Civil Patrols] 
 Perfidy and Treachery / David Rohde316
 Persecutions on Political, Racial, or Religious Grounds / William Shawcross318
 Pillage / Thomas Goltz322
 Poisonous Weapons / Gwynne Roberts324
 Prisoners of War / H. Wayne Elliott328
 Prisoners of War, Non-Repatriation of / Mark Huband333
 Private Military Firms / P. W. Singer335
 Property, Civilian, Destruction of / Amira Hass338
 Proportionality, Principle of / Horst Fischer341
 Protected Persons / Heike Spieker342
 Quarter, Giving No / John Burns346
 Rape [see Sexual Violence] 
 Red Cross/Red Crescent Emblem / Christian Jennings349
 Refoulement / David Rieff352
 Refugees, Rights of / David Rieff354
 Reprisal / Frits Katshoven357
 Reprisal Killings / Kenneth Anderson358
 Resistance Fighters [see Guerrillas] 
 Rwanda / Mark Huband360
 Safety Zones / Adam Roberts366
 Sanctions / Tom Gjelten367
 Sexual Violence / Thom Shanker369
 Sexual Violence: Enslavement / George Rodrigue373
 Sexual Violence: Systematic Rape / Alexandra Stiglmayer376
 Shields / Robert Block378
 Sick and Wounded / Eric Stover382
 Siege / Tom Gjelten384
 Slavery / E. Benjamin Skinner387
 Soldiers, Rights Of / Peter Rowe390
 Starvation / Marita Vihervuori392
 Terrorism / Anthony Dworkin396
 Torture / Nicole Pope400
 Total War / Peter Rowe402
 Training in International Humanitarian Law / Michael H. Hoffman403
 Transfer of Civilians / Thomas Goltz404
 Undefended Towns / Adam Roberts408
 United Nations and the Geneva Conventions / Roy Gutman409
 Unlawful Combatants [see Combatant Status] 
 Unlawful Confinement / Ed Vulliamy412
 Victims, Rights of / Lindsey Hilsum415
 Wanton Destruction / Jeremy Bowen418
 War Crimes, Categories of / Steven R. Ratner420
 Water Supplies and Works, Destruction Of / Emma Daly423
 Weapons / Barrus M. Carnahan425
 Willful Killing / Peter Maass427
 Willfulness / A. P. V. Rogers429
 Afterword / Kenneth Anderson430
 Note on the Law and Legal Terms / Alan Darsey432
 Major International Humanitarian Law432

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