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Title Defining the horrific : readings on genocide and Holocaust in the 20th century / [edited by] William L. Hewitt.
Imprint Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall, [2004]

Subject Genocide -- History -- 20th century.
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)
Crimes against humanity -- History -- 20th century.
World politics -- 20th century.
Totalitarianism -- History -- 20th century.
Alt Name Hewitt, William (William L.), 1947-
Description xiii, 393 pages : maps ; 24 cm
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references.
Contents Introduction : Defining the horrific -- Close to home : Native American genocide -- What is yours is mine : colonialism -- The almost forgotten genocide : Armenia -- Death by hunger : Ukraine -- The holocaust -- Myths and history : Manchuria -- There are bombs, and there are bombs : Hiroshima -- Death by hunger reprise : China -- Rwanda, Sudan, Angola case studies : post-colonial Africa -- With friends like these... case studies : Argentina and Guatemala -- Cambodian "autogenocide" -- Case studies : Indonesia, East Timor, and Bangladesh -- Ethnic cleansing : Bosnia -- A tough neighborhood : the Middle East : Iraq ; Israelis and Palestinians -- Bastard child of the Cold War : North Korea -- Epilogue : commission by omission.
ISBN 013110084X (alk. paper)
OCLC # 52216275
Table of Contents
 Preface: Horrific Crimes 
 Introduction: Defining the Horrific1
 Genocide / Diane F. Orentlicher2
 Contested Meanings and Conflicting Imperatives: A Conceptual Analysis of Genocide / Scott Straus6
 When and Why to Use the Term Democide for "Genocide" / R. J. Rummel24
 Defining Genocide: Defining History? / Deborah Harris29
Ch. 1Close to Home: Native American Genocide38
 The Pequot War Reconsidered / Steven T. Katz39
 "Nits Make Lice" The Extermination of North American Indians, 1607-1996 / Ward Churchill47
Ch. 2What Is Yours Is Mine: Colonialism63
 The Dust Rose Like Smoke: The Subjugation of the Zulu and the Sioux / James O. Gump65
 King Leopold's "Heart of Darkness" / Adam Hochschild78
 The Tribe Germany Wants to Forget / Regina Jere-Malanda81
 A History of Horror: A Review of Le Siecle des Camps / Joel Kotek, Pierre Rigoulot87
Ch. 3The Almost Forgotten Genocide: Armenia95
 The Armenian Genocide: Context and Legacy / Rouben Adalian96
 The Armenian Genocide and Patterns of Denial / Richard G. Hovannisian104
 The Armenian Genocide / Robert F. Melson119
Ch. 4Death by Hunger: Ukraine128
 The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor): The Ninth Circle by Olexa Woropay: Editor's Introduction / James E. Mace129
 A Tale of Truth and Two Journalists: Malcolm Muggeridge and Walter Duranty / Ian Hunter134
 The Last Stand of The Ukrainian Famine-Genocide Deniers / Roman Serbyn136
Ch. 5The Holocaust142
 The Holocaust: An Historical Overview / Franklin Bialystock143
 There Are No Wise Men in Chelm: A Journey of Conscience to Poland, Spring 2002 / Saul S. Friedman151
 O Baro Porrajmos - The Romani Holocaust / Ian Hancock160
 Long Shadows: Truth, Lies and History / Erna Paris166
Ch. 6Myths and History: Manchuria175
 The "Rape of Nanking" Freelance writer176
 Japanese Scientists Conducted Biological Research Experiments on Human Subjects in the Isolated Region of Manchuria / Andrew J. Swanger180
Ch. 7There Are Bombs, and There Are Bombs: Hiroshima186
 Hiroshima and Royan / Howard Zinn187
 Missing the Target / Tony Capaccio, Uday Mohan200
Ch. 8Death by Hunger Reprise: China210
 The Greatest Famine in History (1959-1961) / Jean-Louis Margolin211
Ch. 9Rwanda, Sudan, Angola Case Studies: Post-Colonial Africa219
 Rwanda - The Genocide / Mark Huband220
 Sudan - Civil War and Genocide / Francis M. Deng223
 Angola Preliminary Report, Determination: Not Genocidal in Nature Genocide Prevention Center232
Ch. 10With Friends Like These ... Case Studies: Argentina and Guatemala239
 Argentina: The Military Juntas and Human Rights, Report of the Trial of the Former Junta Members 1985 Amnesty International241
 Reagan & Guatemala's Death Files / Robert Parry247
 Guatemalan Army Waged "Genocide," New Report Finds / Mireya Navarro255
Ch. 11Cambodian "Autogenocide"259
 Cambodia / Sydney Schanberg260
 Pol Pot / David Chandler265
Ch. 12Case Studies: Indonesia, East Timor, and Bangladesh269
 Genocide in Indonesia, 1965-1966 / Robert Cribb270
 Case Study: Genocide in Bangladesh, 1971 / Adam Jones286
 Good and Bad Genocide: Double Standards in Coverage of Suharto and Pol Pot / Edward S. Herman291
Ch. 13Ethnic Cleansing: Bosnia296
 Bosnia / Florence Hartmann297
 Middle Managers of Genocide / Ed Vulliamy301
 Bosnia: First Genocide Verdict May Bolster Other Cases / Kathleen Knox306
 The Rational Destruction of Yugoslavia / Michael Parenti308
Ch. 14A Tough Neighborhood: The Middle East 
 Case Study: The Anfal Campaign (Iraqi Kurdistan), 1988 / Adam Jones320
 Anfal: The Kurdish Genocide in Iraq, Iraq and the Kurds: A Bibliographic Essay / Khaled Salih328
 Sanctions Against Iraq Are Genocide / George Bisharat338
 Israelis and Palestinians339
 Palestinians Under Siege / Edward Said340
 No Tolerance for Genocide / Caroline B. Glick350
Ch. 15Bastard Child of the Cold War: North Korea353
 The Politics of Famine in North Korea / Andrew Natsios354
 Control of the Population / Pierre Rigoulot367
 The Koreas: Is North Korea Stalinist? / Aidan Foster-Carter369
Ch. 16Epilogue: Commission by Omission372
 Never Again: The World's Most Unfulfilled Promise / Samantha Power373
 Murder Most Foul: For Genocide to Retain Its Unique Legal Standing, We Must Use the Label with Care / Bruce Fein378
 Universal Social Theory and the Denial of Genocide: Norman Itzkowitz Revisited / Hank Theriault382