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Title The party train : a collection of North American prose poetry / edited by Robert Alexander, Mark Vinz & C.W. Truesdale.
Imprint Minneapolis, MN : New Rivers Press, 1996.

Subject American poetry -- 20th century.
Prose poems, American.
Alt Name Alexander, Robert (Robert E.), 1949-
Vinz, Mark, 1942-
Truesdale, C. W. (Calvin William), 1929-2001.
Description xxxvi, 353 pages ; 23 cm
ISBN 0898231655
OCLC # 34483770
Table of Contents
 Publisher's Preface / C. W. Truesdale 
 Prose/Poetry / Robert Alexander 
 Notes on the Prose Poem / Mark Vinz 
 Nathaniel Hawthorne7
  Autumnal Characteristics 
 Henry David Thoreau8
  from the Journal 
  from Walden 
  from Walking 
 Walt Whitman12
  from Specimen Days: Patent-Office Hospital 
  Abraham Lincoln 
  Death of a Wisconsin Officer 
  The Real War Will Never Get in the Books 
  A July Afternoon by the Pond 
  Loafing in the Woods 
 Lafcadio Hearn20
  Spring Phantoms 
 Gelett Burgess23
  The Confessions of a Yellster: Chacun a son gout 
 Gertrude Stein25
  from Tender Buttons: A Piano 
  In Between 
  Colored Hats 
 William Carlos Williams26
  The Delicacies 
  A Matisse 
  from For Bill Bird 
 Jane Heap31
 Fenton Johnson32
  Aunt Hannah Jackson 
  The Gambler 
  The Barber 
  The Drunkard 
 Robert McAlmon34
 Jean Toomer36
 Ernest Hemingway39
 Kay Boyle40
  Whore Street 
  January 24, New York 
 William Faulkner42
  The Priest 
 Sherwood Anderson43
  The Lame One 
 Kenneth Patchen44
  Family Portrait 
  There Are Two 
  When We Were Here Together 
 Nelson Algren47
  Nobody Knows Where O'Connor Went 
 Walter Lowenfels51
  Jukebox in the Coalfields 
 Duane Ackerson55
  The Chameleon at Home 
  The Minus Touch 
 Steven Ajay57
  Morning Shift in Banaras 
 Robert Alexander60
  At the Party 
  Finding Token Creek 
  A Joe Pass Guitar Solo 
 Bert Almon64
  The Clematis Seminar 
  Lombard Street 
  Perseid Shower 
 Jack Anderson67
  The Party Train 
  Return to Work 
  The Somnabulists' Hotel 
 Daniel Bachhuber71
  Fell in Love, Got Married 
  Raspberry Picking 
  Shoe Salesman 
 Michael Benedikt74
  The Toymaker Gloomy but Then Again Sometimes Happy 
  The Voyage of Self-Discovery 
 John Bennett76
  Postage Due 
 Carol Berge77
  Grey, or Turtle, Song 
  Timepiece (Michigan), or, A Moebius Trip .. 
 Cassia Berman80
 Roger K. Blakely81
 Douglas Blazek83
  The Two-Natured Monster 
 Robert Bly84
  The Dead Seal 
  Snow Falling on Snow 
  The Exhausted Bug 
  Warning to the Reader 
 Michael Bowden88
  Cities of Gold 
 Jane Brox90
  Apple Boxes 
  White Pine 
 Anita Olachea Bucci94
  In Passing 
 Michael Carey96
  The Darkening Hills 
  The Dead Center 
  How Grandma and Grandpa Met 
 Siv Cedering99
  In the Museum of Natural History 
  The Juggler 
 Maxine Chernoff101
  A Vegetable Emergency 
  High Rise 
  An Abridged Bestiary 
 Rick Christman104
  Whiteout, Boondocks, Iowa 
 Kirby Congdon108
  The Motorcycle Social Club 
 Olga Costopoulos109
  Club Sandwiches 
 Lorna Crozier110
  Home Care 
  Quitting Smoking 
 Philip Dacey112
  The Elephant 
  The Operation 
 Karen Dale114
  Birthday Party 
 Julie Dearborn116
  The Saturday Plumber 
 Diane di Prima119
  Wisteria Light 
 Joseph Duemer120
  A Theory of Language 
  Blue Dogs 
 Stephen Dunning122
  "You might say ... This is the story of my life" 
 Stuart Dybek124
  Belly Button 
 Russell Edson126
  The Breakfast That Came to Dinner 
  The Explosion at the Club 
  The Family Monkey 
  Mr. & Mrs. Duck Dinner 
  The Secret Graveyard 
  Under Great Light Flooded Clouds 
 Heid Erdrich131
 Dave Etter132
  Grain Elevator 
 Roland Flint133
  His Oyster 
 Jennifer Footman136
  Delirium Tremens 
  Train from Glasgow to Edinburgh 
 Carolyn Forche138
  The Colonel 
 Sesshu Foster140
  "5 kids slept in the car ..." 
  "Sometimes I'm dragged ..." 
 Richard Frost143
  A Bird of Some Kind 
  The Roof 
 Maureen Gibbon145
  Trains Carrying Sleepers 
  Un bruit qui court 
 Reginald Gibbons147
  On Belmont 
 Allen Ginsberg148
  A Supermarket in California 
  The Bricklayer's Lunch Hour 
 Diane Glancy150
  If Not All These 
  War Horse II 
 Paula Goldman152
  In the Locker Room 
  True Life Stories 
 Miriam Goodman154
  The Recipe 
  Shopping Trip 
  Two Photographs by Robert Frank 
 Keith Gunderson157
  Number One Man on the Sitdown Power Mowers at Lakewood Cemetery 
 S. C. Hahn158
  Cutover Country 
  The Desk 
 Donald Hall159
 Katherine Harer163
  Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera 
  Frida Kahlo & Nick Muray 
 Marie Harris165
  Louis Antoine de Bougainville 
  Passing Time 
  Tent Circus 
  Beginning and End 
 Jim Harrison168
  Return to Yesenin 
 Penny Harter169
  Her Bedroom Window 
  The Old Man Who Loved Bicycles 
 Peter Harvey171
  Liquid Dominoes 
 Jim Hazard173
  from The Snow Crazy Copybook 
 Tom Hennen176
  Crawling out the Window 
  Sheep in the Winter Night 
  Walking through a Narrow Strip of Woods 
 Michael Hettich178
  My Body 
  True Story 
 Jim Heynen180
  The Man Who Kept Cigars in His Cap 
 Gordon Hickey182
  Jean Harlow 
  Speaking Tours 
 Michael Hogan184
  The Message of Oman 
  A Nursing Mother on the Dorchester-Harvard Train 
 Bill Holm186
  Brahms Capriccio 
  Girl Eating Rice 
  John Clare's Last Letter 
 Brooke Horvath190
  Abrasion; The Woman in the Peter Pan Collar 
 David Ignatow191
  An Account in the Present Tense of How It all Happened 
  "I am standing on the soft ..." 
  "I sink back upon the ground ..." 
  With Questions Forever 
 Louis Jenkins194
  Frost Flowers 
 Jim Johnson196
  Description of the Land 
 Peter Johnson197
  Bedtime Story 
  Night Crawler 
 Sybil Kollar198
  The Bookstore 
 Mary A. Koncel199
  Come Back, Elvis, Come Back to Holyoke 
  The Year of the Man 
  The Second Song of Insomnia 
 Ellen Kort201
  Sea Turtle 
 John Krumberger203
  Dining Out 
  The Quaker Meeting 
 Marilyn Krysl204
 Greg Kuzma206
  Why I Write 
 Warren Lang207
 Michelle Leigh208
  So Yesterday Was Bean Day 
  I Am Looking for Words 
 Roseanne Lloyd210
  Reality and Its Duration 
 Thomas Lux212
  The Gas Station 
  My Grandmother's Funeral 
  The Swimmer 
 Morton Marcus214
  Lost Things 
  The Girl Who Became My Grandmother 
 Peter Markus216
  Still Lives with Whiskey Bottle 
 Debra Marquart219
  Getting Ready 
  My Father Tells This Story .. 
  Small Town Cafe 
 Kathleen McGookey221
  Instrument Factory, Brazil 
 Jay Meek223
  The Beautiful and Invisible Tree 
  Medici Fountain 
  Travel Notes 
 W. S. Merwin226
  The Permanent Collection 
  A Garden 
 John Minczeski230
  My Name 
 Judith Minty232
 N. Scott Momaday233
  from The Strange and True Story of My Life with Billy the Kid: The Man in Black 
  Billy the Kid Offers a Kindness .. 
 Beverly Acuff Momoi237
  If She Can't Hear You 
  Intimate Language 
 Frederick Morgan239
 Kristy Nielsen241
  from The Language with One Word: During the Last Months 
  Before He Dies 
 Nina Nyhart243
  The Beach Tree 
  The Catch 
 Monica Ochtrup244
  The Truth 
 Roger Pfingston246
  Darwin's Mimosa 
  Grady Mourns 
 Carol J. Pierman248
  from The Naturalized Citizen 
 Jennifer M. Pierson250
  What Makes Me Invisible 
  Thrift Shop Ladies 
 Holly Prado252
  The Owl Turns His Head All the Way Around 
 David Ray256
  The Lectern 
 Dave Reddall258
  In the Park 
 John Calvin Rezmerski259
 George Roberts262
  The Facts of Life 
  Opening Up 
 W. R. Rodriguez264
  The Malthusian Theory 
 Dorien Ross266
  Red Sweatshirt 
 Vern Rutsala268
  Dust Mop 
  Ironing Board 
  Getting Lost 
 Ira Sadoff270
  Hopper's "Nighthawks" (1942) 
  The Romance of the Racer 
  Three Dreams of an Ambitious Man 
 Nicholas Samaras273
  Episode in Stasis 
 Roy Scheele274
  Eminent Domain 
  A Visitation 
 Alison Seevak275
 Jeanne Shannon277
  Concert by the Sea 
 Karl Shapiro279
  The Bourgeois Poet 
  The Living Rooms of My Neighbors 
 Charles Simic281
  from The World Doesn't End 
 Thomas R. Smith283
  Portrait of My German Grandparents, 1952 
  Windy Day at Kabekona 
 Terry Spohn286
  Wednesday at the Beach 
 Deborah Stein288
  Blue Socks 
  One Thousand Saturdays 
 Robert Sund290
  from Bunch Grass 
 Barbara Szerlip292
  a.k.a. Mata Hari 
  The Nomad's Story 
  Terra Incognita 
 Ross Talarico295
  Home Movies 
 Thom Tammaro296
  Walking to My Office on Easter Sunday Morning 
  February, 1951 
 Tony Towle298
  The Review 
 Alison Townsend300
  My Ex-Husband Asks Me Who Reads My Rough Drafts 
 C. W. Truesdale302
  El Gordo 
  Miguel and General Alexander Haig 
 Mark Vinz304
  Wind Chill 
  Still Life 
  The Pleasures of Home 
  Late Night Calls 
 Tom Whalen306
  Self-Service Wascherei 
 Patricia Wilson308
 Linda Wing310
  Mortality Anecdotes 
  The News 
 Warren Woessner312
  Maggie May 
 James Wright313
  To Carolee Coombs-Stacy, Who Set My Verses to Music 
  The Wheeling Gospel Tabernacle 
  Two Moments in Venice 
  The Fruits of the Season 
 Gary Young319
  "Jimmy Ratcliffe ..." 
  "One night ..." 
  "The burning house ..." 
 Lila Zeiger320
  A Pair of Panty Hose 
  Things We Need to Know about the Picnic 
 Alan Ziegler323
  The Guest 
  Woolworth's Parakeets 
 Harriet Zinnes324
  The Fall 
  I Can Help You Speak Your Name 
 Contributors' Notes327

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