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LEADER 00000cam  2200349 i 4500 
001    42935817 
003    OCoLC 
005    20010117160516.0 
008    991201s2000    maua     b    001 0 eng   
010    99088200 
020    0861711653 (pbk. : alk. paper) 
040    DLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dOTC 
049    OTCC 
050 00 BQ4570.W6|bW66 2000 
082 00 294.3/082|221 
245 00 Women's Buddhism, Buddhism's women :|btradition, revision,
       renewal /|cedited by Ellison Banks Findly. 
264  1 Boston :|bWisdom Publications,|c[2000] 
264  4 |c©2000 
300    xii, 498 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 451-479) and 
650  0 Buddhist women.|0
650  0 Women in Buddhism.|0
650  0 Buddhist nuns.|0
650  0 Monasticism and religious orders for women|0http://|xBuddhism. 
700 1  Findly, Ellison Banks.|0
912    .b13067989JOHNC 
912    .b13236003WITT 
912    .b13386372HIRAM 
970 01 |tAcknowledgments 
970 01 |tIntroduction|p1 
970 11 |lI|tOrdination, Affiliation, and Relation to the Sangha 
970 12 |tThe Nuns at the Stupa: Inscriptional Evidence for the 
       Lives and Activities of Early Buddhist Nuns in India
       |cNancy J. Barnes|fBarnes, Nancy J.|p17 
970 12 |tWomen In Between: Becoming Religious Persons in Thailand
       |cMonica Lindberg Falk|fFalk, Monica Lindberg|p37 
970 12 |tVoramai Kabilsingh: The First Thai Bhikkhuni, and 
       Chatsumarn Kabilsingh: Advocate for a Bhikkhuni Sangha in 
       Thailand|cMartine Batchelor|fBatchelor, Martine.|p58 
970 12 |tBuddhist Action: Lay Women and Thai Monks|cH. Leedom 
       Lefferts, Jr.|fLefferts, H. Leedom.|p63 
970 12 |tWestern Buddhist Nuns: A New Phenomenon in an Ancient 
       Tradition|cBhiksuni Thubten Chodron|fChodron, Bhiksuni 
970 12 |tSakyadhita in Western Europe: A Personal Perspective
       |cRotraut Wurst|fWurst, Rotraut|p97 
970 12 |tNovice Ordination for Nuns: The Rhetoric and Reality of 
       Female Monasticism in Northwest India|cKim Gutschow
       |fGutschow, Kim|p103 
970 12 |tAn Empowerment Ritual for Nuns in Contemporary Japan
       |cPaula K. R. Arai|fArai, Paula Kane Robinson.|p119 
970 11 |lII|tTeachers, Teaching, and Lineages 
970 12 |tWomen Teachers of Women: Early Nuns "Worthy of my 
       Confidence"|cEllison Banks Findly|fFindly, Ellison Banks.
970 12 |tAchaan Ranjuan: A Thai Lay Woman as Master Teacher
       |cMartine Batchelor|fBatchelor, Martine.|p156 
970 12 |tPatterns of Renunciation: The Changing World of Burmese 
       Nuns|cHiroko Kawanami|fKawanami, Hiroko|p159 
970 12 |tAn American Zen Teacher|cTrudy Goodman|fGoodman, Trudy
970 12 |tTeaching Lineages and Land: Renunciation and 
       Domestication Among Buddhist Nuns in Sri Lanka|cNirmala S.
       Salgado|fSalgado, Nirmala S.|p175 
970 12 |tTransformation of a Housewife: Dipa Ma Barua and Her 
       Teachings to Theravada Women|cAmy Schmidt|fSchmidt, Amy
970 12 |tMy Dharma Teacher Died Too Soon|cJames Whitehill
       |fWhitehill, James|p217 
970 11 |lIII|tPolitical and Social Change 
970 12 |tWomen Changing Tibet, Activism Changing Women|cSerinity 
       Young|fYoung, Serinity|p229 
970 12 |tThe Women's Alliance: Catalyzing Change in Ladakh
       |cHelena Norberg-Hodge|fNorberg-Hodge, Helena|p243 
970 12 |tSujata's Army: Dalit Buddhist Women and Self-
       Emancipation|cOwen M. Lynch|fLynch, Owen M.|p247 
970 12 |tReligious Leadership Among Maharashtrian Women|cEleanor 
       Zelliot|fZelliot, Eleanor, 1926-|p259 
970 12 |tJamin Sunim: Prison Work for a Korean Nun, Myohi Sunim: 
       A Korean Nun Teacher of Elderly Women, and Pomyong Sunim: 
       Flower Arranging for the Korean Lay|cMartine Batchelor
       |fBatchelor, Martine.|p275 
970 12 |tWomen, War, and Peace in Sri Lanka|cTessa Bartholomeusz
       |fBartholomeusz, Tessa J.|p283 
970 12 |tMae Chi Boonliang: A Thai Nun Runs a Charitable 
       Foundation, and Mae Chi Sansenee: A Thai Nun as Patroness
       |cMartine Batchelor|fBatchelor, Martine.|p297 
970 12 |tDiversity and Race: New Koans for American Buddhism
       |cJanice D. Willis|fWillis, Janice D.|p303 
970 11 |lIV|tArt and Architecture 
970 12 |tFrom Periphery to Center: Tibetan Women's Journey to 
       Sacred Artistry|cMelissa Kerin|fKerin, Melissa|p319 
970 12 |tPerforming Mandalas: Buddhist Practice in Transition
       |cJudy Dworin|fDworin, Judy|p339 
970 12 |tWomen, Art, and the Buddhist Spirit|cAnn W. Norton
       |fNorton, Ann W.|p357 
970 12 |tSpace as Mind/Mandala Places: Joan Halifax, Tsultrim 
       Allione, and Yvonne Rand|cSarah D. Buie|fBuie, Sarah D.
970 11 |lV|tBody and Health 
970 12 |tSickness and Health: Becoming a Korean Buddhist Shaman
       |cHi-ah Park|fPark, Hi-ah|p393 
970 12 |tTokwang Sunim: A Korean Nun as Medical Practitioner
       |cMartin Batchelor|fBatchelor, Martin|p403 
970 12 |tHow A Buddhist Decides Whether or Not to Have Children
       |cKate Lila Wheeler|fWheeler, Kate Lila|p405 
970 12 |tTheanvy Kuoch: Buddhism and Mental Health Among 
       Cambodian Refugees|cTheanvy Kuoch|fKuoch, Theanvy|p425 
970 12 |tWomen's Health in Tibetan Medicine and Tibet's "First" 
       Female Doctor|cVincanne Adams|fAdams, Vincanne, 1959-
       |cDashima Dovchin|fDovchin, Dashima|p433 
970 01 |tBibliography|p451 
970 01 |tList of Contributors|p481 
970 01 |tIndex|p487 
971    |d20000905 

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