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    Year Entries
QE151 .A18 no.39 : Shales and surface clays of Ohio / by Raymond E. Lamborn, Chester R. Austin [and] Downs Schaaf.  1939 1
QE151 .A18 , no.40 : Clarion clay of Hope and Lincoln furnace fields.  1940 1
QE151 .A18 , no.41 : Marl, tufa rock, travertine, and bog ore in Ohio.  1940 1
QE151 .A18 no.42 : Dolomites and limestones of western Ohio / by Wilber Stout.  1941 1
QE151 .A18 , no.43 : The coal beds of western Carroll county and The coal beds in southeastern Mahoning county.  1942 1
QE151 .A18 no.44 : Geology of water in Ohio : (a basic report) / Wilber Stout, Karl Ver Steeg and G.F. Lamb.  1943 1
QE151 .A18 no.45 : The iron ore bearing formations of Ohio (compiled from various sources) / by Wilber Stout.  1944 1
QE151 .A18 no.47 : Geology of Holmes County / by George W. White. Including chapter on gas and oil by Raymond E. Lamborn.  1949 1
QE151 .A18 , no.48 : Geology of Perry County.  1951 1
QE151 .A18 , no.49 : Limestones of eastern Ohio.  1951 1
QE151 .A18 , no.50 1957 : Economic geography of Ohio / by Alfred J. Wright.  1957 1
QE151 .A18 , no.51 : The Mississippian formations of central and southern Ohio.  1953 1
QE151 .A18 no.52 : Bibliography of Ohio geology, 1819-1950 / by Dorothy G. Watkins.  1953 1
QE151 .A18 no.53 : Geology of Coshocton County / by Raymond E. Lamborn.  1954 1
QE151 .A18 no.54   2
QE151 .A18 , no.55 : Geology of Tuscarawas County / by Raymond E. Lamborn.  1956 1
QE151 .A18 , no.56 : Geology and mineral resources of Morgan County, Ohio.  1958 1
QE151 .A18 no.57 : The geology and mineral resources of Athens County, Ohio / by Myron T. Sturgeon and associates.  1958 1
QE151 .A18 , no.58 : Coal resources of Ohio.  1960 1
QE151 .A18 no.59 : Geology of Knox County / by Samuel I. Root, Joaquin Rodriguez [and] Jane L. Forsyth.  1961 1
QE151 .A18 , no.60 : Geology of Fairfield County.  1962 1
QE151 .A18 , no.61 : Geology of Stark County.  1963 1
QE151 .A18 no.62   4
QE151 .A18 no.63 : Pennsylvanian brachiopods of Ohio / by Myron T. Sturgeon, Richard D. Hoare.  1968 1
QE151 .A18 no.64 : Stratigraphy of the Cambrian and Lower Ordovician rocks in Ohio / by A. Janssens.  1973 1
QE151 .A18 no.65 : Ohio, an American heartland / by Allen G. Noble and Albert J. Korsok ; with chapters by Grace L. Powell [and] Gerald Pyle ; with maps by M. Margaret Geib.  1975 1
QE151 .A18 no.66   2
QE151 .A18 no.67 : Pennsylvanian marine bivalvia and rostroconchia of Ohio / by Richard D. Hoare, Myron T. Sturgeon, Eugene A. Kindt.  1979 1
QE151 .A18 no.68 : Glacial geology of northeastern Ohio / by George W. White ; with a chapter on Pleistocene beaches and strandlines bordering Lake Erie by Stanley M. Totten.  1982 1
QE151 .A18 no.69 : Minerals of Ohio / by Ernest H. Carlson.  1991 1
QE151 .A18 no.71 : Pennsylvanian cephalopods of Ohio.  1997 1
QE151 .A18 no.73 : Geology of the Dunkard Group (Upper Pennsylvanian-Lower Permian) in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania / by Wayne D. Martin.  1998 1
QE151 .A181 no.2 : Sand and gravel resources of Madison County, Ohio / by Michael L. Couchot.  1975 1
QE151 .A181 no.3 : Potential natural gas resources in the Devonian shales in Ohio / by A. Janssens and Wallace de Witt, Jr.  1976 1
QE151 .A181 no.4 : Coal resources of a portion of the Pawpaw Creek watershed, Monroe, Noble, and Washington Counties / by Richard A. Struble, Horace R. Collins, and Richard M. DeLong.  1976 1
QE151 .A181 no.5 : Limestone in the Tymochtee Dolomite(?) (Upper Silurian), Shawnee Township, Allen County, Ohio / by David A. Stith.  1977 1
QE151 .A181 no.6 : Extent of till sheets and ice margins in northeastern Ohio / by George W. White ; cartographic drafting by Leonard M. Guckenheimer.  1979 1
QE151 .A182 no.1 : Natural and manmade features affecting the Ohio shore of Lake Erie / by Charles H. Carter.  1973 1
QE151 .A182 no.2 : Selected field trips in Northeastern Ohio / edited by R.A. Heimlich and R.M. Feldmann.  1974 1
QE151 .A182 no.3 : Pennsylvanian conodont localities in northeastern Ohio / by Glen K. Merrill.  1974 1
QE151 .A182 no.4 : Geology of the Hocking Hills State Park region / by Michael C. Hansen.  1975 1
QE151 .A183   16
QE151 .A183 no.8 : The geology of Hocking State Park.  1953 1
QE151 .A183 no.12 : Our natural resources ; their continuing discovery and human progress.  1953 1
QE151 .A183 no.13 : The geology of Lake Hope State Park.  1954 1
QE151 .A183 no.18 : An application of business machine technique to stratigraphic and coal resources studies / by William H. Smith, Russell A. Brant and Marian S. Klein.  1956 1
QE151 .A183 no.19 : Well sample catalogue ; [a complete list on all material received and on file at the survey office up to December 31, 1955]  1956 1
QE151 .A183 no.21 : Geological investigations in Ohio, 1956.  1957 1
QE151 .A183 no.22 : Anthracologic analysis; a guide to the applied petrology of Ohio coals.  1958 1
QE151 .A183 no.23 : Contributions to the oil and gas industry in Ohio. A collection of papers presented at the third winter meeting of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association in Columbus, Ohio, February 20, 1959.  1959 1
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