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100 1  Bowie, Katherine Ann,|d1950-|0
245 10 Of beggars and Buddhas :|bthe politics of humor in the 
       Vessantara Jataka in Thailand /|cKatherine A. Bowie. 
264  1 Madison, Wisconsin :|bThe University of Wisconsin Press,
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490 1  New perspectives in Southeast Asian studies 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  List of Illustrations; Acknowledgments; Note on 
       Transliteration; Introduction: Of Monarchs, Monks, and 
       Peasant Masses; Part I: Diversity in Humor; 1. Central 
       Thailand: Humor Defeated; 2. Northeastern Thailand: Humor 
       Diverted; 3. Northern Thailand: Humor Delighted; Part II: 
       The Politics of Diversity; 4. Jujaka as Trickster: The 
       Peasant Imaginaire; 5. Jujaka as Threat: Consolidating 
       Control; 6. Jujaka as Deity: Rebirths under Global 
       Capitalism; Conclusion: The Journey's End; Notes; 
       Bibliography; Index. 
520 8  The 547 Buddhist jatakas, or verse parables, recount the 
       Buddha's lives in previous incarnations. In his 
       penultimate and most famous incarnation, he appears as the
       Prince Vessantara, perfecting the virtue of generosity by 
       giving away all his possessions, his wife, and his 
       children to the beggar Jujaka. Taking an anthropological 
       approach to this two-thousand-year-old morality tale, 
       Katherine A. Bowie highlights significant local variations
       in its interpretations and public performances across 
       three regions of Thailand over 150 years. The Vessantara 
       Jataka has served both monastic and royal interests, 
       encouraging parents to give their sons to religious orders
       and intimating that kings are future Buddhas. But, as 
       Bowie shows, characterizations of the beggar Jujaka in 
       various regions and eras have also brought ribald humor 
       and sly antiroyalist themes to the story. Historically, 
       these subversive performances appealed to popular 
       audiences even as they worried the conservative Bangkok 
       court. The monarchy sporadically sought to suppress the 
       comedic recitations. As Thailand has changed from a feudal
       to a capitalist society, this famous story about giving 
       away possessions is paradoxically being employed to 
       promote tourism and wealth. 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aBowie, Katherine Ann, 1950-|tOf beggars 
       and Buddhas.|dMadison, Wisconsin : The University of 
       Wisconsin Press, [2017]|w(DLC)  2016017724 
830  0 New perspectives in Southeast Asian studies.|0http:// 
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