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024 7  10.1007/978-1-4614-5197-6 
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245 00 60 years of survival outcomes at the University of Texas 
       MD Anderson Cancer Center /|cM. Alma Rodriguez, Ronald S. 
       Walters, Thomas W. Burke, editors. 
246 3  Sixty years of survival outcomes at the University of 
       Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 
264  1 New York, NY :|bSpringer,|c2013. 
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505 00 |tIntroduction /|rM. Alma Rodriguez --|tHistory of MD 
       Anderson's Tumor Registry /|rSarah H. Taylor --
       |tStatistical Methods /|rGeoffrey G. Giacco, Sarah H. 
       Taylor --|tBreast Cancer /|rAman U. Buzdar, Thomas A. 
       Buchholz --|tProstate Cancer /|rDeborah A. Kuban, Karen E.
       Hoffman --|tNon-Small Cell Lung Cancer /|rRitsuko Komaki, 
       Anne S. Tsao, Reza J. Mehran --|tSmall Cell Lung Cancer /
       |rFrank V. Fossella --|tColon Cancer /|rCathy Eng, Patrick
       Lynch, John Skibber --|tOvarian Cancer /|rRobert L. 
       Coleman, David M. Gershenson --|tCervical Cancer /
       |rPatricia J. Eifel, Charles Levenback --|tEndometrial 
       Cancer /|rThomas Burke, Anuja Jhingran, Karen Lu --
       |tPancreatic Cancer (Exocrine) /|rJason Fleming, Matthew 
       Katz, Rosa Hwang --|tKidney Cancer /|rScott E. Delacroix 
       Jr., Surena F. Matin --|tBladder Cancer /|rRobert S. 
       Svatek, Ashish M. Kamat --|tCutaneous Melanoma /|rJeffrey 
       E. Gershenwald, Geoffrey G. Giacco --|tLiver Cancer /
       |rEvan S. Glazer, Steven A. Curley --|tEsophageal Cancer /
       |rLinus Ho, Wayne Hofstetter, Ritsuko Komaki --|tGastric 
       Cancer /|rAlexandria T. Phan, Paul F. Mansfield --|tAcute 
       Myeloid Leukemia /|rEmil J. Freireich --|tChronic 
       Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma /
       |rApostolia-Maria Tsimberidou--|tHodgkin Lymphoma /
       |rMichelle Fanale, Bouthaina Dabaja --|tNon-Hodgkin 
       Indolent B-Cell Lymphoma /|rSattva S. Neelapu --|tNon-
       Hodgkin Aggressive B-Cell Lymphoma /|rM. Alma Rodriguez --
       |tMultiple Myeloma /|rDonna Weber, Raymond Alexanian --
       |tHead and Neck Cancer /|rEhab Hanna, Bonnie Glisson, Kian
       Ang --|tThyroid Cancer /|rSteven I. Sherman, Nancy Perrier
       --|tSoft Tissue Sarcomas /|rVinod Ravi, Raphael Pollock --
       |tSarcomas of Bone /|rValerae Lewis. 
520    This unique book provides a retrospective analysis of the 
       changes in survival outcomes at The University of Texas 
       M.D. Anderson Cancer Center over the past six decades. 
       Since opening its doors in 1944, M.D. Anderson has kept a 
       continuous, uninterrupted data repository of the treatment
       and outcomes of each of its patients. It is this visionary
       database from the Center's tumor registry which makes this
       groundbreaking book possible. Tracking results across time,
       the book shows radical shifts in outcomes trends, where 
       great progress has been made, and where there is still a 
       long way to go, and offers a snapshot of the parallel 
       history of developments in care. Such data is crucial to 
       informing how patients are counseled, how treatment 
       decisions are determined, and how prognoses are made. 60 
       Years of Survival Outcomes at The University of Texas M.D.
       Anderson Cancer Center is the only book to concurrently 
       present longitudinal data on survival outcomes across the 
       spectrum of rare and common cancers. Each chapter deals 
       with a specific disease site, discussing current 
       management approaches and presenting key data replete with
       illustrative charts, graphs, and tables. With the 
       resources available only to the practitioners at this 
       inimitable institution, this book heralds a cornerstone 
       moment in the study of survival outcomes and the depth of 
       our knowledge of cancer care. 
610 20 University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.|0http:// 
650  0 Cancer|xReporting|0
650  0 Cancer|xPatients|0
650  0 Cancer|xHospitals|0
650  0 Cancer|xEpidemiology.|0
650  2 Survival|0|xstatistics 
       & numerical data. 
650  2 Cancer Care Facilities|xstatistics & numerical data.
650 14 Medicine & Public Health. 
651 22 Texas.|0 
650 24 Oncology. 
650 24 Cancer Research. 
650 24 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. 
650 24 Epidemiology. 
653  4 Medicine. 
653  4 Oncology. 
653  4 Epidemiology. 
653  4 Medicine & Public Health. 
653  4 Cancer Research. 
653  4 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Statistics.|2fast|0 
655  7 Statistics.|2lcgft|0
700 1  Rodriguez, M. Alma.|0
700 1  Walters, Ronald S.|0
700 1  Burke, Thomas W.|0
880 0  |6505-00|aCh. 1:Introduction -- Ch. 2:History of MD 
       Anderson’sTumor Registry -- Ch. 3:Statistical Methods -- 
       Ch. 4:Breast Cancer -- Ch. 5:Prostate Cancer -- Ch. 6:Non-
       Small Cell Lung Cancer -- Ch. 7:Small Cell Lung Cancer -- 
       Ch. 8:Colon Cancer -- Ch. 9:Ovarian Cancer -- Ch. 10:
       Cervical Cancer -- Ch. 11:Endometrial Cancer -- Ch. 12:
       Pancreatic Cancer (Exocrine) -- Ch. 13:Kidney Cancer -- 
       Ch. 14:Bladder Cancer -- Ch. 15:Cutaneous Melanoma -- Ch. 
       16:Liver Cancer -- Ch. 17:Esophageal Cancer -- Ch. 18:
       Gastric Cancer -- Ch. 19:Acute Myeloid Leukemia -- Ch. 20:
       Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma --
       Ch. 21:Hodgkin Lymphoma -- Ch. 22:Non-Hodgkin Indolent B-
       Cell Lymphoma -- Ch. 23:Non-Hodgkin Aggressive B-Cell 
       Lymphoma -- Ch. 24:Multiple Myeloma -- Ch. 25:Head and 
       Neck Cancer -- Ch. 26:Thyroid Cancer -- Ch. 27:Soft Tissue
       Sarcomas -- Ch. 28:Sarcomas of Bone. �. 
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2013 -
       Full Set|c2018-11-30|yMaster record variable field(s) 
       change: 650|5OH1 
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2013 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
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