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245 00 Charity and social welfare /|cedited by Leen Van Molle. 
264  1 Leuven :|bLeuven University Press,|c2017. 
264  4 |c©2017 
300    1 online resource (310 pages). 
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490 1  Dynamics of religious reform in Northern Europe, 1780-1920
490 1  Kadoc studies on religion, culture and society 
500    "Guaranteed Peer Reviewed Content (GPRC)." 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Comparing religious perspectives on social reform : an 
       introduction / Leen Van Molle -- The United Kingdom of 
       Great Britain & Ireland. Social welfare and the churches 
       in England, Scotland and Wales / Frances Knight -- Social 
       welfare in Irish perspective / D{acute}aire Keogh -- The 
       Low Countries. Social questions and Catholic answers : 
       social reform in Belgium, c. 1780-1920 / Leen Van Molle --
       Church, state, and citizen : charity in the Netherlands 
       from the Dutch Republic to the welfare state / H.D. van 
       Leeuwen and Marco H.D. van Leeuwen -- Reforming apart 
       together : Dutch health care in the maelstrom of religious
       and professional rivalry / Annelies van Heijst -- Germany.
       Poor and sick relief in Catholic Germany from the 
       Enlightenment until the revolution in 1848 / Bernhard 
       Schneider -- Social welfare in Catholic Germany, 1850-1920
       / Andreas Holzem -- Diakonie (welfare and social work) and
       Protestantism in Germany, c. 1780-1920 / Katharina Kunter 
       -- The Nordic Countries. Social responsibilities in the 
       Protestant north : Denmark and Sweden / Nina Javette 
       Koefoed -- Christian social work in an age of crisis and 
       reform : the case of Norway / Aud V. T{ostrok}nnessen. 
520 8  Charity is a word that fits well in the history of 
       religion and churches, whereas the concept of social 
       reform seems to belong more to the vocabulary of the 
       modern welfare states. Christian charity found itself, 
       during the long nineteenth century, within the maelstrom 
       of social turmoil. In this context of social unrest, 
       although charity managed to confirm its relevance, it was 
       also subjected to fierce criticism, as well as to 
       substitute state-run forms of social care and insurance. 
       0The history of the welfare states remained all too blind 
       to religion. This fourth volume in the series 'Dynamics of
       Religious Reform' unravels how the churches in Britain and
       Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Germany, the 
       Netherlands and Belgium shaped and adjusted their 
       understanding of poverty. It reveals how they struggled 
       with the 'social question' and often also with the modern 
       nation states to which they belonged. Either in the 
       periphery of public assistance or in a dynamic interplay 
       with the state, political parties and society at large, 
       the churches reinvented their tradition as providers of 
       social relief. 
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700 1  Molle, Leen van,|d1953-|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|tCharity and social welfare.|dLeuven : 
       Leuven University Press, 2017|z9789462700925
830  0 Dynamics of religious reform in church, state and society 
       in Northern Europe, 1780-1920 ;|0
830  0 KADOC studies on religion, culture, and society.|0http:// 
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