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Geochemistry -- Alaska -- Kootznahoo Inlet Region. : A statistical analysis of chemical and mineralogic data from the Tertiary Kootznahoo Formation in southeastern Alaska, with emphasis on uranium and thorium / by Kendell A. Dickinson and Charles T. Pierson.  1988 1
Geochemistry -- Alaska -- Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. : Geochemistry of the Johnson River, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska / by Timothy P. Brabets and James R. Riehle ; prepared in cooperation with the National Park Service.  2003 1
Geochemistry -- Alaska -- North Slope. : Geochemistry of natural gas, North Slope, Alaska : implications for gas resources, NPRA / Robert C. Burruss, Paul G. Lillis, and Timothy S. Collett.  2003 1
Geochemistry -- Alaska -- Prince of Wales Island. : Geochemical and sulfur-isotopic signatures of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits on Prince of Wales Island and vicinity, southeastern Alaska / by John F. Slack ... [and others].  2007 1
Geochemistry -- Alaska -- Seward Peninsula.   2
Geochemistry -- Alaska -- Sleetmute -- Databases. : Major- and trace-element concentrations in rock samples from the Sleetmute 1:250,000-scale quadrangle, Alaska / by Edward P. Klimasauskas, Marti L. Miller, and William J. Keith.  2007 1
Geochemistry -- Alaska -- Tangle Lakes National Register Archaeological District. : Regional geochemical results from analyses of stream-water, stream-sediment, soil, soil-water, bedrock, and vegetation samples, Tangle Lakes District, Alaska / by Bronwen Wang ... [and others] ; prepared in cooperation with Alaska Department of Natural Resources.  2008 1
Geochemistry -- Alaska -- Tongass National Forest. : Geochemical survey of the Craig study area--Craig and Dixon Entrance quadrangles and the western edges of the Ketchikan and Prince Rupert quadrangles, southeast Alaska / by John B. Cathrall.  1994 1
Geochemistry -- Alaska -- West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness -- Maps.   7
Geochemistry -- Alaska -- Yantarni Volcano Region. : Petrography, chemistry, and geologic history of Yantarni Volcano, Aleutian Volcanic Arc, Alaska / by J.R. Riehle, M.E. Yount, and T.P. Miller.  1987 1
Geochemistry -- Alaska -- Yukon-Tanana Upland. : Substrate geochemistry and soil development in boreal forest and tundra ecosystems in the Yukon-Tanana Upland and Seward Peninsula, Alaska / by L.P. Gough ... [and others].  2008 1
Geochemistry -- Amargosa Desert (Nev. and Calif.) : Sources and mechanisms of recharge for ground water in the west-central Amargosa Desert, Nevada : a geochemical interpretation / by Hans C. Claassen; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy.  1985 1
Geochemistry -- Appalachian Mountains. : Hydrology and geochemistry of thermal springs of the Appalachians / by W.A. Hobba, Jr. [and three others].  1979 1
Geochemistry -- Arizona -- Apache County -- Maps. : Lithologic, age group, magnetopolarity, and geochemical maps of the Springerville volcanic field, east-central Arizona / by Christopher D. Condit, Larry S. Crumpler, and Jayne C. Aubele.  1999 1
Geochemistry -- Arizona -- Chiricahua Mountains. : Geochemistry and geochronology of middle Tertiary volcanic rocks of the Central Chiricahua Mountains, Southeast Arizona / by Edward A. du Bray, Lawrence W. Snee, and John S. Pallister.  2004 1
Geochemistry -- Arizona -- Cochise County. : Chiricahua Peak quadrangle, Cochise County, Arizona : analytic data and geologic sample catalog / by Edward A. du Bray, Douglas B. Yager, and John S. Pallister.  1993 1
Geochemistry -- Arizona -- Grand Canyon National Park. : Geochemical characterization of groundwater discharging from springs north of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, 2009-2016 / by Kimberly R. Beisner [and four others].  2017 1
Geochemistry -- Arizona -- Navajo County -- Maps. : Lithologic, age group, magnetopolarity, and geochemical maps of the Springerville volcanic field, east-central Arizona / by Christopher D. Condit, Larry S. Crumpler, and Jayne C. Aubele.  1999 1
Geochemistry -- Arizona -- Tuba City. : Whole rock geochemistry and grain-size analyses from sediment and rock near Tuba City open dump, Tuba City, Arizona / by Raymond H. Johnson [and three others] ; prepared in cooperation with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  2013 1
Geochemistry -- Atlantic Coast (U.S.) : The occurrence and geochemistry of salty ground water in the northern Atlantic coastal plain / by Harold Meisler.  1989 1
Geochemistry -- Bangladesh. : Compositional data for Bengal Delta sediment collected from a borehole at Rajoir, Bangladesh / by George N. Breit ... [and others] ; in cooperation with the Geological Survey of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Water Development Board.  2007 1
Geochemistry -- Bibliography.   2
Geochemistry -- California.   5
Geochemistry -- California -- Alameda County. : Hydrogeology and geochemistry of aquifers underlying the San Lorenzo and San Leandro areas of the East Bay Plain, Alameda County, California / by John A. Izbicki ... [and others] ; prepared in cooperation with the East Bay Municipal Utility District and Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.  2003 1
Geochemistry -- California -- Databases.   2
Geochemistry -- California -- Del Norte County. : Petrology, mineralogy, and geochemistry of the Lower Coon Mountain pluton, northern California, with respect of the distribution of platinum-group elements / by Norman J Page, Floyd Gray, and Andrew Griscom.  1993 1
Geochemistry -- California -- El Dorado County. : Geology and geochemistry of gold deposits of the Big Canyon area, El Dorado County, California / by J. Thomas Nash.  1988 1
Geochemistry -- California -- Fort Irwin. : Geohydrology, geochemistry, and numerical simulation of groundwater flow and land subsidence in the Bicycle Basin, Fort Irwin National Training Center, California / by Jill N. Densmore [and seven others] ; prepared in cooperation with the Fort Irwin National Training Center.  2018 1
Geochemistry -- California -- Long Valley (Mono County)   2
Geochemistry -- California -- Medicine Lake Volcano. : Chemical analyses and K-Ar ages of samples from 13 drill holes, Medicine Lake volcano, California / by Julie M. Donnelly-Nolan.  2006 1
Geochemistry -- California -- Monterey Formation. : Geochemistry of minor elements in the Monterey Formation, California : seawater chemistry of deposition / by D.Z. Piper and C.M. Isaacs.  1995 1
Geochemistry -- California -- New Cuyama. : Geology and geochemistry of the Upper Miocene phosphate deposit near New Cuyama, Santa Barbara County, California / by Albert E. Roberts and Thomas L. Vercoutere.  1986 1
Geochemistry -- California -- Pacific Coast. : Uranium in the Monterey Formation of California / by David L. Durham.  1987 1
Geochemistry -- California -- San Joaquin River Watershed. : Oil-oil correlations to establish a basis for mapping petroleum systems, San Joaquin Basin, California : compiled PowerPoint slides / by Lillis, P.G., and Magoon, L.B.  2004 1
Geochemistry -- California -- Santa Maria Basin. : Geochemistry of minor and trace elements of 22 core samples from the Monterey Formation and related rocks in the Santa Maria Basin, California / by Joel S. Leventhal.  1989 1
Geochemistry -- California -- Searles Lake.   2
Geochemistry -- California -- Yuba River. : Geochemistry of mercury and other trace elements in fluvial tailings upstream of Daguerre Point Dam, Yuba River, California, August 2001 / by Michael P. Hunerlach ... [and others] ; in cooperation with the Bureau of Reclamation and the California Department of Fish and Game.  2004 1
Geochemistry -- Cascade Range -- Databases. : Geochemical database for volcanic rocks of the Western Cascades, Washington, Oregon, and California / by Edward A. du Bray ... [and others].  2006 1
Geochemistry -- Chesapeake Bay Watershed -- Maps.   2
Geochemistry -- China -- Shandong Sheng. : Ages, geochemistry and metamorphism of the neoarchean basement in Shandong province : implications for evolution of the North China Craton / Meiling Wu.  2015 1
Geochemistry -- Coast Ranges. : Correlation of late Cenozoic tuffs in the central Coast Ranges of California by means of trace- and minor-element chemistry / by Andrei M. Sarna-Wojcicki.  1976 1
Geochemistry -- Colorado.   3
Geochemistry -- Colorado -- Alamosa County. : Fluorine in a closed drainage basin, Saguache and Alamosa Counties, Colorado / by Ralph E. Van Alstine and Frederick O. Simon.  1982 1
Geochemistry -- Colorado -- Beaver Creek Wilderness. : Mineral resources of the Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area, El Paso, Fremont, and Teller Counties, Colorado / by David A. Lindsey [and four others].  1986 1
Geochemistry -- Colorado -- Clear Creek County Region. : Use of short-term (5-minute) and long-term (18-hour) leaching tests to characterize, fingerprint, and rank mine-waste material from historical mines in the Deer Creek, Snake River, and Clear Creek watersheds in and around the Montezuma Mining District, Colorado / by Philip L. Hageman.  2004 1
Geochemistry -- Colorado -- Denver. : Major- and trace-element concentrations in soils from two geochemical surveys (1972 and 2005) of the Denver, Colorado, metropolitan area / by James E. Kilburn ... [and others].  2007 1
Geochemistry -- Colorado -- Eagle County. : Geochemical reconnaissance study of Vassar Meadow (Adams Rib) wetlands and vicinity, Eagle County, Colorado / by Douglass E. Owen and George N. Breit.  1995 1
Geochemistry -- Colorado -- Elk Creek Watershed (Gunnison County) : Hydrogeochemical investigation of the Standard Mine vicinity, upper Elk Creek basin, Colorado / by Andrew H. Manning ... [and others] ; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  2008 1
Geochemistry -- Colorado -- Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area. : Results of chemical analyses of soil, shale, and soil/shale extract from the Mancos Shale Formation in the Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area, southwestern Colorado, and at Hanksville, Utah / by Michele L.W. Tuttle ... [and others].  2007 1
Geochemistry -- Colorado -- Jefferson County. : Summary of the geology, economic aspects, and geochemistry of the Schwartzwalder uranium-bearing area, Ralston Buttes district, Jefferson County, Colorado / by E.J. Young.  1985 1
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