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100 1  Anderson, David C.,|0
245 10 Three false convictions, many lessons :|bthe 
       psychopathology of unjust prosecutions /|cDavid C. 
       Anderson and Nigel P. Scott. 
264  1 Hook :|bWaterside Press,|c2016. 
300    1 online resource (290 pages) 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Front cover; Copyright and publication details; Table of 
       Contents; About the authors; Acknowledgements; Dedication;
       Publisher's note; Glossary of relevant terms; Dramatis 
       Personae; Introduction; Amanda Knox and Raffaele 
       Sollecito; Stefan Kiszko; Darlie Routier; A reluctance to 
       acknowledge mistakes; Human psychology, superstition and 
       belief; The internet age and mass media; Avoiding 
       mistakes; The Law, The Human Brain and Psychopathy; 
       Medicine and law: How both need to be controlled; The 
       science of empathy, psychopathy, and modern concepts of 
       evil; Gender differences in empathy and systemising. 
505 8  Testosterone effects on the brain/specific syndromesThe 
       Psychopathy Checklist; High functioning (non-criminal) 
       psychopaths; Are there psychopaths within the justice 
       system?; The danger of relying on confessions; Trust and 
       exploitation in unjust prosecutions; The importance and 
       dangers of trust; On WYSIWYGs and WYSIJACs; The cancer of 
       collective psychopathy; Witch-burning and exploitation of 
       sympathy and horror; Some provisional thoughts; Murder in 
       Perugia: An Improbable Conviction; The Kercher case; 
       Occam's Razor versus dietrologia; Inspector Occam's 
       reconstruction of Meredith's murder. 
505 8  Rudy Guede's troubled pastRudy Guede's troubled present; 
       Criminal profiling; Dietrologia: An improbable case is 
       constructed; Romance and classical music; Amanda first on 
       the crime scene; The strange case of the missing phones; 
       Meredith's body discovered; Occam applied to Perugia's 
       polizio-judicial system; Psychopathy and the justice 
       system; The Monster of Florence; Prejudicial effect of the
       civil case in Italian law; Forensic shortcomings; Abuse of
       DNA evidence; Errors of omission and the time of 
       Meredith's death; The necessity that the break-in was 
       simulated not real. 
505 8  False and contrived witnessesDestruction of important 
       evidence; The unfortunate case of the shoe prints; Human 
       rights issues; Willing exploitation of the press; A crime 
       within a crime?; Italians in Court: One Man's View From No
       Man's Land; A hard time seeking to convince the press and 
       media; Observations from court during the appeal; 
       Courtroom ritual; An invitation to meet the prosecutors; 
       John Follain: A critique; Press and media when the court 
       was in session; Two years later: The appeal against the 
       appeal; 'A nonsensical pile from Nencini (viz a 
505 8  Nd what drives the trolls€; Trolls harass and threaten 
       offline as well; Hijacking of the Wikipedia page; The 
       curious case of Harry Rag; Anonymous blogging; A brush 
       with Harry; Harry Rag's exultation at the Nencini verdict;
       The baiting of Harry Rag. 
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       September 8, 2017). 
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       sh85070946|xPsychological aspects.|0
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700 1  Scott, Nigel P.,|0
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