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100 1  Sarat, Austin.|0
245 10 Dissenting Voices in American Society :|bthe Role of 
       Judges, Lawyers, and Citizens. 
264  1 Cambridge :|bCambridge University Press,|c2012. 
300    1 online resource (252 pages) 
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500    IV. The Distrust Principle in Action in the Supreme 
       Court's Modern Free Speech Jurisprudence. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
       Copyright; Dedication; Contents; Contributors; 
       Acknowledgments; Dissent and the American Story: An 
       Introduction; 1: The Ethics of an Alternative: 
       Counterfactuals and the Tone of Dissent; Forster's 
       Counterfactual Imagination; From Counterfactual Experience
       to Factual Judgment: Rusk v. State; Comment on Chapter 1: 
       The Role of Counterfactual Imagination in the Legal System
       : Misplaced Judgment or Inevitable Dissent?; I. The 
       Counterfactual Imagination as Dissent in Literature. 
505 8  II. The Misuse of the Counterfactual Imagination in Legal 
       Reasoning: The Lesson of Rusk v. StateIII. The Usurpation 
       of Jury Power: An Increasing Problem Right out of the Box;
       IV. Counterfactual Imagination: A Delicate and Dangerous 
       Enterprise for Jurors and Judges Alike; Conclusion; 2: 
       American Animus: Dissent and Disapproval in Bowers v. 
       Hardwick, Romer v. Evans, and Lawrence v. Texas; Bowers v.
       Hardwick; Romer v. Evans: In Defense of Animus; A Culture 
       of Animus; Moral Opprobrium and the Voice of the People: 
       The Opposite of Animus; Dissenting against Animus; 
       Lawrence v. Texas. 
505 8  Regenerating Animus or, Animus as Punitive; Animus as Zero
       -Sum Game; Conclusion; Comment on Chapter 2: Animus-
       Supported Argument versus Animus-Supported Standing; 1. 
       Lee's American Animus: A Basis for Law; 2. Animus, However
       Much a Basis for Law, Is Not a Basis for Legal Standing; 
       3. Standing for Animus in Gay-Marriage Litigation?; 4. 
       Animus-Based Standing for Conservative Litigants?; 3: 
       Dissent and Authenticity in the History of American Racial
       Politics; I. Why Write the History of Dissenters?; II. Two
       Lawyers, and a Generational Divide; III. Dissent and 
       Conformity in a Southern Courtroom. 
505 8  IV. The Strange Journey of Loren MillerV. Re-writing the 
       History of Dissent; Comment on Chapter 3: Dissenters as 
       Dissidents: Charles Hamilton Houston and Loren Miller; 4: 
       The Legal Academy and the Temptations of Power: The 
       Difficulty of Dissent; I. Do We Believe in Legal 
       Expertise?; II. Sources of Temptation; III. Current 
       Debates Concerning Presidential Power; IV. The Difficulty 
       of the Problem; Comment on Chapter 4: Why Dissent Isn't 
       Free: A Commentary on Pildes's "The Legal Academy and the 
       Temptations of Power"; 1. More Than Guns for Hire; 2. 
       Internal Institutional Risks to Dissent. 
505 8  3. Limits on Dissent in the Marketplace of Ideas5: Why 
       Societies Don't Need Dissent (as Such); Comment on Chapter
       5: Questioning the Value of Dissent and Free Speech More 
       Generally: American Skepticism of Government and the 
       Protectionof Low-Value Speech; I. Dissent -- Indeed Most 
       Speech -- Lacks Much Objective Social Value; II. Pervasive
       Fear Rather Than Intrinsic Value Undergirds the Protection
       of Expressive Freedom in the United States; III. The Wider
       World Does Not Share the Pervasive U.S. Concern with 
       Abusive Use of Government Power and Reposes Greater Trust 
       in the State. 
520    A collection of essays and commentary that explores the 
       status of dissent in the work and lives of judges, lawyers,
       and citizens, and in our institutions and culture. 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aSarat, Austin.|tDissenting Voices in 
       American Society : The Role of Judges, Lawyers, and 
       Citizens.|dCambridge : Cambridge University Press, ©2012
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