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100 1  Ehrat, Johannes,|d1952-|0
245 10 Power of scandal :|bsemiotic and pragmatic in mass media /
       |cJohannes Ehrat. 
246 30 Semiotic and pragmatic in mass media 
264  1 Toronto ;|aBuffalo [N.Y.] :|bUniversity of Toronto Press,
264  4 |6880-01|c2011 
300    1 online resource (xvi, 407 pages) :|billustrations. 
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490 1  Toronto studies in semiotics and communication. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 379-402) and 
505 00 |tA theoretical approach to the nature of media scandal. 
       How scandal research tends to treat the achievement of 
       media scandals ;|tScandal as logic : ideal and sanction ;
       |tScandal as industrial product and institutional practice
       ;|tMedia scandals and what they are not ;|tVideo-truths ;
       |tComprehending media scandals from media ;|tPublicity 
       narrative as precondition of scandals --|tWhat is 
       publicity, the public sphere?. Publicity as methodological
       construct ;|tPublicity as simulacrum ;|tPublicity and 
       meaning as subsistence ;|tSemiotic as theory of formal and
       concrete meaning --|tSemiotic of publicity. Publicity as 
       teleology ;|tLegitimacy ;|tPublic opinion as historical-
       cultural role relation ;|tPublic opinion as theatre ;
       |tPublic opinion operates by constructing the role of 
       enunciation instance --|tPublicity in media theory. Media 
       : functional or semiotic? ;|tIs there a need for a 
       separate semiotic media theory? ;|tSigns of society ;
       |tFunctions of the three correlates in the media sign ;
       |tTechnological determination or sign process : the case 
       of televangelism ;|tGodcasting : meaning apparatuses of 
       religious self-display --|tFrom Jubilation to scandal. 
       Religious meaning outside of public opinion ;|tTelevision 
       studies and aesthetic form ;|tMedia construction of 
       religious space and time ;|tThe call forward ;|tWitnessing
       ;|tPrayTV yields to PreyTV : acts of televangelist 
       authority ;|tPrimordial scandal religion --|tJudgement : 
       bringing into scandal-position. Scandal technique ;
       |tInvestigative journalism and objectivity ;|tMetatexts : 
       simplifying sanctions in public opinion texts ;|tDeduction
       classes of scandal --|tThe course of the scandal pro-gram.
       Media scandal methods ;|tEvent : how destination in the 
       Shanley story created the scandal ;|tThe role structure of
       the Shanley story ;|tTwo discursive scandal constructions 
       ;|tReality : news practice between reality determination 
       and satirical alienation --|tEffect and reality of 
       scandal. Scandal as objectivity effect ;|tObjective 
       scandal effects ;|tCritique of subjectivity approaches and
       functionalism ;|tScandal effect as semiotic ;
       |tInstitutions as pragmatic predetermination of purpose ;
       |tDelegitimization of an institution as purpose of media 
       scandals --|tConclusion. 
520    "Are there events that are inherently scandalous? Power of
       Scandal finds that the very idea of 'scandal' is derived 
       not from an event, but from public opinion - which, in 
       turn, is construed by media narratives. Scandal is 
       powerful because of its ability to challenge institutions 
       by destabilizing their legitimacy. The media plays an 
       integral role in the creation of scandal because it 
       interprets real events as purposeful actions for the 
       public. Examining the ubiquity of scandals in today's mass
       media, Johannes Ehrat's conclusions are fresh and 
520    Ehrat applies classic semiotic and pragmatic thought to 
       contemporary media issues, mainly moralist discourse from 
       sex abuse cases to the phenomenon of televangelism. 
       Arguing that sociological and communications studies of 
       scandal have ignored the media's constructed nature, Ehrat
       focuses on how meaningful public narrative is produced. By
       examining the parallel worlds of media and public opinion,
       Power of Scandal uses an alternative heuristic for 
       understanding mass communication that is both rigorous and
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Scandals in mass media.|0
650  0 Mass media|xSemiotics.|0
655  4 Electronic books. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aEhrat, Johannes, 1952-|tPower of scandal
       |z9781442641259|w(DLC)  2011378821|w(OCoLC)671530720 
830  0 Toronto studies in semiotics and communication.|0http:// 
880  4 |6264-01/Zsym|c��2011 
956 40 |u
       db=e000xna&AN=682688|zView online 
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