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082 04 947.7/0842 
100 1  Yekelchyk, Serhy,|0
245 10 Stalin's empire of memory :|bRussian-Ukrainian relations 
       in the Soviet historical imagination /|cSerhy Yekelchyk. 
264  1 Toronto, Ont. :|bUniversity of Toronto Press,|c2004. 
300    1 online resource (xi, 231 pages) :|bportraits 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
340    |gpolychrome|2rdacc|0
347    text file|2rdaft|0
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tEmpire and Its Nations --|tCommunities of Memory --
       |tStalin's Ukrainians --|tSoviet National Patriots --
       |tBetween Class and Nation --|tRemembering the Nation --
       |tThe Great Ukrainian People --|tThe Unbreakable Union --
       |tThe Unifying Past --|tRanking Friends and Brothers --
       |tUkraine Reunited --|tReinventing Ideological Orthodoxy -
       -|tConfusing Signals from Above --|tThe Ukrainian 
       Zhdanovshchina --|tFashioning an Acceptable Past --|tThe 
       Unfinished Crusade of 1947 --|tThe Enforced Dialogue --
       |tThe Attack on Historians --|tThe Campaign's Nationalist 
       Echoes --|tWriting A 'Stalinist History of Ukraine' --
       |tThe Quest for a New Memory --|tDefining the Ancient Past
       --|tRemembering the Empire --|tNarrating the Nation --
       |tDefining the National Heritage --|tThe Ukrainian 
       Classics --|tIn the House of History --|tSites of 
       Remembrance --|tEmpire and Nation in the Artistic 
       Imagination --|tWriters' Licence --|tFilmmakers and 
       Artists Imagine the Past --|tHistory at the Opera --|tThe 
       Last Stalinist Festival --|tAfter Stalin. 
520    Based on declassified materials from eight Ukrainian and 
       Russian archives, Stalin's Empire of Memory, offers a 
       complex and vivid analysis of the politics of memory under
       Stalinism. Using the Ukrainian republic as a case study, 
       Serhy Yekelchyk elucidates the intricate interaction 
       between the Kremlin, non-Russian intellectuals, and their 
       audiences. Yekelchyk posits that contemporary 
       representations of the past reflected the USSR's evolution
       into an empire with a complex hierarchy among its nations.
       In reality, he argues, the authorities never quite managed
       to control popular historical imagination or fully 
       reconcile Russia's 'glorious past' with national 
       mythologies of the non-Russian nationalities.Combining 
       archival research with an innovative methodology that 
       links scholarly and political texts with the literary 
       works and artistic images, Stalin's Empire of Memory 
       presents a lucid, readable text that will become a must-
       have for students, academics, and anyone interested in 
       Russian history. 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Patriotism|0
       n81017756|xHistory|y20th century.|0
650  0 Patriotism in literature.|0
650  0 Patriotism in art.|0
651  0 Ukraine|xHistoriography.|0
651  0 Russia (Federation)|0
651  0 Soviet Union|xRelations|0
651  0 Ukraine|0
       sh00007590|zSoviet Union.|0
651  0 Ukraine|xHistory|y20th century.|0
651  0 Soviet Union|xHistory|y1925-1953.|0
651  2 Russia.|0 
651  2 USSR.|0 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 History.|2fast|0 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aYekelchyk, Serhy.|tStalin's empire of 
       memory.|dToronto : University of Toronto Press, 2004
       |z0802088082|w(DLC)  2004274440|w(OCoLC)53162681 
956 40 |u
       db=nlebk&AN=468488|zView online 
990    ACLS Humanities Ebook Project|bACLS Humanities Ebooks
       |c2018-11-19|yNew collection ACLS.heb|5OH1 
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       Collection - North America|c2017-09-22|yMaster record 
       variable field(s) change: 650|5OHN 
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