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100 1  Ballano, Vivencio O.,|0
245 10 Law, normative pluralism, and post-disaster recovery :
       |bevaluating the post-disaster relocation and housing 
       project of Typhoon Ketsana victims in the Philippines /
       |cVivencio O. Ballano. 
264  1 Singapore :|bSpringer,|c[2017] 
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504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  1. Introduction.- 1.1 Introduction.- 1.2 Significance and 
       Objectives of the Book.- 1.3 Typhoon Ketsana and the 
       Philippine PDR Legislation -- 1.4 The PDRRMA and Post-
       Disaster Recovery.- 1.5 PDRRMA's PDR Standards.- 1.6 
       Evaluating Typhoon Ketsana Victims' PDR.- 1.7 Theoretical 
       Orientation of the book.- 1.7.1 Areas of "Success" and 
       "Failure" in PDR Projects.- 1.7.2 Normative Pluralism and 
       Philippine PDR System.- Pluralism in State Laws.- Pluralism in Informal Normative Orders.- 1.7.3 
       Cultural Normative Orders.- 1.7.4 Corrupt Cultural 
       Normative Orders.- 1.8 The Case Study.- 1.9A The Research 
       Site.- 1.9.1 A Brief History of Southville Rodriguez 
       Relocation Site -- 1.9.2 Southville Rodriguez as a 
       Resettlement.- 1.9.3 The Roadmap of the Book.- List of 
       References.- 2. Normative Pluralism in Philippine 
       Resettlement System. 2.1 Introduction.- 2.2 Legal 
       Pluralism and the Polycentric Implementation of the DDRM.-
       2.3 Plurality of Real Estate Rules and Bureaucratic 
       Burdens.- 2.4 Laws Governing Relocation and Housing.- 3.1 
       Post-Disaster Management in the Philippines: An Overview.-
       3.2 The Disaster Risk Reduction Management Act and Legal 
       Pluralism.- 3.3 Philippine Laws Affecting Post-Disaster 
       Recovery.- 3.4 Major Social Rules Affecting Post-Disaster 
       Recovery.- 3.5 Summary.- List of References.- 4. 
       Suitability and Accessibility of the Relocation Site.- 4.1
       Introduction.- 4.2 Determining the Suitability of the 
       Relocation Site -- 4.3 Laws Governing Suitability of 
       Relocation and Housing.- 4.4 The UDHA and the Role of the 
       LGU in Site Selection.- 4.5 Hegemonic Powers of Private 
       Developers in Site Selection.- 4.6 Laws on Accessibility.-
       4.7 Evaluating the Site Suitability and Accessibility of 
       Southville Rodriguez.- 4.8 Access in Southville Rodriguez.
       - 4.9 Summary.- List of References.- 5. Security of Tenure,
       Affordability, and Habitability.- 5.1 Introduction.- 5.2 
       Security of Tenure.- 5.3 Security of Tenure in Southville 
       Rodriguez Relocation.- 5.4 Habitability.- 5.5 
       Affordability.- 5.6 Summary.- 6. Jobs and Livelihood 
       Program in the Resettlement Area.- 6.1 Introduction.- 6.2 
       Case: The Story of Aling Bettyline and Family -- 6.3 
       Plurality of Laws on Employment and Livelihood in 
       Relocation.- 6.4 Responsibility for Providing Employment 
       and Livelihood.- 6.5 Kanya-Kanya Attitude on Jobs and 
       Livelihood.- 6.5.1 Availability of Jobs and Livelihood in 
       the Relocation.- 6.6 Summary.- List of References -- 7 
       Adequacy of Social Facilities and Services.- 7.1 
       Introduction.- 7.2 Laws on Social Services in Relocation 
       Areas -- 7.3 The Social Services Situation in Southville 
       Rodriguez.- 7.3.1 Electricity.- 7.3.2 Water Facility.- 
       7.3.3 Educational and Religious Facilities.- 7.4 Summary.-
       List of References.- 8. Summaries, Overall Conclusion, and
       Recommendations.- 8.1 Introduction.- 8.2 Chapter 
       Summaries.- 8.3 Overall Conclusion.- 8.4 Recommendations. 
520    This book looks at how the multiplicity of formal and 
       informal normative systems that administer the post-
       disaster recovery objectives of the Philippine Disaster 
       Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010 has resulted in 
       inadequate housing and relocation as well as greater 
       suffering to typhoon victims. Using the sociological and 
       normative pluralist perspectives and the case study method,
       it evaluates the level of conformity of the government 
       resettlement program given to Typhoon Ketsana victims to 
       the legal standards. It highlights the complex and 
       competing legal and cultural normative regimes of various 
       stakeholders and public agencies, rigid regulation in the 
       state's real estate bureaucracy and the unscrupulous 
       involvement of some powerful and 'corrupt' real estate 
       developers and housing groups, as largely contributing to 
       the project's significant deviation from the law's 
       proactive rehabilitation goals. It aims to promote the 
       sociological and socio-legal frameworks in post-disaster 
       research and invites policymakers to enact a comprehensive
       post-disaster management law and create a one-stop 
       disaster management agency to minimize the negative 
       unintended effects caused by normative pluralism in post-
       disaster resettlement projects. 
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       disaster recovery.|dSpringer Verlag 2017|z9789811050732
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