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100 1  Fredricks, Karen S.|0
245 10 Outlook 2007 business contact manager for dummies /|cby 
       Karen S. Fredricks, Lon Orenstein. 
264  1 Indianapolis, Ind. :|bWiley,|c2007. 
300    1 online resource (xvi, 320 pages) :|billustrations. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
347    text file|2rdaft|0
490 1  --For dummies 
505 0  ""Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager FOR DUMMIES""; 
       ""Contents at a Glance""; ""Table of Contents""; 
       ""Introduction""; ""About This Book""; ""Conventions Used 
       in This Book""; ""What You Should Read""; ""What You 
       Dona?t Have to Read""; ""Foolish Assumptions""; ""How This
       Book Is Organized""; ""Icons Used in This Book""; ""Where 
       to Go from Here""; ""Part I Getting to Know Your Business 
       Contact Manager""; ""Chapter 1 What Is Outlook Business 
       Contact Manager?""; ""And Then There Was BCM""; ""Finding 
       Out Exactly What BCM Does""; ""Taking a Sneak Peek at 
       BCM""; ""Who Should Be Using BCM"" 
505 8  ""Getting Started with a Few Concepts""""Chapter 2 Finding
       Your Way Around Business Contact Manager""; ""Taking a 
       Look at BCM""; ""Knowing the Toolbars and Menus""; 
       ""Customizing BCMa?s Look to Suit Your Needs""; ""Finding 
       Your Contacts and Accounts""; ""Chapter 3 Getting Down to 
       Business Contact Manager""; ""Creating a New BCM 
       Database""; ""Opening a Database""; ""Viewing Your Current
       Database""; ""Deleting a Database""; ""Importing Contacts 
       into BCM""; ""Exporting Data from Business Contact 
       Manager""; ""Part II Putting BCM to Work""; ""Chapter 4 
       Getting to Know Your Business Contacts"" 
505 8  ""Working with Business Contacts""""Entering a Business 
       Contact from Scratch""; ""Adding a Business Contact from 
       an E-Mail""; ""Adding a Business Contact from an Account 
       Record""; ""Making Changes to a Business Contact""; 
       ""Resolving Duplicates""; ""Exploring the Business Contact
       Window""; ""Chapter 5 Setting Up Your Business Accounts"";
       ""Getting the 411 on Accounts""; ""Entering the Account"";
       ""Creating an Account from an Existing Business Contact"";
       ""Doing Your Account Housekeeping""; ""Adding More Details
       in the Account Window""; ""Chapter 6 Color Your World with
505 8  ""Understanding the Power of Categories""""Creating and 
       Defining Categories""; ""Assigning and Unassigning Items 
       to Categories""; ""Chapter 7 Creating Customized BCM 
       Fields""; ""Planning Your Custom Fields""; ""Adding a New 
       Field to Your Database""; ""Recycling Your New Fields""; 
       ""Working with Drop-Down Lists""; ""Customizing Your 
       Dashboards""; ""Part III Organizing Your Day""; ""Chapter 
       8 Managing Your Calendar""; ""Scheduling an Appointment 
       with Existing Records""; ""Linking an Outlook Appointment 
       to a Record""; ""Making Changes to Your Appointments"" 
505 8  ""Chapter 9 Multitasking with the Task List""""Creating 
       Tasks""; ""Managing Your Tasks""; ""Assigning a Task to a 
       Co-Worker""; ""Using Tasks Day to Day""; ""Chapter 10 
       Creating Business Histories""; ""Keeping Track of Your 
       Histories""; ""Automating the E-Mail Connection""; 
       ""Keeping Track of Files Using Communication History""; 
       ""Viewing, Searching, and Managing Your Histories""; 
       ""Part IV Show Me the Money!""; ""Chapter 11 Sharing Your 
       Data""; ""Understanding How BCM Shares Data""; ""Sharing 
       the Database Across a Network""; ""Connecting Each Usera?s
       PC to the Database"" 
520    Discover how to create and manage a database; organize 
       your day; share data among multiple users; synchronize 
       laptop data with a master database; improve your customer 
588 0  Print version record. 
630 00 Microsoft Outlook.|0
650  0 Customer relations|0
       /sh85034963|xComputer programs.|0
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       sh85116729|xComputer programs.|0
650  0 Personal information management|xComputer programs.|0http:
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Orenstein, Lon.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|aFredricks, Karen S.|tOutlook 2007 
       business contact manager for dummies.|dIndianapolis, IN : 
       Wiley, 2007|z9780470107898|w(DLC)  2006939498
830  0 --For dummies.|0
990    ProQuest Safari|bO'Reilly Safari Learning Platform: 
       Academic edition|c2018-10-22|yNew collection 
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