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100 1  Yu, Xiaofei|c(Agricultural ecologist)|0
245 10 Material cycling of wetland soils driven by freeze-thaw 
       effects /|cXiaofei Yu. 
264  1 Heidelberg ;|aNew York :|bSpringer,|c2013. 
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490 1  Springer theses 
502    |bPh. D.|cUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |tOverview of the Study Area --|tFreeze-Thaw Principles of
       Wetland Soils --|tDynamics of Dissolved Carbon and 
       Nitrogen in Wetland Soil and its Overlying Ice and Water 
       During the Freeze-Thaw Period --|tFreeze-Thaw Effects on 
       Sorption/Desorption of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Wetland
       Soils --|tFreeze-Thaw Effects on Sorption Desorption of 
       Ammonium in Wetland Soils --|tEffect of Freeze-Thaw on the
       Mineralization of Organic Carbon, and Organic Nitrogen in 
       Wetland Soil --|tResponse of Soil Constituents to Freeze-
       Thaw Cycles in Wetland Soil Solution --|tConclusions and 
520    Freezing and thawing of soils is a common phenomenon in 
       the winter-cold zone. The thesis titled "Material Cycling 
       of Wetland Soils Driven by Freeze-Thaw Effects" 
       systematically explores the freeze-thaw effects on the 
       accumulation and release processes of carbon and nitrogen 
       in wetland soils, which is a good step toward the 
       investigation of biogeochemical processes in wetlands in 
       seasonal freeze-thaw areas. It is also developing 
       strategies aimed at global warming effects on the 
       accumulation and release of carbon and nitrogen in 
       wetlands. Dr. Xiaofei Yu works at the Northeast Institute 
       of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aYu, Xiaofei.|tMaterial cycling of 
       wetland soils driven by freeze-thaw effects.|d[S.l.] : 
       Springer-Verlag Berlin An, 2012|z364234464X
830  0 Springer theses.|0
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