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245 04 The American Congress reader /|cedited by Steven S. Smith,
       Jason M. Roberts, Ryan J. Vander Wielen. 
264  1 Cambridge ;|aNew York :|bCambridge University Press,
300    1 online resource (viii, 468 pages) :|billustrations 
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505 0  The American Congress: modern trends. What is wrong with 
       the American political system? / John Hibbing and 
       Elizabeth Theiss-Morse -- A reassessment of who's to blame
       : a positive case for the public evaluation of Congress / 
       David W. Brady and Sean M. Theriault -- Between the 
       campaigns: public approval and disapproval of government /
       James A. Stimson -- Representation and lawmaking in 
       Congress: the constitutional and historical context. U.S. 
       Constitution, Articles I, II, III, and amendments -- The 
       Federalist, nos. 10 and 51 / James Madison -- U.S. House 
       members in the constituencies: an exploration / Richard F.
       Fenno, Jr. -- Collective vs. dyadic representation in 
       Congress / Robert Weissberg -- Congressional elections and
       policy alignments. Elbridge Gerry's Salamander: the 
       electoral consequences of the reapportionment revolution 
       (excerpts) / Gary W. Cox and Jonathan N. Katz -- Strategic
       politicians and the dynamics of U.S. House elections, 1946
       -1986 / Gary C. Jacobson -- Congress: the electoral 
       connection / David R. Mayhew -- Members, goals, resources,
       and strategies. Senate representation and coalition 
       building in distributive politics / Frances E. Lee -- Risk
       -bearing and progressive ambition: the case of members of 
       the United States House of Representatives / David W. 
       Rohde -- Issue politics in Congress (excerpts) / Tracy 
       Sulkin -- Parties and leaders. Institutional context and 
       leadership style: the House from Cannon to Rayburn / 
       Joseph Cooper and David W. Brady -- Setting the agenda / 
       Gary W. Cox and Mathew D. McCubbins -- Party influence in 
       Congress / Steven S. Smith -- The standing committees. 
       Distributive and partisan issues in agriculture policy in 
       the 104th House / Mark s. Hurwitz, Roger J. Moiles, and 
       David W. Rohde -- Principals, goals, dimensionality, and 
       Congressional committees / Forrest Maltzman and Steven S. 
       Smith -- Nonlegislative hearings and policy change in 
       Congress / Jeffrey C. Talbert, Bryan D. Jones, and Frank 
       R. Baumgartner -- The rules of the legislative game. 
       Sample of a special rule -- Sample of a unanimous consent 
       agreement -- On the effects of legislative rules / Gary W.
       Cox -- The partisan basis of procedural choice: allocating
       Parliamentary rights in the House, 1789-1990 / Sarah A. 
       Binder -- The evolution of agenda-setting institutions in 
       Congress: path dependency in House and Senate 
       institutional development / Jason M. Roberts and Steven S.
       Smith -- The floor and voting. Greasing the wheels: using 
       pork barrel projects to build majority coalitions in 
       Congress (excerpt) / Diana Evans -- Models of legislative 
       voting / John W. Kingdon -- Pivotal politics: a theory of 
       U.S. lawmaking / Keith Krehbiel -- Congress and the 
       President. Presidential veto messages -- Presidential 
       signing statement -- Veto bargaining: presidents and the 
       politics of negative power / Charles Cameron -- The 
       dynamics of legislative gridlock, 1947-1996 / Sarah A. 
       Binder -- The politics of shared power: Congress and the 
       executive (excerpt) / Louis Fisher -- Conscience of a 
       conservative / Jeffrey Rosen -- Congress and the courts. 
       Senate voting on Supreme Court nominees: a 
       neoinstitutional model / Charles M. Cameron, Albert D. 
       Cover, and Jeffrey A. Segal -- From Abe Fortas to Zoë 
       Baird: why some Presidential nominations fail in the 
       Senate / Glen S. Krutz, Richard Fleisher, and Jon R. Bond 
       -- Congress, lobbyists, and interest groups. Buying time: 
       moneyed interests and the mobilization of bias in 
       Congressional committees / Richard L. Hall and Frank W. 
       Wayman -- "Legislative lobbying" (excerpt) / John Wright -
       - Congress and budget politics. Appropriations in the 
       Republican era / Diana Evans -- Pet projects' veil is only
       partly lifted: lawmakers find other paths to special-
       interest funding / John Solomon and Jeffrey H. Birnbaum --
       Further readings on Congressional politics. Introduction 
       to the spatial theory of legislating / Steven S. Smith, 
       Jason M. Roberts, and Ryan J. Vander Wielen -- The 
       institutional foundations of committee power / Kenneth A. 
       Shepsle and Barry R. Weingast -- The return to equilibrium
       : controlling legislative agendas / Gerald S. Strom. 
520 8  This reader compiles the best relevant scholarship on 
       party and committee systems, leadership, voting, and floor
       activity to broaden and illuminate the key features of the
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610 10 United States.|bCongress|0
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655  4 Aufsatzsammlung. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Smith, Steven S.,|d1953-|0
700 1  Roberts, Jason M.|0
700 1  Vander Wielen, Ryan J.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|tAmerican Congress reader.|dNew York, NY 
       : Cambridge University Press, ©2009|z9780521720199|w(DLC) 
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