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Author Snodgrass, W. D. (William De Witt), 1926-2009.
Title The Fuehrer bunker : the complete cycle : poems / by W.D. Snodgrass.
Imprint Brockport, NY : BOA Editions, 1995.
Edition First edition.

Series American poets continuum series ; vol. 31
American poets continuum series ; v. 31.
Subject Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945. -- Poetry.
War poetry, American.
Dramatic monologues.
Germany -- History -- 1933-1945 -- Poetry.
Description 209 pages ; 24 cm.
Edition First edition.
ISBN 1880238187 (cloth)
1880238195 (paper)
OCLC # 32470355
Table of Contents
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep had a Folk15
 4/1, Dr. Goebbels: Days, American bombing flights16
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep had a Bormann19
 4/1, Martin Bormann: My Dearest Beloved Momsy Girl20
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep's Himmler22
 4/1, Heinrich Himmler: Astral-Signs-Suggest23
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep's tough old General24
 4/1, Gotthard Heinrici: Army Group Vistula?25
 4/1, Heinrich Himmler: And-I-Do-Deserve-It26
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep had a Goering27
 4/1, Hermann Goering: And why, Herr Reichsmarschall28
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep's architect30
 4/1, Albert Speer: So / I am / Reborn?31
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep found a mistress33
 4/1, Eva Braun: You've heard of Eva Braun, of course34
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep had a Hitler36
 4/1, Adolf Hitler: Down: I got it all37
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep had a Reich43
 4/8, Gotthard Heinrici: Worse than, less than ghosts44
 4/9, Heinrich Himmler: Any-Truly-Modern-Study45
 4/12, Albert Speer: We / Saved / The bridges47
 4/13, Hermann Goering: Sir, sir, we must check49
 4/14, Ernst Busch: That Bohemian corporal51
 4/14, Traudl Junge: they know but never tell me52
 4/14, Ernst Busch: What could I have had in mind?53
 4/15, Dr. Goebbels: Two days ago, we heard about54
 4/15, Magda Goebbels: Now Joseph's sister's offered us56
 4/15, Eva Braun: There they go, behind my back57
 4/15, Helmuth Weidling: What do they want?59
 4/15, Heinrich Himmler: Aryan-Purity-A-Strain60
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep's radio told65
 4/16, Gotthard Heinrici: I have not actually withdrawn67
 4/16, Heinrich Himmler: A-Simple-Handshake68
 4/16, Dr. Goebbels: Diaries: since the age of twelve69
 4/16, Hermann Goering: Name Of The Prisoner72
 4/16, Magda Goebbels: You can destroy the evidence74
 4/16, Adolf Hitler: Zhukov's First Front crossing76
 4/16, Chorus: Men do what men have done79
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep's maxims say83
 4/19, Dr. Goebbels: East Prussia, Silesia, Norway84
 4/19, Albert Speer: Paul/ My old/ Schoolmate89
 4/20, Heinrich Himmler: Almost-Enough-To-Drive91
 4/20, Albert Speer: Take / A breath / Take your own94
 4/20, Hermann Goering: Tell us, dear Reichsmarschall97
 4/20, Dr. Goebbels: I've known strange loves99
 4/20, Adolf Hitler: Best stuffed in a bag and drowned102
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep knew the score109
 4/22, Magda Goebbels: How can you do the things110
 4/22, Dr. Goebbels: Stand back, make way, you mindless scum114
 4/22, Eva Braun: Tea for two / And two for tea117
 4/23, Albert Speer: "As we / Flew in, / The city like121
 4/23, Hermann Goering: Dear friends, the moment's come124
 4/23, Helmuth Weidling: Why can't I learn126
 4/23, Heinrich Himmler: Always-The-Same127
 4/23, The Goebbels Children: We wonder how long129
 4/23, Dr. Goebbels: I play, here, for my family131
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep says we should135
 4/24, Albert Speer: His voice / cold as his / handshake136
 4/24, Magda Goebbels: How could you dare stay constant140
 4/24, The Goebbels Children: Our father came here142
 4/25, Eva Braun: Here's "Eva with Hitler's secretaries144
 4/26, Dr. Goebbels: Want to go to my attic146
 4/26, Martin Bormann: My Beautiful Momsy148
 4/26, Heinrich Himmler: Adjutants-Must-Ask150
 4/26, Hermann Goering: Good day, Herr Goering152
 4/27, Dr. Goebbels: The girls that haunt our movie screen155
 4/27, Magda Goebbels: I wear His badge158
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep's bacchanal161
 4/28, Adolf Hitler: Benito, pattern, partner, my brother162
 4/28, Martin Bormann: My Precious One and Only165
 4/28, Heinrich Himmler: A-Wise-Man-Always-Knows168
 4/29, Dr. Goebbels: One more laugh169
 4/29, Helga Goebbels: What if your dog got hit171
 4/29, Hermann Fegelein: sweet jesus bleeding asshole173
 4/30, Eva B. Hitler, geb. Braun: Consummatum est176
 4/30, Adolf Hitler: To master the world and then180
 4/30, Magda Goebbels: This is the needle that we give183
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep took the notion189
 5/1, Gotthard Heinrici: For days I asked, I begged190
 5/1, Magda Goebbels: Face down, one by one, lay out191
 5/1, Martin Bormann: Under the shadow of this tank193
 5/1, Traudl Junge: everybody left feels free195
 5/1, Helmuth Weidling: The silence staggered me196
 5/1, Hermann Goering: When I speak to you, you stand197
 5/1, Heinrich Himmler: An-Eye-Patch199
 5/1, Dr. Goebbels: Say goodbye to the help201
 Chorus: Old Lady Barkeep squealed with laughter202
 About the Author207