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245 00 Early nutrition and its later consequences :|bnew 
       opportunities : perinatal programming of adult health - EC
       supported research /|cedited by Berthold Koletzko [and 
264  1 Dordrecht ;|aNew York :|bSpringer,|c2005. 
300    1 online resource (xvii, 237 pages) :|billustrations. 
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490 1  Advances in experimental medicine and biology ;|vv. 569. 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  What is the EU infant nutrition cluster? -- Early 
       nutrition and its later consequences: new opportunities --
       The developmental origins of adult health and well-being -
       - Long term effects of breastfeeding on the infant and 
       mother -- Experimental evidence for long-term programming 
       effects of early diet -- Candidate genes for obesity--how 
       might they interact with environment and diet? -- Rate of 
       growth in early life: a predictor of later health? -- 
       Protective effect of breast-feeding against obesity in 
       childhood-- Discussion forum: from innovation to 
       implementation -- Challenges and opportunities in pan-
       European collaboration for researchers from Central and 
       Eastern Europe -- Best practice in communicating the 
       results of European research to the public -- Longterm 
       effects of pre- and postnatal exposure to low and high 
       dietary protein levels / Cornelia C. Metges -- Protein 
       intake in the first year of life: a risk factor for later 
       obesity? -- The role of long-chain poly-unsaturated fatty 
       acids (LCPUFA) in growth and development -- Experimental 
       models for studying perinatal lipid metabolism -- Effect 
       of N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation in 
       pregnancy: the Nuheal trial -- Young researchers' workshop
       -- Consumer needs regarding dietetic products for pregnant
       and lactating women and for baby foods -- Focus group: 
       breakfast meeting: SMES and their co-operation with 
       academia -- Ethical issues in perinatal nutrition research
       -- Early programming of diabetes risk--an introduction -- 
       Early nutrition and later diabetes risk -- Is type 1 
       diabetes a disease of the gut immune system triggered by 
       cow's milk insulin? -- Gluten-free diet in subjects at 
       risk for type 1 diabetes: a tool for delaying progression 
       to clinical disease? -- Insulin like growth factor 
       regulation of body mass in breastfed and milk formula fed 
       infants -- Inverse association between trans isomeric and 
       long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in erythrocyte 
       membrane lipids in pregnant women -- Comparison of 
       essential fatty acid status among German, Hungarian and 
       Spanish women at mid-gestation -- Trans isomeric fatty 
       acids as confounding variables in studies on perinatal LC-
       PUFA supply -- An eight years prospective study of iron 
       deficiency anaemia in infancy -- New insights in the 
       potential mechanism of action of nucleotides to modulate 
       immunity -- Thriving of malnourished breastfed infants 
       after additional formula milk feeding -- Role of mammary 
       gland lipoprotein lipase in the availablilty of 
       polyunsaturated fatty acids for milk synthesis -- Is the 
       crying behaviour in infants up to the age of 3 months 
       influenced by the type of early nutrition? -- Dietary 
       gangliosides: beneficial effects for the neonate and 
       potential mechanism of action -- Leptin in breast-fed and 
       formula-fed infants -- Dietary fatty acids during 
       pregnancy determines maternal fatty acid profile during 
       late pregnancy and their availability to the fetus even 
       during fasting condtions -- Effects of oil-supplemented 
       diets on liver expression of PPAR alpha-related genes in 
       pregnant rats -- Effect of a new infant formula enriched 
       with prebiotics, probiotics, nucleotides and LC-PuFA on 
       recovery after infection -- Does habitual protein intake 
       in early childhood influence age and body mass index at 
       adiposity rebound? -- Dietary compliance in diabetes 
       prevention project in Finland -- Changes of plasma fatty 
       acid profile and antioxidant vitamins during normal 
       pregnancy -- Optimal design for the recruitment of 
       participants as a factor for the effective implementation 
       of a clinical trial -- The effect of ponderal index on 
       plasma concentration of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-
       1) in neonatal pigs -- Effects of prenatal exposure to low
       and high dietary protein levels on maternal and fetal 
       amino acid metabolism in rats -- Cow's milk introduction 
       in Spanish infants -- Longer term effects of early 
       cholesterol intake on cholesterol biosynthesis and plasma 
       lipids: a randomized clinical trial -- Patterns of growth 
       and energy utilization of the diet after a period of 
       dietary restriction during the weaning period -- Infant 
       formula feeding pattern and weaning introduction in 
       Spanish infants -- Visual evoked potentials in infants 
       after dietary supply of docosahexaenoic acid and 5-
       methyltetrahydrofolate during pregnancy -- Electronic data
       capture and use of internet technologies in a double-blind
       randomised intervention trial -- Breastfeeding and baby 
       friendly hospital initiative in Slovenia -- Nutritional 
       status in young adults with screen-detected silent/sub-
       clinical coeliac disease -- Liporotein lipase (LPL) MRNA 
       expression in placentas from normal and IUGR (intrauterine
       growth restricted) pregnancies by real-time PCR -- 
       Maternal fasting effect on neonatal health -- The quality 
       of schoolchildren's nutrition in Serbia -- Tendency 
       towards obesity in Sydney school children -- Monitoring 
       and supervising a dietary intervention trial using modern 
       data processing system -- Analysis of drop-outs in a 
       longitudinal study -- Recruitment strategies of the 
       Spanish group in the "EU childhood obesity: programming by
       infant nutrition" -- Diet and nutritional risk factors in 
       schoolchildren -- Influence of two forms of 
       caseinophosphopeptide on iron bio availability -- Model of
       childhood obesity primary prevention programme -- Problems
       related to recruitment of participants for the triger 
       project -- Vitamin D status at birth in Brussels--
       preliminary results -- Obesity among young adolescent 
       Kuwaitis -- Dynamic changes in adiposity from fetal to 
       postnatal life are involved in the adult metabolic 
       syndrome associated with reduced fetal growth -- Excess 
       fetal adiposity is associated with programming of 
       placental lipid genes -- Appetite control in breastfed and
       formula fed infants -- What are the Danone Institutes. 
520    Health problems such as hypertension, tendency to diabetes,
       obesity, blood lipids, vascular disease, bone health, 
       behaviour and learning and longevity may be 'imprinted' 
       during early life. This process is defined as 
       'programming' whereby a nutritional stimulus operating at 
       a critical, sensitive period of pre and postnatal life 
       imprints permanent effects on the structure, physiology 
       and metabolism. For this reason, academics and industry 
       set-up the EC supported Scientific Workshop -Early 
       Nutrition and its Later Consequences: New Opportunities. 
       The prime objective of the Workshop was to generate a 
       sound exchange of the latest scientific developments 
       within the field of early nutrition to look for 
       opportunities for new preventive health concepts. Further,
       a closer look was taken at the development of food 
       applications which could provide (future) mothers and 
       infants with improved nutrition that will ultimately lead 
       to better future health. The Workshop was organised by the
       Dept. of Pediatrics, University of Munich, Germany in 
       collaboration with the Danone Institutes and the Infant 
       Nutrition Cluster, a collaboration of three large research
       projects funded by the EU. 
546    English. 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Infants|xNutrition.|0
650  0 Medicine, Preventive.|0
650  0 Children|xNutrition.|0
650  2 Fatty Acids, Unsaturated.|0
650  2 Infant Nutritional Physiological Phenomena.|0https:// 
650  2 Milk, Human.|0 
650  2 Obesity.|0 
650  2 Diabetes Mellitus.|0 
650  2 Breast Feeding.|0 
650  2 Fatty Acids.|0 
650  2 Research.|0 
650 22 Obesity|xprevention & control.|0
650 22 Prenatal Nutritional Physiological Phenomena.|0https:// 
650 22 Risk Factors.|0 
650 22 Prenatal Nutrition. 
650 22 Diabetes Mellitus|xprevention & control.|0https:// 
650 22 Fatty Acids, Unsaturated|xtherapeutic use.|0https:// 
650 22 Milk, Human|xchemistry.|0
655  2 Congress.|0 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2lcgft|0http:// 
700 1  Koletzko, B.|q(Berthold)|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|tEarly nutrition and its later 
       consequences.|dDordrecht ; New York : Springer, 2005
       |z1402035349|z9781402035340|w(DLC)  2005283204
830  0 Advances in experimental medicine and biology ;|0http://|vv. 569. 
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