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  Psychological Reinforcement -- See Reinforcement, Psychology
The strengthening of a conditioned response.
  Psychological Rejection -- See Rejection, Psychology
Non-acceptance, negative attitudes, hostility or excessive criticism of the individual which may precipitate feelings of rejection.
  Psychological Retention -- See Retention, Psychology
The persistence to perform a learned behavior (facts or experiences) after an interval has elapsed in which there has been no performance or practice of the behavior.
Psychological Techniques   3
Psychological Tests   48
Psychological Tests Handbooks : Developmental assessment of the school-aged child with developmental disabilities : a clinician's guide / M.S. Thambirajah.  2011 1
Psychological Tests History : Ruling minds : psychology in the British empire / Erik Linstrum.  2016 1
Psychological Tests Standards Forms : Clinician's guide to psychological assessment and testing : with forms and templates for effective practice / John M. Spores.  2012 1
Psychological Tests Standards Practice Guideline : Clinician's guide to psychological assessment and testing : with forms and templates for effective practice / John M. Spores.  2012 1
Psychological Tests United States Congresses : Forensic applications of the MMPI-2 / Yossef S. Ben-Porath [and others], editors.  1995 1
Psychological Tests United States Legislation : Forensic applications of the MMPI-2 / Yossef S. Ben-Porath [and others], editors.  1995 1
Psychological Theory   121
  Psychological Transference -- See Transference, Psychology
The unconscious transfer to others (including psychotherapists) of feelings and attitudes which were originally associated with important figures (parents, siblings, etc.) in one's early life.
  Psychological Trauma -- See Also Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic
A class of traumatic stress disorders with symptoms that last more than one month.
Psychological Trauma   8
Psychological Trauma Complications : Violent reverberations : global modalities of trauma / Vigdis Broch-Due, Bjrn Enge Bertelsen, editors.  2016 1
Psychological Trauma Ethnology : Interdisciplinary handbook of trauma and culture / Yochai Ataria, David Gurevitz, Haviva Pedaya, Yuval Neria, editors.  2016 1
Psychological Trauma Psychology   3
Psychological Trauma Therapy   4
  Psychological Unconscious -- See Unconscious, Psychology
Those forces and content of the mind which are not ordinarily available to conscious awareness or to immediate recall.
  Psychological Warfare -- See Also Persuasive Communication
A mode of communication concerned with inducing or urging the adoption of certain beliefs, theories, or lines of action by others.
Psychology   212
Psychology Abnormalities Multiple : CHARGE syndrome / Timothy S. Hartshorne [and three others].  2011 1
Psychology Abortion Applicants   2
Psychology Abortion Induced : Behind the silence : Chinese voices on abortion / Jing-Bao Nie.  2005 1
Psychology Abortion Spontaneous   5
Psychology Accidents : Accident prone : a history of technology, psychology, and misfits of the machine age / John C. Burnham.  2009 1
Psychology Accidents Traffic   4
Psychology Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome   26
Psychology Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Personal Narratives : Surviving the fall : the personal journey of an AIDS doctor / Peter A. Selwyn.  1998 1
Psychology Activities Of Daily Living   2
Psychology Acute Disease   2
Psychology Administrative Personnel : Executive coaching : the essential guide for mental health professionals / Len Sperry.  2004 1
  Psychology Adolescent -- See Also Psychology, Developmental
Field of study concerned with age-related changes in BEHAVIOR that occur in human beings over the course of life, from birth to death. It includes all aspects of human growth, including emotional, intellectual, social, perceptual and personality development.
Psychology Adolescent   70
Psychology Adolescent Behavior   12
Psychology Adolescent Hospitalized : Therapeutic play activities for hospitalized children / Robyn Hart ... [and others].  1992 1
Psychology Adolescent Methods   10
Psychology Adolescent Trends : Changing adolescence : Social trends and mental health.  2012 1
Psychology Adolescent United States : Urban girls : resisting stereotypes, creating identities / edited by Bonnie J. Ross Leadbeater and Niobe Way.  1996 1
Psychology Adolescent United States Congresses : Adolescent risk and vulnerability : concepts and measurement / Baruch Fischhoff, Elena O. Nightingale, Joah G. Iannotta, editors.  2001 1
Psychology Adoption   5
Psychology Adult   7
Psychology Adult Children   4
Psychology Adult Survivors Of Child Abuse   3
Psychology Adult Survivors Of Child Adverse Events : Working with traumatic memories to heal adults with unresolved childhood trauma : neuroscience, attachment theory and Pesso Boyden system psychomotor psychotherapy / Petra Winnette and Jonathan Baylin.  2017 1
Psychology Advance Directives : Speaking for the dying : life-and-death decisions in intensive care / Susan P. Shapiro.  2019 1
Psychology Affective Symptoms   2
Psychology African Americans   14
Psychology African Americans United States   2
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