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    Year Entries
Advanced Series On Theoretical Physical Science   5
Advanced Smartgrids Set : From smart grids to smart cities : new challenges in optimizing energy grids / edited by Massimo La Scala.  2017 1
Advanced Strategies In Entrepreneurship Education And Ecology : Global opportunities for entrepreneurial growth : coopetition and knowledge dynamics within and across firms / edited by Stavros Sindakis, Panagiotis Theodorou.  2018 1
Advanced Strategy Guide To Minecraft 2nd Edition German : Advanced strategy guide to Minecraft, 2nd edition. German.  2016 1
Advanced Structured Materials   120
Advanced Studies   6
Advanced Studies In Emerging Markets Finance : Strategic deals in emerging capital markets [electronic resource] : Are there efficiency gains for firms in BRIC Countries? / Irina Ivashkovskaya, Svetland Grigorieva, Eugene Nivorozhkin, editors.  2020 1
Advanced Studies In The Social Sciences : The influence of culture on visual perception / Marshall H. Segall, Donald T. Campbell [and] Melville J. Herskovits. With the collaboration of Donald Bender [and others]  1966 1
Advanced Studies In Theoretical And Applied Econometrics   11
Advanced Studies Mobile Research Center Bremen : User interfaces for wearable computers : development and evaluation / Hendrik Witt ; with a foreword by Otthein Herzog.  2008 1
Advanced Study In Sociology : Identification and its familial determinants ; exposition of theory and results of pilot studies / Robert F. Winch, with the collaboration of Harriet Engel Gross.  1962 1
Advanced Technologies And Societal Change   6
Advanced Technologies In Earth Sciences   6
Advanced Textbooks In Control And Signal Processing   22
Advanced Textbooks In Physics : A guide to mathematical methods for physicists : advanced topics and applications / Michela Petrini (Sorbonne Universit√©, Paris, France), Gianfranco Pradisi (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy), Alberto Zaffaroni (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy).  2019 1
Advanced Texts In Econometrics   12
Advanced Texts In Physics   16
Advanced Topics In End User Computing : Advanced topics in end user computing. Vol. 1 / Mo Adam Mahmood.  2002 1
Advanced Topics In Environmental Science   4
Advanced Topics In Organizational Behavior   5
Advanced Topics In Science And Technology In China   55
Advanced Topics In Science And Technology In China Online : A modern approach to intelligent animation : theory and practice / Yueting Zhuang, Yunhe Pan, Jun Xiao.  2008 1
Advances And Controversies In Hematopoietic Transplantation And Cell Therapy   5
Advances And Opportunities With Big Data And Analytics : Architecting experience : a marketing science and digital analytics handbook / Scot R Wheeler, Medill-Northwestern University, USA.  2016 1
Advances And Technical Standards In Neurosurgery   13
Advances In 21st Century Human Settlements   13
Advances In Accounting Behavioral Research   3
Advances In Accounting Education   7
Advances In Accounting Education Teaching And Curriculum Innovations : Advances in Accounting Education : Teaching and Curriculum Innovations.  2017 1
Advances In Adolescent Development : Adolescent diversity in ethnic, economic, and cultural contexts / edited by Raymond Montemayor, Gerald R. Adams, Thomas P. Gullotta.  2000 1
Advances In African Economic Social And Political Development   27
Advances In Agricultural Science And Technology : Advances in bioprocessing engineering / editors, Xiusheng Harrison Yang, Juming Tang.  2002 1
Advances In Agroecology   3
Advances In Agroforestry   11
Advances In Airline Economics   6
Advances In Alzheimer Research : Advances in Alzheimer research. Volume 1 / editor, Debomoy K. Lahriri.  2013 1
Advances In Alzheimers Disease Series   5
Advances In Amphibian Research In The Former Soviet Union : The amphibians of Belarus / by Sergei M. Drobenkov [and others].  2005 1
Advances In Analytics And Data Science : Aligning business strategies and analytics : bridging between theory and practice / Murugan Anandarajan, Teresa D. Harrison, editors.  2019 1
Advances In Anatomy Embryology And Cell Biology   56
Advances In Anticancer Agents In Medicinal Chemistry : Advances in anticancer agents in medicinal chemistry. Volume 1 / edited by Michelle Prudhomme.  2013 1
Advances In Applied Business Strategy   4
Advances In Applied Developmental Psychology : Media violence and children : a complete guide for parents and professionals / edited by Douglas A. Gentile.  2003 1
Advances In Applied Developmental Psychology 1993 : Applied developmental psychology : theory, practice, and research from Japan / [edited by] David W. Shwalb, Jun Nakazawa, and Barbara J. Shwalb ; foreword by Hiroshi Azuma.  2005 1
Advances In Applied General Equilibrium Modeling   3
Advances In Applied Linguistics   6
Advances In Applied Mathematics   2
Advances In Applied Microeconomics   4
Advances In Appreciative Inquiry   4
Advances In Archaeobotany   2
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