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    Year Entries
Advances In Chemistry Series   2
Advances In Chromatography : Advances in chromatography. Vol. 40 / edited by Phyllis R. Brown, Eli Grushka.  2000 1
Advances In Chromatography New York N Y 1965 : Advances in chromatography.  1965- 1
Advances In Coastal And Ocean Engineering   6
Advances In Cognitive Linguistics   2
Advances In Cognitive Neurodynamics Series   3
Advances In Combinatorial Chemistry And High Throughput Screening : Advances in combinatorial chemistry & high throughput screening. Volume 1 / editor, Rathnam Chaguturu, Center for Advanced Drug Research, SRI International, Harrisonburg, VA 22802, USA.  2013 1
Advances In Communication And Culture   3
Advances In Communication And Media Research Series   2
Advances In Communications And Media Research : Advances in communications and media research. Volume 6 / Anthony V. Stavros, editor.  2012 1
Advances In Communications And Media Research Series : Advances in communications and media research. Volume 9 / Anthony V. Stavros, editor.  2013 1
Advances In Community Psychology Series   4
Advances In Complex Analysis And Its Applications   2
Advances In Computational Economics : Quantitative economic policy : essays in honour of Andrew Hughes Hallett / Reinhard Neck, Christian Richter, Peter Mooslechner, editors.  2008 1
Advances In Computational Fluid Dynamics   2
Advances In Computational Management Science   5
Advances In Computer Science : Color image watermarking : algorithms and technologies / Qingtang Su.  2017 1
Advances In Computer Science And Engineering Reports   2
Advances In Computer Science And Engineering Texts   8
Advances In Computer Science And Technology : Boolean functions and their applications in cryptography / Chuan-Kun Wu, Dengguo Feng.  2016 1
Advances In Computer Vision And Machine Intelligence : Computer vision in sports / Thomas B. Moeslund, Graham Thomas, Adrian Hilton, editors.  2014 1
Advances In Computer Vision And Pattern Recognition   47
Advances In Computers   3
Advances In Condensed Matter And Materials Research : Advances in condensed matter and materials research. Volume 8 / Hans Geelvinck and Sjaak Reynst, editors.  2011 1
Advances In Consciousness Research   94
Advances In Consciousness Research 1381 589x : Empiricism and the foundations of psychology / John-Michael Kuczynski.  2012 1
Advances In Consciousness Research Series A Theory And Method   2
Advances In Contemporary Educational Thought Series   5
Advances In Creativity And Giftedness   12
Advances In Criminology   10
Advances In Critical Medical Anthropology   3
Advances In Cryptology Eurocrypt : Advances in cryptology - EUROCRYPT 2010 : 29th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, French Riviera, May 30 - June 3, 2010 ; proceedings / Henri Gilbert (ed.).  2010 1
Advances In Cultural Psychology   27
Advances In Cultural Psychology Constructing Human Development   6
Advances In Culture And Psychology   2
Advances In Culture Tourism And Hospitality Research   10
Advances In Database Systems   12
Advances In Delays And Dynamics   8
Advances In Delivery Science And Technology   15
Advances In Design And Control : Sustainability : how the cosmetics industry is greening up / edited by Mr Amarjit Sahota.  2014 1
Advances In Development And Psychopathology : Disruptive behavior disorders / Patrick H. Tolan, Bennett L. Leventhal, editors.  2013 1
Advances In Development And Psychopathology Brain Research Foundation Symposium Series : Gene-environment transactions in developmental psychopathology : the role in intervention research / Patrick H. Tolan, Bennett L. Leventhal, editors.  2017 1
Advances In Dielectrics   5
Advances In Digital Education And Lifelong Learning   2
Advances In Digital Language Learning And Teaching : WordCALL : sustainability and computer-assisted language learning / edited by Ana Gimeno, Mike Levy, Fran├žoise Blin and David Barr.  2016 1
Advances In Discourse Processes   2
Advances In Distributed Systems Online : Advances in distributed systems : advanced distributed computing, from algorithms to systems / Sacha Krakowiak, Santosh Shrivastava (eds.).  2000 1
Advances In Doctoral Research In Management : Advances in doctoral research in management. Volume 2 / editor, Luiz Moutinho ; associate editor, Kun-Huang Huarng.  2008 1
Advances In Early Education And Day Care   6
Advances In Ecological Economics : The economics of nature and the nature of economics / edited by Cutler J. Cleveland, David I. Stern, Robert Costanza.  2001 1
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