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    Year Entries
Critical Issues In Sport And Society   7
Critical Issues In The Future Of Learning And Teaching   8
Critical Issues In World And International History   6
Critical Issues Palgrave Firm   2
Critical Labour Movement Studies Series   8
Critical Language And Literacy Studies   17
Critical Life Studies : Through vegetal being : two philosophical perspectives / Luce Irigaray and Michael Marder.  2016 1
Critical Literacy Teaching Series Challenging Authors And Genre   8
Critical Lives : Frida Kahlo / Gannit Ankori.  2013 1
Critical Lives London England   2
Critical Management Studies   2
Critical Media Studies   17
Critical Moments And Perspectives In Earth History And Paleobiology Series   3
Critical Moments In American History : The flu epidemic of 1918 : America's experience in the global health crisis / Sandra Opdycke.  2014 1
Critical Moments In Paleobiology And Earth History Series   6
Critical Muslim   2
Critical New Literacies   4
Critical New Literacies The Praxis Of English Language Teaching And Learning Pelt : Diversity in Japanese Education.  2017 1
Critical Pedagogy Today Series : Echoes from Freire for a critically engaged pedagogy / Peter Mayo.  2013 1
Critical Performances : Animal acts : performing species today / edited by Una Chaudhuri and Holly Hughes.  2014 1
Critical Performances University Of Michigan Press : Sex, drag, and male roles : investigating gender as performance / Diane Torr and Stephen Bottoms.  c2010 1
Critical Periods Of History   5
Critical Periods Of History New York N Y : Why Lenin? Why Stalin? Why Gorbachev? : the rise and fall of the Soviet system / Theodore H. Von Laue.  1993 1
Critical Perspectives In Criminology   2
Critical Perspectives In Identity Memory And The Built Environment   2
Critical Perspectives In The History Of Environmental Design : The native landscape reader / edited by Robert E. Grese.  2011 1
Critical Perspectives New York N Y   2
Critical Perspectives On Animals   11
Critical Perspectives On Asian Pacific Americans Series   5
Critical Perspectives On Crime And Inequality : Critical voices in criminology / edited by Chris Powell.  2009 1
Critical Perspectives On Crime And Law   4
Critical Perspectives On Disability   5
Critical Perspectives On International Public Sector : Developing Public Managers for a Changing World.  2016 1
Critical Perspectives On International Public Sector Management   3
Critical Perspectives On International Public Sector Management Ser : Emerging and potential trends in public management : an age of austerity / edited by John Diamond, Joyce Liddle.  2012 1
Critical Perspectives On Latin Americas Economy And Society : Polarizing Mexico : the Impact of Liberalization Strategy.  2000 1
Critical Perspectives On Literacy And Education   2
Critical Perspectives On Modern Culture   7
Critical Perspectives On Public Affairs   5
Critical Perspectives On The Past   7
Critical Perspectives On Women And Gender   5
Critical Perspectives On World Politics : Politics without principle : sovereignty, ethics, and the narratives of the Gulf War / David Campbell.  1993 1
Critical Perspectives On Youth : White kids : growing up with privilege in a racially divided America / Margaret A. Hagerman.  2018 1
Critical Perspectives Series   2
Critical Photography Series   6
Critical Plant Studies Philosophy Literature Culture : Plants and literature : essays in critical plant studies.  2013 1
Critical Political Theory And Radical Practice   7
Critical Powers : On global citizenship : James Tully in dialogue / James Tully.  2014 1
Critical Psychology : Beyond the masks : race, gender, and subjectivity / Amina Mama.  1995 1
Critical Qualitative Research : Representing youth with disability on television : Glee, Breaking Bad and Parenthood / Dana Hasson.  2016 1
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