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    Year Entries
Cultural Studies Transcript Firm   2
Cultural Subordination And The Dalit Challenge : Women heroes and Dalit assertion in north India : culture, identity, and politics / Badri Narayan.  2006 1
Cultural Survival Studies In Ethnicity And Change : Forest dwellers, forest protectors : indigenous models for international development / Richard Reed.  2009 1
Cultural Syllabus   11
Culture America   14
Culture And Belief Europe 1450 1600 : Scenes from Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe / a production for the Open University, BBC TV ; director, Carl Heap ; producer, Dick McCaw ; [BBC] producer, Nick Levinson.  2006 1
Culture And Civilisatioin In The Middle East : The philosophical poetics of Alfarabi, Avicenna and Averroës : the Aristotelian reception / Salim Kemal.  2003 1
Culture And Civilisation In The Middle East   17
Culture And Civilization Of China : Chinese ceramics from the paleolithic period through the Qing Dynasty / edited by Li Zhiyan, Virginia L. Bower, and He Li ; foreword by David Ake Sensabaugh ; introductions by Li Zhiyan and Virginia L. Bower.  2010 1
Culture And Communication In Asia : The politics of Chinese language and culture : the art of reading dragons / Bob Hodge and Kam Louie.  1998 1
Culture And Conflict   9
Culture And Customs Of Africa   4
Culture And Customs Of Asia   3
Culture And Customs Of Europe : Culture and customs of the Czech Republic and Slovakia / Craig Cravens.  2006 1
Culture And Customs Of Latin America And The Caribbean   8
Culture And Customs Of The Middle East : Culture and customs of Jordan / John A. Shoup.  2007 1
Culture And Discovery Books : Right & wrong ; a philosophical dialogue between father and son / Paul Weiss and Jonathan Weiss.  1967 1
Culture And Economic Life   4
Culture And Education Series : Pierre Bourdieu : Fieldwork in Culture.  2000 1
Culture And Environment Of South Asia   2
Culture And History Of Mathematics   4
Culture And History Of The Ancient Near East   59
Culture And Human Development : The culture of adolescent risk-taking / Cynthia Lightfoot ; foreword by Jaan Valsiner.  1997 1
Culture And Language Use   18
Culture And Politics In The Cold War And Beyond   2
Culture And Politics Of Health Care Work   44
Culture And Politics Of Health Care Work How Patients Think : My imaginary illness : a journey into uncertainty and prejudice in medical diagnosis / Chloe G.K. Atkins ; with a clinical commentary by Brian David Hodges ; foreword by Bonnie Blair O'Connor.  2010 1
Culture And Politics Series   3
Culture And Psychology   5
Culture And Society After Socialism   12
Culture And The Moving Image   2
Culture And Theory   6
Culture And Theory Ser : Faking, Forging, Counterfeiting : Discredited Practices at the Margins of Mimesis.  2017 1
Culture Des Apparences English : Culture des apparences. English  1996 1
Culture Disease And Well Being   3
Culture Economy And The Social : Material powers : cultural studies, history and the material turn / edited by Tony Bennett and Patrick Joyce.  2010 1
Culture Et Publics : La médiation culturelle : le sens des mots et l'essence des pratiques / sous la direction de Jean-Marie Lafortune ; préface de Jean Caune.  2012 1
Culture Fix   16
Culture Francaise Damerique   3
Culture In Policy Making The Symbolic Universes Of Social Action : Symbolic universes in time of (post)crisis : the future of European societies / Sergio Salvatore, Viviana Fini, Terri Mannarini, Jaan Valsiner, Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri, editors.  2019 1
Culture Labor History   13
Culture London England   2
Culture Media And Identities : Representation : cultural representations and signifying practices / edited by Stuart Hall.  1997 1
Culture Mind And Society   5
Culture Of Cities   6
Culture Of The Land   10
Culture Of The Land A Series In The New Agrarianism : Ents, elves, and Eriador : the environmental vision of J.R.R. Tolkien / Matthew Dickerson and Jonathan Evans.  2006 1
Culture Place And Nature   19
Culture Place And Nature Studies In Anthropology And Environment : Andean waterways : resource politics in highland Peru / Mattias Borg Rasmussen.  2015 1
Culture Politics And The Built Environment   9
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