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    Year Entries
Routledge Studies In Social And Political Thought   24
Routledge Studies In Technology Work And Organizations : Information society and the workplace : spaces, boundaries and agency / edited by Tuula Heiskanen and Jeff Hearn.  2004 1
Routledge Studies In The Early History Of Asia : Elite theatre in Ming China, 1368-1644 / Grant Guangren Shen.  2005 1
Routledge Studies In The European Economy   7
Routledge Studies In The Growth Economies Of Asia   24
Routledge Studies In The Growth Economies Of Asia 2005   2
Routledge Studies In The History Linguistics : Universal grammar in second language acquisition : a history / Margaret Thomas.  2004 1
Routledge Studies In The History Of Economics   38
Routledge Studies In The History Of Iran And Turkey : The annals of the Saljuq Turks : selections from al-Kāmil fīʻl-Taʻrīkh of ʻIzz al-Dīn Ibn al-Athīr / translated and annotated by D.S. Richards.  2014 1
Routledge Studies In The History Of Linguistics   3
Routledge Studies In The History Of Science Technology And Medicine   3
Routledge Studies In The History Of The Americas : The missile crisis from a Cuban perspective : historical, archaeological and anthropological reflections / Håkan Karlsson and Tomás Diez Acosta.  2019 1
Routledge Studies In The Management Of Voluntary And Non Profit Organizations   6
Routledge Studies In The Modern History Of Asia   5
Routledge Studies In The Modern History Of Asia 2005 : US-China Cold War collaboration, 1971-1989 / S. Mahmud Ali.  2005 1
Routledge Studies In The Modern World Economy   32
Routledge Studies In The Philosophy Of Religion   2
Routledge Studies In The Philosophy Of Science : Cognition, evolution, and rationality : a cognitive science for the twenty-first century / edited by Antonio Zilhao.  2005 1
Routledge Studies In The Sociology Of Health And Illness : The public shaping of medical research : patient associations, health movements and biomedicine / edited by Peter Wehling, Willy Viehöver and Sophia Koenen.  2015 1
Routledge Studies In Twentieth Century Literature   4
Routledge Studies In Twentieth Century Philosophy   11
Routledge Studies In Us Foreign Policy : Anti-Americanism and American exceptionalism : prejudice and pride about the USA / Brendon O'Connor.  2020 1
Routledge Studies Of Societies In Transition   11
Routledge Studies On Asia In The World : Interpreting the Chinese diaspora : identity, socialisation, and resilience according to Pierre Bourdieu / Guanglun Michael Mu and Bonnie Pang.  2019 1
Routledge Studies On China In Transition : Locating China : space, place and popular culture / edited by Jing Wang.  2005 1
Routledge Studies On Democratizing Europe   2
Routledge Studies On The Chinese Economy   3
Routledge Study Guides   5
Routledge Teaching Guides : A practical guide to teaching modern foreign languages in the secondary school / edited by Norbert Pachler and Ana Redondo.  2007 1
Routledge Theatre And Performance Companions : The Routledge companion to Butoh performance / edited by Bruce Baird and Rosemary Candelario.  2019 1
Routledge Transatlantic Perspectives On American Literature : Fictions of the Black Atlantic in American foundational literature / Gesa Mackenthun.  2004 1
Routledge Transformations In Race And Media : The myth of post-racialism in television news / Libby Lewis.  2016 1
Routledge Transnational Crime And Corruption Series : Labour migration, human trafficking and multinational corporations : the commodification of illicit flows / edited by Ato Quayson and Antonela Arhin.  2012 1
Routledge University Association For Contemporary European Studies Series   2
Routledge Urban Reader Series : The sustainable urban development reader / edited by Stephen M. Wheeler and Timothy Beatley.  2009 1
Routledge Warwick Studies In Globalisation   6
Routledge World Reference Series : Companion to science in the twentieth century / edited by John Krige and Dominique Pestre.  2003 1
Routledge Worlds   2
Routledgecurzon Advances In Asia Pacific Studies : Sino-Japanese relations : facing the past, looking to the future? / Caroline Rose.  2005 1
Routledgecurzon Advances In Korean Studies   2
Routledgecurzon Advances In Middle East And Islamic Studies   3
Routledgecurzon Advances In South Asian Studies : Perception, politics, and security in South Asia : the compound crisis of 1990 / P.R. Chari, Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema and Stephen Philip Cohen.  2003 1
Routledgecurzon Asian Linguistics Series   2
Routledgecurzon Asian Studies Association Of Australia East Asia Series   3
Routledgecurzon Bips Persian Studies Series   5
Routledgecurzon City University Of Hong Kong South East Asian Studies   3
Routledgecurzon Contemporary China Series   3
Routledgecurzon Contemporary Japan Series : A Japanese company in crisis : ideology, strategy, and narrative / Fiona Graham.  2005 1
Routledgecurzon Contemporary Russia And Eastern Europe Series   2
Routledgecurzon Contemporary Southeast Asia Series   3
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