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Studies In The Structure Of Power Decision Making In Canada   2
Studies In The Unified National System Of Higher Education : Preserving the past : the University of Sydney and the Unified National System of higher education, 1987-96 / Julia Horne, Stephen Garton.  2017 1
Studies In The Western Educational Tradition : Pestalozzi & education.  1968 1
Studies In Theatre Arts : The emergence of the playwright-director in American theatre, 1960-1983 / Bonnie Milne Gardner.  2001 1
Studies In Theatre History And Culture   38
Studies In Theology   23
Studies In Theology And Religion   6
Studies In Theology And Sexuality   2
Studies In Theology No 51 : The doctrine of the Trinity.  1953 1
Studies In Theology No 57 : The early Christian fathers.  1960 1
Studies In Theology Series   9
Studies In Theoretical And Applied Ethics   4
Studies In Theoretical And Applied Ethics Series : Ethics as scales of forms / by R.T. Allen.  2014 1
Studies In Theoretical And Applied Statistics   9
Studies In Theoretical And Applied Statistics Selected Papers Of The Statistical Societies : Advanced statistical methods for the analysis of large data-sets / Agostino Di Ciaccio, Mauro Coli, Jose Miguel Angulo Ibanez, editors.  2012 1
Studies In Theoretical Psycholinguistics   16
Studies In Theory And History Of Photography : 3D and Animated Lenticular Photography : Between Utopia and Entertainment.  2015 1
Studies In Transgression   4
Studies In United States Culture   4
Studies In Universal Logic   13
Studies In Urban And Social Change   8
Studies In Urban Economics : Futures for a declining city ; simulations for the Cleveland area / Katharine L. Bradbury, Anthony Downs, Kenneth A. Small.  1981 1
Studies In Urban History   2
Studies In Urban Mortgage Financing : Urban mortgage lending : comparative markets and experience.  1956 1
Studies In Velocity : Studies in velocity  1990 1
Studies In Victorian Life And Literature : The presence of the present : topics of the day in the Victorian novel / Richard D. Altick.  1991 1
Studies In Violence Mimesis And Culture   11
Studies In Visual Culture   3
Studies In Visual Cultures : Proust and the visual / edited by Nathalie Aubert.  2013 1
Studies In War Society And The Military   27
Studies In Welsh History   7
Studies In Women And Religion   3
Studies In World Christianity And Interreligious Relations   6
Studies In World Christianity Waco Tex : Making of Korean Christianity : Protestant encounters with Korean religions, 1876-1915 / Sung-Deuk Oak.  2013 1
Studies In World Language Problems   5
Studies In World Literature   3
Studies In Writing   17
Studies In Writing And Rhetoric   41
Studies In Written Language And Literacy   16
Studies Of Argumentation In Pragmatics And Discourse Analysis   2
Studies Of Central Asia And The Caucasus   4
Studies Of Columbia Glacier Alaska   7
Studies Of Economic Growth In Industrialized Countries : British economic growth, 1856-1973 / R.C.O. Matthews, C.H. Feinstein, and J.C. Odling-Smee.  1982 1
Studies Of Economies In Transformation : The role of women in rebuilding the Russian economy / Monica S. Fong.  1993 1
Studies Of Evapotranspiration   6
Studies Of Flow In Alluvial Channels   8
Studies Of Flow Of Water Over Weirs And Dams : Discharge characteristics of embankment-shaped weirs / by Carl E. Kindsvater.  1964 1
Studies Of Francis Bacon : Studies of Francis Bacon  1970 1
Studies Of Geology And Hydrology For Isolation Of High Level Radioactive Waste   5
Studies Of Government Finance : Economic evaluation of urban renewal ; conceptual foundation of benefit-cost analysis.  1967 1
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