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    Year Entries
Studies In World Christianity And Interreligious Relations   6
Studies In World Christianity Waco Tex : Making of Korean Christianity : Protestant encounters with Korean religions, 1876-1915 / Sung-Deuk Oak.  2013 1
Studies In World Language Problems   5
Studies In World Literature   3
Studies In Writing   16
Studies In Writing And Rhetoric   41
Studies In Written Language And Literacy   16
Studies Of Argumentation In Pragmatics And Discourse Analysis   2
Studies Of Central Asia And The Caucasus   4
Studies Of Columbia Glacier Alaska   7
Studies Of Economic Growth In Industrialized Countries : British economic growth, 1856-1973 / R.C.O. Matthews, C.H. Feinstein, and J.C. Odling-Smee.  1982 1
Studies Of Economies In Transformation : The role of women in rebuilding the Russian economy / Monica S. Fong.  1993 1
Studies Of Evapotranspiration   6
Studies Of Flow In Alluvial Channels   8
Studies Of Flow Of Water Over Weirs And Dams : Discharge characteristics of embankment-shaped weirs / by Carl E. Kindsvater.  1964 1
Studies Of Francis Bacon : Studies of Francis Bacon  1970 1
Studies Of Geology And Hydrology For Isolation Of High Level Radioactive Waste   5
Studies Of Government Finance : Economic evaluation of urban renewal ; conceptual foundation of benefit-cost analysis.  1967 1
Studies Of Government Finance Second Series   2
Studies Of Intellectual Precocity : Women and the mathematical mystique : proceedings of the eighth annual Hyman Blumberg Symposium on Research in Early Childhood Education / edited by Lynn H. Fox, Linda Brody, and Dianne Tobin.  1980 1
Studies Of Israeli Society : Israeli Judaism : the sociology of religion in Israel / edited by Shlomo Deshen, Charles S. Liebman, Moshe Skokeid.  1995 1
Studies Of Jews In Society   2
Studies Of Land Subsidence   9
Studies Of Modern Japan : Modern Japanese theatre and performance / edited by David Jortner, Keiko McDonald, and Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr.  2006 1
Studies Of Nationalities   2
Studies Of Nonlinear Phenomena In Life Sciences   8
Studies Of Organized Crime   9
Studies Of Policy Reform   7
Studies Of Sites For Nuclear Energy Facilities   6
Studies Of Social Behaviour V 2 : Social structure and personality in a rural community / by O. A. Oeser and F. E. Emery.  1954 1
Studies Of The Americas   24
Studies Of The Bible And Its Reception   2
Studies Of The East Asian Institute   50
Studies Of The Harriman Institute   23
Studies Of The Harriman Institute Columbia University : Iuzovka and Revolution Volume 2, Politics and revolution in Russia's Donbass, 1869-1924 / Theodore H. Friedgut.  2017 1
Studies Of The International Center For Korean Studies : In search of Korean traditional opera : discourses of chʻanggŭk / Andrew Killick.  2010 1
Studies Of The Netherlands Institute For War Documentation   4
Studies Of The New Testament And Its World   7
Studies Of The Niod Institute For War Holocaust And Genocide Studies : The Holocaust, Israel and 'the Jew' : histories of antisemitism in postwar Dutch society / edited by Remco Ensel and Evelien Gans.  2017 1
Studies Of The Oiecl : Prohibition of Abuse of Law : a New General Principle of EU Law?.  2011 1
Studies Of The Oxford Institute Of European And Comparative Law : Constitutional pluralism in the European Union and beyond / edited by Matej Avbelj and Jan Komárek.  2012 1
Studies Of The Person   2
Studies Of The Research Institute On International Change Columbia University : Radicalism in the contemporary age / Seweryn Bialer, editor, Sophia Sluzar, associate editor.  1977 1
Studies Of The Research Program On The U S S R No 13 : The history of a soviet collective farm.  1955 1
Studies Of The Russian Institute   12
Studies Of The Russian Institute Columbia University   2
Studies Of The Walter H Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center   12
Studies Of The Weatherhead East Asian Institute   2
Studies Of The Weatherhead East Asian Institute Columbia University   36
Studies Of Uranium Content And Geochemistry Of The Monterey Formation California : Geochemistry of minor and trace elements of 22 core samples from the Monterey Formation and related rocks in the Santa Maria Basin, California / by Joel S. Leventhal.  1989 1
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