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    Year Entries
Studies Of The Russian Institute Columbia University   2
Studies Of The Walter H Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center   12
Studies Of The Weatherhead East Asian Institute   2
Studies Of The Weatherhead East Asian Institute Columbia University   36
Studies Of Uranium Content And Geochemistry Of The Monterey Formation California : Geochemistry of minor and trace elements of 22 core samples from the Monterey Formation and related rocks in the Santa Maria Basin, California / by Joel S. Leventhal.  1989 1
Studies Of Urban Society   3
Studies Of World Literature In English : Outsiders and insiders : perspectives of Third World culture in British and post-colonial fiction / Michael Harris.  1992 1
Studies Of World Migrations   3
Studies On Asia University Of Washington Far Eastern And Russian Institute : The twelve deeds of Buddha : a Mongolian version of the Lalitavistara ; Mongolian text, notes, and English translation / by Nicholas Poppe.  1967? 1
Studies On China   15
Studies On Contemporary China   2
Studies On Contemporary China Oxford England   7
Studies On Contemporary South Asia : Sexual sites, seminal attitudes : sexualities, masculinities, and culture in South Asia / editor, Sanjay Srivastava.  2004 1
Studies On Cultural Transfer And Transmission   6
Studies On East Asian Security And International Relations : At the president's pleasure : FDR's leadership of wartime Sino-US relations / by Sally K. Burt.  2015 1
Studies On Entrepreneurship Structural Change And Industrial Dynamics   6
Studies On Entrepreneurship Structure Change And Industrial Dynamics : Collaborative innovation networks : building adaptive and resilient organizations / Francesca Grippa, Joao Leitao, Julia Gluesing, Ken Riopelle, Peter Gloor, editors.  2018 1
Studies On Ethnic Groups In China   24
Studies On Growth With Equit : Crisis Responses, Competitiveness and Jobs.  2015 1
Studies On Growth With Equity   7
Studies On Human Rights Conventions   4
Studies On Implementation Of African Educational Policies : Why educational policies can fail : an overview of selected African experiences / George Psacharopoulos.  1990 1
Studies On Israel   2
Studies On Language Acquisition   43
Studies On Language Acquisition Sola   2
Studies On Law And Social Control   3
Studies On Modern China   3
Studies On New Music Research   3
Studies On North Africa : Mauritania : the struggle for democracy / Noel Foster.  2011 1
Studies On Performing Arts And Literature Of The I Slamicate World : The sung home : narrative, morality, and the Kurdish nation / by Wendelmoet Hamelink.  2016 1
Studies On Performing Arts And Literature Of The Islamicate World   2
Studies On Personalities Of The New Testament   5
Studies On Personalities Of The Old Testament   6
Studies On Popular Culture Series   2
Studies On Religion In Africa   16
Studies On Southeast Asia   31
Studies On The Children Of Abraham   2
Studies On The European Polity : Europe and the Middle East : in the shadow of September 11 / Richard Youngs.  2006 1
Studies On The European Union Series : Interest Group Coalitions in the European Union : an analysis of (in)formal initiatives to influence European energy policy / Maren Kreutler.  2015 1
Studies On The History Of Quebec   17
Studies On The History Of Quebec Etudes Dhistoire Du Quebec : The freedom to smoke : tobacco consumption and identity / Jarrett Rudy.  2005 1
Studies On The History Of Society And Culture   53
Studies On The Impact Of The Illegal Drug Trade   2
Studies On The Interaction Of Art Thought And Power   7
Studies On The Law Of Treaties   4
Studies On The Nature Of War : War and ethnicity : global connections and local violence / edited by David Turton.  1997 1
Studies On The Semantic Web   29
Studies On The Text Of The Desert Of Judah : Hebrew of the late second temple period : proceedings of a sixth international symposium on the Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Ben Sira / edited by Eibert Tigchelaar and Pierre Van Hecke.  2015 1
Studies On The Texts Of The Desert Of Judah   53
Studies On Themes And Motifs In Literature : Heimat in Horst Bieneks Gleiwitzer Tetralogie : Erinnerungsdiskurs und Erzählverfahren / Thomas B. Ahrens.  2003 1
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