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    Year Entries
Wiley Professional Banking And Finance Series : Handbook of financial markets and institutions / edited by Edward I. Altman ; associate editor Mary Jane McKinney.  1987 1
Wiley Professional Computing : Signal processing in C / Christopher E. Reid, Thomas B. Passin.  1992 1
Wiley Publication In Mathematical Statistics   2
Wiley Publication In Psychology : Handbook of experimental psychology.  1951 1
Wiley Publications In Psychology   3
Wiley Publications In Statistics : Elementary decision theory / Herman Chernoff and Lincoln E. Moses.  1959 1
Wiley Regulatory Reporting   12
Wiley Regulatory Reporting Ser : IFRS and US GAAP : a comprehensive comparison / Steven E. Shamrock.  2012 1
Wiley Scelc E Books   14
Wiley Science Editions   4
Wiley Science Wise Co Publication   2
Wiley Scrivener : The science of climate change / M.R. Islam and M.M. Khan.  2019 1
Wiley Self Teaching Guides   2
Wiley Series In Acoustics Noise And Vibration   2
Wiley Series In Agent Technology   2
Wiley Series In Agrochemicals And Plant Protection : Occupational and residential exposure assessment for pesticides / edited by Claire A. Franklin and John P. Worgan.  2005 1
Wiley Series In American Economic History : The transformation of the American economy, 1865-1914 ; an essay in interpretation.  1971 1
Wiley Series In Atmospheric Physics And Remote Sensing   5
Wiley Series In Behavior : A temperament theory of personality development / Arnold H. Buss and Robert Plomin.  1975 1
Wiley Series In Biomedical Engineering And Multi Disciplinary Integrated Systems   3
Wiley Series In Biotechnology And Bioengineering   3
Wiley Series In Brief Therapy And Counselling   3
Wiley Series In Child Care And Protection   2
Wiley Series In Child Protection And Policy   2
Wiley Series In Clinical Psychology   8
Wiley Series In Communications Networking And Distributed Systems   9
Wiley Series In Computational And Quantitative Social Science   12
Wiley Series In Computational Mechanics   3
Wiley Series In Computational Statistics   4
Wiley Series In Corrosion   6
Wiley Series In Discrete Mathematics And Optimization : Introduction to combinatorics / Martin J. Erickson, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO.  2013 1
Wiley Series In Display Technology   2
Wiley Series In Drug Discovery And Development   6
Wiley Series In Dynamics And Control Of Electromechanical Systems   5
Wiley Series In Ecological And Applied Microbiology   2
Wiley Series In Electrical And Computer Engineering : Systemic design methodologies for electrical energy systems : analysis, synthesis and management / edited by Xavier Roboam.  2012 1
Wiley Series In Engineering And Technology Management : Managing research, development and innovation : managing the unmanageable / Ravi K. Jain, Harry C. Triandis, Cynthia Wagner Weick.  2010 1
Wiley Series In Existential Perspectives On Psychotherapy And Counselling : Paradox and passion in psychotherapy : an existential approach to therapy and counselling / Emmy van Deurzen.  1998 1
Wiley Series In Financial Engineering : High-frequency financial market data : sources, applications and market microstructure / Owain ap Gwilym and Charles Sutcliffe.  1999 1
Wiley Series In Forensic Clinical Psychology   3
Wiley Series In Homeland And Defense Security : Foundations of homeland security : law and policy / Martin J. Alperen, Esq.  2017 1
Wiley Series In Human Communication Science : Cochlear hearing loss : physiological, psychological and technical issues / Brian C.J. Moore.  2007 1
Wiley Series In Lasers And Applications : Cavity quantum electrodynamics : the strange theory of light in a box / Sergio M. Dutra.  2005 1
Wiley Series In Management   3
Wiley Series In Managerial Economics : Economic inputs, legal outputs : the role of economists in modern antitrust / [edited by] Fred McChesney.  1998 1
Wiley Series In Materials For Electronic And Optoelectronic Applications   10
Wiley Series In Methods And Applications Of Statistics : Methods and applications of statistics in clinical trials / [edited by] N. Balakrishnan.  2014 1
Wiley Series In Microwave And Optical Engineering   29
Wiley Series In Modeling And Simulation   5
Wiley Series In Nanoscience And Nanotechnology : Nanotechnologies : concepts, processing and applications / Pierre Camille Lacaze.  2013 1
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