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003    OCoLC 
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035    (OCoLC)923807779|z(OCoLC)925287043|z(OCoLC)952493358
037    9B3BF4FF-8906-4298-94F3-8C50A64E0896|bOverDrive, Inc.
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049    MAIN 
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100 1  Marmel, Elaine J.,|eauthor. 
245 10 Teach yourself visually Word 2016 /|cElaine Marmel. 
246 30 Visually Word 2016 
246 30 Word 2016 
264  1 Indianapolis, IN :|bVisual, an imprint of Wiley, John 
       Wiley & Sons, Inc.,|c[2016] 
264  4 |c2016 
300    1 online resource 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Teach yourself visually 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gMachine generated contents note:|gch. 1|tGetting 
       Familiar with Word --|tOpen Word --|tExplore the Word 
       Window --|tWork with Backstage View --|tChange the Color 
       Scheme --|tFind a Ribbon Command --|tSelect Commands --
       |tUsing Word on a Tablet PC --|tWork with the Mini Toolbar
       and Context Menus --|tEnter Text --|tMove Around in a 
       Document --|gch. 2|tManaging Documents --|tSave a Document
       --|tReopen an Unsaved Document --|tSave a Document in Word
       97-2003 Format --|tSave a Document in PDF or XPS Format --
       |tSet Options for Saving Documents --|tOpen a Word 
       Document --|tOpen a Document of Another Format --|tStart a
       New Document --|tSwitch Between Open Documents --|tCompare
       Documents Side by Side --|tInspect a Document Before 
       Sharing --|tWork with Protected Documents --|tMark a 
       Document as Final --|tConvert Word Documents from Prior 
       Versions to Word 2016 --|gch. 3|tEditing Text --|tInsert 
       Text --|tDelete Text --|tInsert Blank Lines --|tUndo 
       Changes --|tSelect Text --|tMark and Find Your Place --
       |tMove or Copy Text --|tShare Text Between Documents --
       |tMove or Copy Several Selections --|tTake Advantage of 
       Paste Options --|tSwitch Document Views --|tUnderstanding 
       Document Views --|tWork with the Navigation Pane --
       |tInsert a Symbol --|tWork with Equations --|tZoom an 
       Object --|tZoom In or Out --|tTranslate Text --|tSet 
       Options for Additional Actions --|tUsing Additional 
       Actions --|gch. 4|tProofreading --|tWork in Read Mode View
       --|tSearch for Text --|tSubstitute Text --|tCount Words in
       a Document --|tAutomatically Correct Mistakes --
       |tAutomatically Insert Frequently Used Text --|tCheck 
       Spelling and Grammar --|tDisable Grammar and Spell 
       Checking --|tFind a Synonym or Antonym with the Thesaurus 
       --|tFind a Definition --|tTrack Document Changes During 
       Review --|tLock and Unlock Tracking --|tWork with Comments
       --|tReview Tracked Changes --|tCombine Reviewers' Comments
       --|gch. 5|tFormatting Text --|tChange the Font --|tChange 
       Text Size --|tEmphasize Information with Bold, Italic, or 
       Underline --|tSuperscript or Subscript Text --|tChange 
       Text Case --|tChange Text Color --|tApply Text Effects --
       |tApply a Font Style Set --|tApply Highlighting to Text --
       |tApply Strikethrough to Text --|tCopy Text Formatting --
       |tRemove Text Formatting --|tSet the Default Font for All 
       New Documents --|gch. 6|tFormatting Paragraphs --|tChange 
       Text Alignment --|tSet Line Spacing Within a Paragraph --
       |tSet Line Spacing Between Paragraphs --|tCreate a 
       Bulleted or Numbered List --|tDisplay Formatting Marks --
       |tHide or Display the Ruler --|tIndent Paragraphs --|tSet 
       Tabs --|tAdd a Paragraph Border --|tReview and Change 
       Formatting --|tCompare Formatting --|tApply Formatting 
       Using Styles --|tSwitch Styles --|tSave Formatting in a 
       Style --|tExpand or Collapse Document Content --|tModify a
       Style --|tAdd Paragraph Shading --|gch. 7|tFormatting 
       Pages --|tAdjust Margins --|tInsert a Page Break --
       |tControl Text Flow and Pagination --|tAlign Text 
       Vertically on the Page --|tChange Page Orientation --
       |tInsert a Section Break --|tAdd Page Numbers to a 
       Document --|tAdd Line Numbers to a Document --|tUsing the 
       Building Blocks Organizer --|tAdd a Header or Footer --
       |tUsing Different Headers or Footers Within a Document --
       |tAdd a Footnote --|tAdd an Endnote --|tFind, Edit, or 
       Delete Footnotes or Endnotes --|tConvert Footnotes to 
       Endnotes --|tGenerate a Table of Contents --|tAdd a 
       Watermark --|tAdd a Page Border --|tApply Document 
       Formatting --|tCreate Newspaper Columns --|gch. 8
       |tPrinting Documents --|tPreview and Print a Document --
       |tPrint on Different Paper Sizes --|tPrint an Envelope --
       |tSet Up Labels to Print --|gch. 9|tWorking with Tables 
       and Charts --|tCreate a Table --|tChange the Row Height or
       Column Width --|tMove a Table --|tResize a Table --|tAdd 
       or Delete a Row --|tAdd or Delete a Column --|tSet Cell 
       Margins --|tAdd Space Between Cells --|tCombine Cells --
       |tSplit Cells --|tSplit a Table --|tAdd a Formula to a 
       Table --|tAlign Text in Cells --|tAdd Shading to Cells --
       |tChange Cell Borders --|tFormat a Table --|tAdd a Chart -
       -|tChart Concepts --|gch. 10|tWorking with Graphics --
       |tAdd WordArt --|tAdd a Picture --|tInsert an Online 
       Picture --|tInsert an Online Video --|tAdd a Screenshot --
       |tAdd a Shape --|tAdd a Text Box --|tMove or Resize a 
       Graphic --|tUnderstanding Graphics Modification Techniques
       --|tUnderstanding Text Wrapping and Graphics --|tWrap Text
       Around a Graphic --|tWork with Diagrams --|gch. 11
       |tCustomizing Word --|tControl the Display of Formatting 
       Marks --|tCustomize the Status Bar --|tHide or Display 
       Ribbon Buttons --|tAdd a Predefined Group to a Ribbon Tab 
       --|tCreate Your Own Ribbon Group --|tCreate Your Own 
       Ribbon Tab --|tWork with the Quick Access Toolbar --|tAdd 
       Keyboard Shortcuts --|tCreate a Macro --|tRun a Macro --
       |gch. 12|tWorking with Mass Mailing Tools --|tCreate 
       Letters to Mass Mail --|tCreate Labels for a Mass Mailing 
       --|gch. 13|tWord and the World Beyond Your Desktop --
       |tEmail a Document --|tCreate a Hyperlink --|tPost to Your
       Blog --|tOffice and the Cloud --|tSign In to Office 365 --
       |tOpen a Cloud Document --|tSave a Document to the Cloud -
       -|tShare a Document from Word --|tDownload Apps from the 
       Office Store --|tUsing the Word Online App in OneDrive. 
520    Are you a visual learner who prefers to see how Word works
       rather than hear a long-winded explanation? Let this 
       book's straightforward, show-me-don't-tell-me approach 
       help you quickly come to grips with all of Word's 
       capabilities and get you up and running - and actually 
       using them - in no time. --|cEdited summary from book. 
588 0  Online resource; title from PDF title page (EBSCO, viewed 
       October 14, 2015). 
630 00 Microsoft Word. 
630 07 Microsoft Word.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01368050 
650  0 Word processing. 
650  7 COMPUTERS|xProgramming|xMicrosoft.|2bisacsh 
650  7 COMPUTERS|xData Processing.|2bisacsh 
650  7 Word processing.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01180127 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aMarmel, Elaine J.|tWord 2016.
       |dIndianapolis, IN : Visual, an imprint of Wiley, John 
       Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2016]|w(DLC)  2015952812 
830  0 Teach yourself visually. 
990    ProQuest Safari|bO'Reilly Online Learning: Academic/Public
       Library Edition|c2020-10-09|yKB collection name change
990    ProQuest Safari|bO'Reilly Safari Learning Platform: 
       Academic edition|c2020-07-10|yMaster record variable 
       field(s) change: 505|5OH1 
990    ProQuest Safari|bO'Reilly Safari Learning Platform: 
       Academic edition|c2018-10-22|yNew collection 
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