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Matenaer James Dr  
      HST 300/ THE 300 (e-reserves)
Mauldren Kristopher  
Mc Gruder Kevin  
Mccollum Meri Linn  
Your entry mcconnell would be here
Mccray Kristy
      SMGT 1400
      SMGT 2450
Mccubbin Laurenn  
      CORE1020 Intro to Comics and Narrative Practice
Mcdaniel Grace  
      EDUC 3200
Mcginn Kevin  
      ILLU4020 Self Promotion for Illustrators
Mcgrath Allison
      EDUC 5360
      EDUC 4500
Mcgrath Thomas
      HIST 346 (Southeast Asian History)
      HIST 111 (Emergence I)
      HIST 460 (History)
Mcgruder Kevin
Mckelvey Mary  
      NURS 3500
Mckenna Kyle C  
      BIO 217 (e-reserves)
Mcmullen Matt
      MATH 0900
      MATH 1220
      MATH 2170
      MATH 1230
Mcmullen Matthew  
      Nature of Mathematics
Mcnabb Nichelle
      COMM 3000
      COMM 1100
      COMM 1000
      COMM 3750
Mcnulty Brenton  
      SLD 2000
Mcvay Pamela  
      HI 454-01
Meagher Caitlin  
Medjesky Christopher
      Principles of Speech
      Media Effects
Meldrum Linus
      ART 150 Visual Arts and the Catholic Imagination (e-reserves)
      ART 150 ONLINE Session 2 (E-Reserves)
      Visual Arts and Catholic Imagination ART 150 OL1 (E-Reserves)
Merkowitz Jennifer
      MUSC 2001
      MUSC 4001
      MUSC 3001
      MUSC 1010
2 additional entries
Merkowitz Jenny  
      MUSC 2000
Meyer Leigh
      NURS 3600
      NURS 2300
      NURS 2700
Meyer Meredith
      PSYC 1050
      PSYC 2310
      PSYC 2000
Mfa Thesis Papers And Dvds  
      MFA Thesis Papers and DVDs
Miglia James  
      MUSC 2062
Miletic Dr Stephen
      THE 102 A (E-Reserves)
      THE 711 (E-Reserves)
      THE 601 (E-Reserves)
      THE 211 (DL) (E-Reserves)
2 additional entries
Millen Scott
Miller Eric W  
      CC 201
Miller Greg  
      HIST 112 03 OC
Miller Kevin
      THE 429 (E-Reserves)
      THE 700 (E-Reserves)
      THE 115 (E-Reserves)
      THE 320 (E-Reserves)
3 additional entries
Millsap Susan  
      COMM 1000
Minto Andrew Dr
      THE 211: Principles of Biblical Theology Study I
      THE 212: Principles of Biblical Study II
      THE 211: Principles of Biblical Theology Study I (E-Reserves)
      THE 212: Principles of Biblical Theology Study II (E-Reserves)
      IC850 - Collaboration in Urban Communities - 2017 JTerm - MTSO (OSU Campus location)
      IC 850 - Collaboration in Urban Communities - MTSO - Spring Term 2018
Mische Patrica  
      PEAC 320
Mische Patricia  
      PEAC 330
Mitias Lara  
Miwa Osborne Toyoko
Mohr Eric  
      PHL 212C
Mohr Holly  
      PHL 113
Monnett Terry  
      Physics and Its Applications
Moore Janice  
      MUS 211
Morales Mariah  
      ART 210
Morris Jackie  
      BIO 121
Moskowitz Nona  
      SOCI 220
Mount Carmel College Of Nursing  
      350.4 Seminar
Mowry Jason  
      Cafe Sketch
Moyer Jason  
      COMM 110
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