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    Year Entries
Dialogo Per La Passione Del Signor : Dialogo per la passione del Signor  2009 1
Dialogorum Sacrorum Libri Quatuor   5
Dialogorum Sacrorum Libri Quatuor English : Dialogorum sacrorum libri quatuor. English  1610 1
Dialogos   6
Dialogos Albuquerque N M   47
Dialogos Albuquerque New Mexico : Independence in Spanish America : civil wars, revolutions, and underdevelopment / Jay Kinsbruner.  2000 1
Dialogos Das Grandezas Do Brasil English : Diálogos das grandezas do Brasil. English  1987 1
Dialogos De La Cristiandad : Diálogos de la Cristiandad  1965 1
Dialogos De Medallas Inscriviones Y Otras Antiquedades Latin : Dialogos de medallas, inscriviones y otras antiquedades. Latin    1
Dialogos En Mato Grosso Con Pedro Casaldaliga English : Dialógos en Mato Grosso con Pedro Casaldáliga. English  1981 1
Dialogos Familiares English And Spanish : Grammaire espagnolle expliquee en francois. English  1622 1
Dialogue : Ford Madox Ford's The good soldier / edited by Rossitsa Terzieva-Artemis.  2018 1
Dialogue 14 : Refiguring Oscar Wilde's Salome.  2011 1
Dialogue Akron Ohio : Dialogue / Akron Art Institute [and] the University Galleries, the University of Akron.  2004 1
Dialogue And Disjunction   4
Dialogue And Disjunction Studies In Jewish German Literature Culture And Thought : German Jewish literature after 1990 / edited by Katja Garloff and Agnes Mueller.  2018 1
Dialogue And Proclamation 1994 : Redemption and dialogue : reading Redemptoris missio and Dialogue and proclamation / edited by William R. Burrows.  1993 1
Dialogue And Song : Dialogue and song  1981 1
Dialogue Arguing That Arch Bishops Bishops Curates Neuters Are To Be Cut Off By The Law Of God : Dialogue, arguing that arch-bishops, bishops, curates, neuters, are to be cut-off by the law of God  1644 1
Dialogue Aus Dem Messingkauf English : Dialogue aus dem Messingkauf. English.  2012 1
Dialogue Aux Enfers Entre Machiavel Et Montesquieu English   2
Dialogue Avec Chiara Lubich English : Dialogue avec Chiara Lubich. English  1985 1
Dialogue Avec Heidegger English : Dialogue with Heidegger : Greek philosophy / Jean Beaufret ; translated by Mark Sinclair.  c2006 1
Dialogue Between A Christian And A Quaker : Three dialogues between a Christian and a Quaker : wherein is faithfully represented, some of the chief and most concerning opinions of the Quakers : together with their method and manner of reasoning in the defence thereof : unto which is now annexed The Quakers appeal answered, being a full relation of a dispute betwixt William Pen and the author / published ... by Thomas Hicks.  1679 1
Dialogue Between A Quaker And His Neighbour In Hertford About The Murder Of Mrs Sarah Stout : An answer to the Hertford letter; in a dialogue between a Quaker and his neighbour, concerning the murther of Mrs. Sarah Stout.  1699 1
Dialogue Between An East Indian Brackmanny Or Heathen Philosopher And A French Gentleman : A way to health, long life and happiness, or, A discourse of temperance and the particular nature of all things requisite for the life of man : as all sorts of meats, drinks, air, exercise &c., with special directions how to use each of them to the best advantage of the body and mind : shewing from the true ground of nature whence most diseases proceed and how to prevent them : to which is added a treatise of most sorts of English herbs ... the whole treatise displaying the most hidden secrets of philosophy ... / communicated to the world for the general good by Thomas Tryon.  1691 1
Dialogue Between Honest John And Loving Kate : A pleasant dialogue betwixt honest John and loving Kate : the contrivance of their marriage and way how to live. Readers, Her's a loving pair, shortly to be married are, honest John and loving Kate to each other prove a mate, I wish them both in joy to live since heart to each the other give.  1685 1
Dialogue Between Tom And Dick Over A Dish Of Coffee Concerning Matters Of Religion And Government : Crackfart & Tony; or, knave and fool: in a dialogue over a dish of coffee, concerning matters of religion and government.  1680 1
Dialogue Between Two Young Ladies Lately Married Concerning Management Of Husbands : A dialogue between a gentleman and a lady : relating chiefly to the nursing and bringing up of children. Which may serve as a third part to the Dialogue between two ladies about the management of their husbands.  1699 1
Dialogue Betwene The Comen Secretary And Jelowsy Touchynge The Unstablenes Of Harlottes   2
Dialogue Betwixt A Christian And Christ Hanging On The Crosse : Alloquia Jesu Christi ad animam fidelem. English  1595 1
Dialogue Books   4
Dialogue Both Pleasant And Piety Full Against The Fever Pestilence : Dialogue both pleasant and piety-full, against the fever pestilence  1573 1
Dialogue Brill Rodopi Firm   3
Dialogue Concerning The Practicall Use Of Infant Baptism : The second part of The dialogue concerning the practical use of infant-baptism : wherein many things dubiously expressed in the former part are satisfactorily cleared ... / by the same authour.  1656 1
Dialogue De La Cene De N S Jesus Christ English : Two treatises of the Lord his holie Supper : the one instructing the seruants of God how they should be prepared when they come to the holy Supper of our onely Sauiour Iesus Christ: whereunto is annexed a dialogue conteining the principall points necessarie to be knowne and vnderstood of all them that are to be partakers of the holy Supper: the other setting forth dialoguewise the whole vse of the Supper: whereunto also is adioyned a briefe and learned treatise of the true Sacrifice and true priest. Written in the French tongue by Yues Rouspeau and Iohn de l'Espine ministers of the word of God, and latelie translated into English.  1584 1
Dialogue De La Galligaya Et De Mesoquin English : The ghost of the Marquesse d'Ancre, with his spirits attending him. Or The fiction of a dialogue betweene Galligaia, Conchini by name, or Marquesse d'Ancre his wife, and Misoquin a deluding spirit, by whom her husband was misse-lead : Together with the same spirits meeting the good genius to Monsieur the Prince of Conde: faithfully translated out of the French copie printed at Roan.  1617 1
Dialogue Marimba Orchestra Arranged : Dialogue, marimba, orchestra; arranged  1979 1
Dialogue Mondial Sur Le Federalisme : Dialogues sur les origines, structures et changements constitutionnels dans les pays federaux / directeurs de la redaction, Raoul Blindenbacher et Abigail Ostien ; traduit de l'anglais par Nicolas Schmitt et Christine Verdon.  2005 1
Dialogue Mystique : Dialogue mystique  2013 1
Dialogue No 1 : Dialogue, no. 1  1977 1
Dialogue Of Religions : Dialogue of religions  1966 1
Dialogue Rodopi Firm   14
Dialogue Series   5
Dialogue Studies   30
Dialogue Studies Ds : Dialogue in multilingual and multimodal communities / edited by Dale A. Koike ; Carl S. Blyth, University of Texas at Austin.  2015 1
Dialogue Trombone Band Arranged : Dialogue, trombone, band; arranged  1958 1
Dialogue With Trypho English   2
Dialoguer : Eve : Enquete philosophique sur la sexualite et l'amour.  2013 1
Dialogues   15
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