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008    971215s1998    nyu           001 0 eng   
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015    GB98-74644 
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050 00 R726|b.P496 1998 
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069 0  9814527 
082 00 174/.24|221 
245 00 Physician assisted suicide :|bexpanding the debate /
       |cedited by Margaret P. Battin, Rosamond Rhodes, and Anita
264  1 New York :|bRoutledge,|c1998. 
300    463 pages ;|c24 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Reflective bioethics 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Meanings of death / Patricia S. Mann -- Physician-assisted
       suicide, euthanasia, and intending death / Frances M. Kamm
       -- Physician-assisted suicide : safe, legal, rare? / 
       Margaret P. Battin -- Assisted suicide : are the elderly a
       special case? / Leslie Pickering Francis -- Lessons for 
       physician-assisted suicide from the African-American 
       experience / Patricia A. King and Leslie E. Wolf -- Why 
       suicide is like contraception : a woman-centered view / 
       Dena S. Davis -- Disability and life-ending decisions / 
       Jerome E. Bickenbach -- Protecting the innocents from 
       physician-assisted suicide : disability discrimination and
       the duty to protect otherwise vulnerable groups / Anita 
       Silvers -- Assisted suicide, terminal illness, severe 
       disability, and the double standard / Felicia Ackerman -- 
       Physicians, assisted suicide, and the right to live or die
       / Rosamond Rhodes -- Physician, stay thy hand! / Bernard 
       Baumrin -- An alternative to physician-assisted suicide : 
       a conceptual and moral analysis / Bernard Gert, Charles M.
       Culver, and K. Danner Clouser -- Not in the house : 
       arguments for a policy of excluding physician-assisted 
       suicide from the practice of hospital medicine / Michael 
       Teitelman --Physician-assisted suicide : to decriminalize 
       or to legalize, that is the question / Lance K. Stell -- 
       From intention to consent : learning from experience with 
       euthanasia / Helga Kuhse -- The weakness of the case for 
       legalizing physician-assisted suicide / Don Marquis -- 
       Physician-assisted suicide : a tragic view / John D. Arras
       -- The Supreme Court and terminal sedation : an ethically 
       inferior alternative to physician-assisted suicide / David
       Orentlicher -- Would physician-assisted suicide save the 
       healthcare system money? : (or, Is Jack Kevorkian doing 
       all of us a favor?) / Merrill Matthews, Jr. -- A Catholic 
       perspective on physician-assisted suicide / John J. Paris 
       and Michael P. Moreland -- Christian perspectives on 
       assisted suicide and euthanasia : the Anglican tradition /
       Cynthia B. Cohen -- A Protestant perspective on ending 
       life : faithfulness in the face of death / Allen Verhey --
       Jewish deliberations on suicide : exceptions, toleration, 
       and assistance / Noam J. Zohar -- Appendix A. Washington 
       et al. v. Glucksberg et al. -- Appendix B. Vacco et al. v.
       Quill et al. -- Appendix C. The philosophers' brief / 
       Ronald Dworkin ... [et al.] -- Appendix D. The Oregon 
       Death with Dignity Act. 
650  0 Assisted suicide|0
655  7 Trivia and miscellanea.|2lcgft|0
700 1  Battin, M. Pabst.|0
700 1  Rhodes, Rosamond.|0
700 1  Silvers, Anita.|0
830  0 Reflective bioethics.|0
912    .b12855923JOHNC 
970 01 |tIntroduction|p1 
970 11 |lPt. 1|tConceptual Issues|p9 
970 12 |l1|tMeanings of Death|cPatricia S. Mann|fMann, Patricia 
970 12 |l2|tPhysician-Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, and Intending
       Death|cFrances M. Kamm|fKamm, F. M.|p28 
970 12 |l3|tPhysician-Assisted Suicide: Safe, Legal, Rare?
       |cMargaret P. Battin|fBattin, M. Pabst.|p63 
970 11 |lPt. 2|tConsidering Those at Risk|p73 
970 12 |l4|tAssisted Suicide: Are the Elderly a Special Case?
       |cLeslie Pickering Francis|fFrancis, Leslie, 1946-|p75 
970 12 |l5|tLessons for Physician-Assisted Suicide From the 
       African-American Experience|cPatricia A. King|fKing, 
       Patricia A.|cLeslie E. Wolf|fWolf, Leslie E.|p91 
970 12 |l6|tWhy Suicide Is Like Contraception: A Women-Centered 
       View|cDena S. Davis|fDavis, Dena S.|p113 
970 12 |l7|tDisability and Life-Ending Decisions|cJerome E. 
       Bickenbach|fBickenbach, Jerome E.|p123 
970 12 |l8|tProtecting the Innocents From Physician-Assisted 
       Suicide: Disability Discrimination and the Duty to Protect
       Otherwise Vulnerable Groups|cAnita Silvers|fSilvers, 
970 12 |l9|tAssisted Suicide, Terminal Illness, Severe Disability,
       and the Double Standard|cFelicia Ackerman|fAckerman, 
970 11 |lPt. 3|tConsidering the Practice of Medicine|p163 
970 12 |l10|tPhysicians, Assisted Suicide, and the Right to Live 
       or Die|cRosamond Rhodes|fRhodes, Rosamond.|p165 
970 12 |l11|tPhysician, Stay Thy Hand!|cBernard Baumrin|fBaumrin,
970 12 |l12|tAn Alternative to Physician-Assisted Suicide: A 
       Conceptual and Moral Analysis|cBernard Gert|fGert, Bernard,
       1934-|cCharles M. Culver|fCulver, Charles M.|cK. Danner 
       Clouser|fClouser, K. Danner.|p182 
970 12 |l13|tNot in the House: Arguments for a Policy of 
       Excluding Physician-Assisted Suicide from the Practice of 
       Hospital Medicine|cMichael Teitelman|fTeitelman, Michael
970 11 |lPt. 4|tConsidering the Impact of Legalization|p223 
970 12 |l14|tPhysician-Assisted Suicide: To Decriminalize or to 
       Legalize, That Is the Question|cLance K. Stell|fStell, 
       Lance K.|p225 
970 12 |l15|tFrom Intention to Consent: Learning from Experience 
       with Euthanasia|cHelga Kuhse|fKuhse, Helga.|p252 
970 12 |l16|tThe Weakness of the Case for Legalizing Physician-
       Assisted Suicide|cDon Marquis|fMarquis, Don|p267 
970 12 |l17|tPhysician-Assisted Suicide: A Tragic View|cJohn D. 
       Arras|fArras, John.|p279 
970 12 |l18|tThe Supreme Court and Terminal Sedation: An 
       Ethically Inferior Alternative to Physician-Assisted 
       Suicide|cDavid Orentlicher|fOrentlicher, David|p301 
970 12 |l19|tWould Physician-Assisted Suicide Save the Healthcare
       System Money? (Or, Is Jack Kevarkian Doing All of Us a 
       Favor?)|cMerrill Matthews, Jr.|fMatthews, Merrill|p312 
970 11 |lPt. 5|tConsidering Religious Perspectives|p323 
970 12 |l20|tA Catholic Perspective on Physician-Assisted Suicide
       |cJohn J. Paris|fParis, John J.|cMichael P. Moreland
       |fMoreland, Michael P.|p324 
970 12 |l21|tChristian Perspectives on Assisted Suicide and 
       Euthanasia: The Anglican Tradition|cCynthia B. Cohen
       |fCohen, Cynthia B.|p334 
970 12 |l22|tA Protestant Perspective on Ending Life: 
       Faithfulness in the Face of Death|cAllen Verhey|fVerhey, 
970 12 |l23|tJewish Deliberations on Suicide: Exceptions, 
       Toleration, and Assistance|cNoam J. Zohar|fZohar, NoŁam.
970 11 |lPt. 6|tAppendices|p373 
970 11 |lA|tWashington et al. v. Glucksberg et al.: Text of the 
       Supreme Court Decision Delivered by Chief Justice 
       Rehnquist. Concurring Opinions by Justices O'Connor, 
       Stevens, Souter, Ginsburg, Breyer|p377 
970 11 |lB|tVacco et al. v. Quill et al.: Text of the Supreme 
       Court Decision Delivered by Chief Justice Rehnquist. 
       Concurring Opinions by Justices O'Connor, Stevens, Souter,
       Ginsburg, Breyer|p423 
970 11 |lC|tThe Philosophers' Brief: Ronald Dworkin, Thomas Nagel,
       Robert Nozick, John Rawls, Thomas Scanlon, and Judith 
       Jarvis Thomson|p431 
970 11 |lD|tThe Oregon Death With Dignity Act: Ballot Measure No.
970 01 |tContributors|p449 
970 01 |tIndex|p455 
971    |d20000411 
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